test date 6th July
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lmr - June 29

Hi am pretty new here.. posted this on another site and then found this one... hope you are all ok and wishing you all luck with your tests...

I am testing on the 6th July which seems to be getting further away with every passing hour.. ! I had my ET on Monday (25th) and they put back 2 8cell 3 day old embies.. I was already swollen for the day of the ET (and the 2 litres of water they require you to drink before they do it made me so uncomfortable) Monday afternoon I had quite bad cramping and a dull burning pain which went on until Wed morning I also had quite bad back pain (I thought my kidney infection had come back!) the swelling increased and I was getting quite worried and infact made an appt to go back to the clinic for a check up today... but then last night the back pain calmed down and so has the swelling/bloatedness and the dull aching pain and this morning they have gone (so cancelled appt).... am not sure what this means am trying not to read too much into all the symptoms but can't help it...

Have cramping , mood swings (this is generally though ) and sensitive breasts (the areola area looks different) with some CM and bizarrely hiccups and heartburn (both mildly)the last 2 days (which I vaguely remember suffering with my last ICSI 2WW which turned out to be successful) but all this could be attributed to the drugs and I remember when I was trying naturally for years every month there were signs that could mean that i was pregnant (evidently I never was) so when do you think the signs are all mental or part of your nature cycle/drugs or when are they really there? and at 7dpo and 5DP3dt is it too early for symptoms...? I am sure I am asking the same age old questions

sorry this thread has babbled a bit... am quite new to forums and am having a panicky moment as I have a 2 year old son (who I thank G_d for every day) and because of him I really can't afford physically, timewise or money wise to do the treatment again so this is it for me....


babyfrenzy - July 6

just noticed that today is your day and I am very close to testing as well. How do u feel and have u tested? GOOD LUCK!



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