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vw79girl - March 18

;D Jane,
I did two tests this a.m. and I got a faint line on the first and a bit darker line on the second.
hope my bloodwork gives the same resuts!


vw79girl - March 19

Jane, the bloodtest was positive. MY hcg level is 78 and I go back in two days for another. She said that was a little low but not to worry. Do you remember what your first one was?
~Lisa :D


JaneX - March 20

That is great. My Dr. said that at 14 days after ER he would be happy with anything over 50. Mine was actually 178 but they told me that was high. With my son my hCG was also high. I think as a result of high hCG I end up being very sick! Am feeling OK so far but sore hips. I am sure you will be fine. I am suprised they even thought it was low. Very exciting news for you. Now another 2 ww wait for the scan! Once I see that there is actually a baby in there I will be happy!!



vw79girl - March 20

I feel better after talking to my nurse at the local OB where I go. She said that 78 as a Beta would be normal if I had had an IUI. I think the nurse made me a little nervous from the reproductive Science Center that we went to. I guess that they are just being cautious. I called back there again today and she told me they would like it to be @124 by tomorrow. It is also possible that the little bugger implanted a little late...I'm just trying to be optomistic. :) So much waiting huh. They said my progesterone is great. It is 124.3. They want that to stay high. I will be happy when everything is okay and we are outa the woods!
I'll let you know how it comes out tomorrow either later tomorrow night or Thurs. I am a teacher but work part time at a restaurant on Wed. & Sat. nights.


vw79girl - March 21

My beta went down to 33 from 78 :-( so they told me to stop the progesterone. I wish you the best of luck and hope that all goes well with everything for you. I was looking forward to talking with you throughout all of this. I have a consult with my dr. on Fri. to see what we do next month with the frozen embryos.
take care


JaneX - March 21

I am really sad to hear that. I was feeling so confident for you. I hope you are doing OK. It must be difficult. Good luck on your journey.



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