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bdantonio - January 10

yeah my dh can sleep through anything. A tornato could gothrough the room and he would sleep, not me once i became a mom i slept so light.


JENNY22074 - January 10

I can relate to that


cherryberry - January 10

Hi Jenny,

Yes, this is my first pregnancy and I am doing this all on my own. For obvious reasons, I hope it is no more than twins! I am still feeling good, not many symptoms at all - sore boobs and peeing more than I usually do. That is about it!



JENNY22074 - January 16

Hello all - FINALLY we can get back on...It was crazy trying to talk to you all and not being able since the website was down...Hope all is well and that you all get back on soon...Talk to you later....We have sooo much catching up to do...


wolffie - January 16

Hey Jenny! So great to be able to be back on! How are you doing? How is Gabriel?



Marina - January 16

hi everybody!
What was going on with the website?
How is everybody doing?What's new and exiting?


JENNY22074 - January 16

Hey there... I know I have been going crazy checking each night to see if it was back up or not...We are doing great...He is head down for now but still has room to move and boy does he do that a lot...I bet you cant wait to be able to feel all the moving around your little one will be doing around 20 some weeks...LOL!!!...We go for a weight and growth u/s on the 28th and then our 2 week follow up on the 29th...We are doing lamaze classes on Wednesday nights which are very fun and other then that just getting more and more round...How are you doing?


wolffie - January 17

Jenny -

I am doing well. I actually have started to feel the baby move. Lots of flutters and more and more everyday! We find out the gender on Feb 9th, very excited! I think it's a girl but hubby thinks it's a boy. Things are pretty much good. I have never looked forward to getting bigger in my life! I am really looking forward to having a bigger belly!




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