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JaneX - March 5

I am in my 2ww and would like more information on success rates. Does anyone know where to look to find this kind of informaiton. I would like to take my age, quality and number of cells into consideration. Everything I find is very general and really means nothing.

Good luck to everyone on their 2ww!


vw79girl - March 8

Hi Jane, I began my 2ww on Tues. so we are right around the same time frame. I go for a pregnancy test on the 19th. The center where we are doing ours has a general 75% success rate. I too would like to know the success rate for specifics so If you find it, please let me know. Good luck!
doesn't the waiting stink?

~Lisa from N.H.


JaneX - March 9

I have not found anything. The days seem to go by slowly. I try really hard not to think about it because I figure what will be will be - but having said that it is hard. Is this your first time?



vw79girl - March 10

This is our first time with InVitro. We tried several IUI's and nothing. Have been ttc for 3 years now. We are doing a program where it is a package deal of 3 fresh cycles, 3 frozen cycles. Got a letter today telling us that 3 embryos made it to the cryopreservation point so at least if this month is a bust then next month we will have those to use. I try not to think about it too much. Keeping busy with my job helps and I know that in 10 days we will have our answer. Have a good weekend J.

~Lisa :)


JaneX - March 10

This is my 4th go. First time we got a beautiful baby boy. Second time nothing, third time was actually a frozen cycle. So this is our 3rd fresh cycle and we got the best quality we have had. I am having lots of backache and also twinging in my hip joint area. Only a few more days of waiting to go.


vw79girl - March 10

Jane, we don't have a test until the 19th but I have been very tired the last couple of days come afternoon, night. My transfer was on Tues. 6th. I have noticed some twinges/light cramping and my lower back was def. sore last night. do you think those are good signs? Perhaps it is too early. Do you remember that from the first time? They put two embryos in me... a GRADE A9cell with fair symmetry and a GRADE B8cell also with fair symmetry. The doctor said those are both very good and I have looked on line a bit to completely understand what it all is about. Good luck. I seriously do hate the waiting.


JaneX - March 11

I have no idea Lisa. I have given up trying to figure out what it all means! I have had a lot of twinging and lower back pain. I think it is very hard to tell because the medication provides the same hormones as pregnancy does. It is really hard to know what is what. I had really bad twinging and hip joint pain after my hcg shot last Tueday. I guess we just have to wait and see. Will you do a early HPT? I can not because the hcg shots will interfer with it but I will do one the morning before I go to the clinic because if it is -ve I would rather find out in the privacy of my own bathroom than at the clinic and I think by then the hcg should have passed through my system as they were only 1500 which is not much and it would have been 8 1/2 days since my last one.



vw79girl - March 11

I am contemplating doing a HPT the morning of which will be a week from tomorrow. I know what you mean about it interfering with the HCG shot but I haven't had one since just before the retrieval(I think it was March 1st that we did the trigger shot) so it will def. be out of my system by the 19th. I had a friend who did her Invitro where we did and she did one a few days before the bloodtest and got a -ve and then did another the morning before the bloodtest and got a +. Her bloodtest was + and she delivered a healthy baby girl. I am on progesterone suppositories 200 mg. twice a day and they make my breasts feel like a ton of bricks. I hate that AF symptoms are so similar to preg. symptoms. It really is unfair. You go this week for your test right? I feel like next Mon. is a million years away. Have a good day.


JaneX - March 12

I go on Thursday morning. Only 3 more sleeps! I am also on progesterone suppositories 400mg twice a day. At this point I am just trying to keep busy and not think about it and I hate to wish time away but I really want it to be Thursday!!



vw79girl - March 12

Tell me about it, I still have a whole week from today to wait. I have been nauseous the past couple of days and had dry heaves last night and was sick. I'd like to think that is a good sign but it is probably too early to feel anything like that plus it could just be psychosymatic. who knows. The mild cramping from time to time makes me hopeful that something is going on in there. I am on 200 mg. of Progesterone 2x a day. I would like to think my breasts being sore is also a good sign but alas, it is the Progesterone. Keep good thoughts and keep busy Jane. If it happened once for you, it will surely happen again. :)


JaneX - March 13

I had morning sickness (just for a day or so) during the 2ww with my first IVF pregnancy. This time around it is hard to tell as I have had a 24 vomiting bug so have been feeling pretty awful the last few days. I am starting to feel very nervous and am telling myself it hasn't worked. I was feeling so positive at the begining and now am convinced it has not worked. I guess I will know soon enough. Only 2 more sleeps!!


JaneX - March 14

I can't wait for this time tomorrow. This waiting is just killing me! In less than 24 hours I will know. Honestly at this point I feel it could go either way. I have symptoms but they could just be from the medication. Who knows. I am just at the point where I want to know! I have really found these last few days hard!



vw79girl - March 16

;D Jane that is great. congrats. The waiting is killing me. I go on Monday. What kind of symptoms did you have towards the end? I have been a bit crampy off and on for the past week and my lower back is still kind of achy. I keep telling myself it didn't work this time and I was very positive in the beginning. This is so hard. :-\


JaneX - March 16

I had achy lower back and hip joints - still do. Am also starting to feel a little nauseous (sp?) in the last 36 hours. It is so difficult though because you could get those symptoms from the medication. Stay positive - those last few days of waiting are a killer. Are you going to do a HPT? In the past I have but couldn't this time because of extra hCG shots. I also like you had really lost hope towards the end. I go back in 2 weeks for a scan to see that it is all OK.



vw79girl - March 16

Jane, I think I am going to do a test either Sun. am or Mon. am. It's killing me. There has been a little cramping off and on today. I'm trying to stay busy. I think doing a test would be okay for me as I am only on the progesterone right now and have only been on that since the retrieval. My last shot was on March 1st. and that was the trigger shot. ughhhh, It's like I want to do it but I am scared to see a neg. Do you have to go again for bloodwork soon to see if it has doubled?
thanks for listening.
if you don't mind me old are you?



JaneX - March 17

I agree with you. In fact if it had been me I would have already done it!! I am very impatient. Because my number was so high I do not have to go back for blood work. I go back in 2 weeks for a scan. Another long long wait.
I am 35. I have a son from our first IVF attempt.



vw79girl - March 18

;D Jane,
I did two tests this a.m. and I got a faint line on the first and a bit darker line on the second.
hope my bloodwork gives the same resuts!



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