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Brianandjena - January 4

Chery Berry
omg... Congrats!!! must fell wonderful.... I am so hapy for you!
what is your story?
ivf? iui?


lucky - January 4

Hie cherry berry
I am so happy for u , how deos it feel to become a mum.
i wish u luck through out ur journey, take care


bdantonio - January 4

congrat cherry


Arabsrcool - January 4


congrats on being pg. Let everyone know if its twins!!!


cherryberry - January 5

Thanks so much everyone! I could not sleep at all last night because I am so excited! I am in California and we are having a huge storm and I cannot wait to get home and get back into bed! (It is only 7PM here!)

Brianandjena (sorry everyone else for the repeated story!) I did IVF. I transferred three 5 day blasts on 12/22 (which also happened to be my 40th birthday). I am single and used a donor from the bank. I will definitely let everyone know if I am having twins.

Have a great weekend!


JENNY22074 - January 5

Cherryberry - Let us know how your beta comes back to day...What a sweet story of your journey...Talk to you soon.


Marina - January 7

hi everybody,
how are you ,dear?Have you see you doctor yet?How ur feeling?

how was your 2nd beta?Are you ok and safe after that storm?Where do you live?
how you holding up?


bdantonio - January 7

Marina sorry not been on alot. Tried and dd b-day party was saturday. I have a dr apt on thursday. I cant wait for my journey to be done and angelina to be here. I can barely walk now due to getting so big my hip and back hurt to the point of tears, in away it is good that i only get up to use the bathroom and shower. My ribs hurt very bad also. I cant sleep much anymore i cant get confortable. Im going to see on thursday if the dr will move my c-section up.


cherryberry - January 8

Hi everyone! I had some guests visiting this weekend and didn't have time to hop on my computer. I got the results from my second beta today and they were 2083! Holy moly, is all that I can say. I am still not really feeling any different except for peeing more and being more tired than usual.

bdantonio - I am sorry that you are so uncomfortable! Remind me again when your c-section is scheduled? Don't you usually have a little blurb at the bottom giving your stats? Not showing for some reason.

Jenny, Lucky, Marina - how are you all doing?


bdantonio - January 9

im scheduled for 2/13/08 but go to the dr thursday hoping they will move it up


miracles83 - January 9

As of right now for me AF is due Jan 14th. My belly feels very bloated. I guess there are alot of things that I could take as a symptom but I dont really want to. I dont want to be disappointed again I guess......


bdantonio - January 9

miracle did you do iui or ivf?


JENNY22074 - January 9

Beth - how was dd birthday?...I am sure you are very tired from the weeekend...I have been sleeping in later and later lately for the last few days...It is getting more and more real every day...

Cherryberry - wow want a number for you...I am saying at LEAST twins...Is this your first?...I may have asked already...Pregnancy hormones make your brain into mush if you don't already know this...

Everyone else - anything new?...How is everyone doing?


bdantonio - January 9

Jenny: unffortunitly i dont sleep much i cant get comfortable. My back and hips hurt constantly. My ribs still hurt very bad, and when i do get comfortable i have to pee im luck if i sleep 3 hrs in a 24hr period. The dyas seem to be crawling by.


JENNY22074 - January 9

Beth - I understand to a point...I am into switching sides every couple of hours during the night...I am so surprised that the nights that DH is home that he actually stays in the bed with me...Talk to you soon.


bdantonio - January 10

yeah my dh can sleep through anything. A tornato could gothrough the room and he would sleep, not me once i became a mom i slept so light.



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