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mrgn - October 17


Would you kindly share your symptoms during your 2-week wait? I had a 3 day frozen embroy transfer on 10/11. For the last two days, I was having twinges in my uterus.. fatique... I felt the same way last time but resulted in BFN. I try not to worry too much...



bdantonio - October 17

i didnt have any symptoms during my 2 ww


mrgn - October 17

Thanks for your reply... So you're saying that you got pregnant without experiencing any symptoms?

Congrats on your pregnancy!


lisa13 - October 17

Hey Morgan;

I cramped through the whole to week and I am pregnant

Everyone is different; so try to relax

all my best lisa


Meggemd - October 17

Mrgn -

I had my transfer on the same day as you. I had 2 embies. I have had cramps over the last 2 days and really vivid dreams. My boobs hurt like crazy and i am very tired. I am hoping that these are all good signs. Of course I am reading into every little twing!

My beta is on the 22nd - I am keeping good thoughts - hope all goes well for you.



lisa13 - October 17

I had all the same symptoms as you and i am prego
good luck on monday


Meggemd - October 17

Lisa - congrats on being preggers!

Thanks for letting me know - it makes me feel better.



mjforney - October 17

Hi Meg:

I had the same symptoms as you. Now I am pg % weeks 3 days) and I have NO symptoms.... Hopefully my prgnancy goes this easy! HA!

But you are a spittin image of what my 2ww was like, especially the cramping, dreams, fatigue and twinges!!!

Hang in there!!


Meggemd - October 17

Michelle -


Great to hear that you are preggers! I hope you have an easy one.

I am glad to have the image of someone who is pg!

I will keep you posted.

Thanks, Meg


mjforney - October 19

Hey Meg... Only 3 more days! Ia ms ending you baby dust!!!



Meggemd - October 19


Thanks for the baby dust! I am getting very nervous for Monday. I am going away this weekend - hopefully it will take my mind off of Monday.



mjforney - October 20

How are you doing? So far we have LOTS of BFP's this last 2 weeks! YEAH!

Have you broken down and taken a hpt yet?


doglover - October 20

Hi Morgan
Just wanted to let you know that I felt little during the 2ww and am pregnant so far. I had minimal cramping near the date of my beta-no sore boobs or anything else. Good luck!


Meggemd - October 21

Michelle -

I have not taken a hpt because I am to scared. I have one in the house so it is so tempting but I made it this far I will wait for the blood test tomorrow.



lisa13 - October 21

good luck tommorrow


mjforney - October 21

Meg.. I didn't take a hpt either. It was hard to hold back but I was to nervous!

Thinking of you and I am glad you had a nice weekend!


mrgn - October 22

Hi Ladies,

Thanks for all your support... I took hpt this morning and it's BFN. It's depressing... I will find out in the late afternoon with the lab result...

Good Luck for those who'll be taking the test soon.




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