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mrgn - February 11


I had 5 days blastocyst Egg transfer on Saturday and was under stress before and after ET. I was high strung and worried about everything at home... plus it'll be my third IVF (two times bfn)... felt like all the odds are against me.... On the day of ET, my blood pressure went up about 10%-20%. I don't know if it was the discomfort from holding the full bladder. After I was done, my blood pressure was back to normal. For the first two days, I was an emotional wreck and moodiness with my DH. Just yelled at him from bedresting on the couch for little things. I felt that DH wasn't helping me much but he did as much as he can. Now I regretted and hoped that it won't affect the implantation. I have not experienced any symptoms except mild cramping on the first day... I took the day off today and tomorrow to rest while my DH is back at work. On Saturday I will go in for hpt which I am not looking forward to it... just scared of the outcome.

Do you feel this way during your two weeks wait? Does Stress have an tremendous impact on implantation?

Just needed to vent out my feelings...



Marina - February 11

if you found this web site,you probably know by now,how many people in the same situation-stress,fear,hope.All this feelings are perfectly normal,it's natural to feel this way.You can find a lot of info on our foruns like "2ww symptoms","who is on 2ww" and other,many girls share their experiences.
I read an article about stress and how it affects implantation-of course it's better when everybody pampers you and brings you fresh cut roses everyday(LOL),but there is no proof that it can somehow affect the process...


alison29 - February 12

I don't think that amount of stress will affect implantation. I was stressed, anxious and depressed the whole time we went through infertility treatments. I think the injectable meds make some of us nuts (me oh so included) but for me it worked on my 3rd IUI-I also did acupuncture te last iui not sure if that is what helped implantation though. keep us posted a lot of women have success after a couple of tries. Good luck !


DOLIVE - March 3

Hi all,

I just finished 6 days of follistim, 5 days of femara and did the Ovidrel inj last night. All of a sudden, yesterday, I became extremely paranoid about the possibility of something going wrong like a heart attack, pulmonary embolus, other blood clot or other fatal medical crisis.

Has anyone ever experienced this? Am I loosing it? Now I am terrified at the thoughts of becoming preg at 42/43 because I am afraid I may be "too old"

I work in an ER and over the past month we have had a 42 y.o. woman that died from a PE who was on the table having her staples removed 3 weeks post c-section. Then another, 27 y.o. woman who was 10 days post c-section who had an intracranial bleed. I spoke with my RE about it and she was very assuring and told me my audience (ER) was bias, that I see the 2% that have complications instead of the 98% that sail through with no problems at all. I am still worried. I am 42 and a little freaked out about the hormones, I guess. I have googled Follistim/Femara/Ovidrel and can't find anything terribly bad about them. Has anyone else ever experienced this? I feel so psychotic!

d ???


Alexa - March 3

Hi Dolive,

I just wanted to drop in and say that I think you need to say positive and not worry as much, I just had turned 41 when I started my injections I also used Follistim and used Ovidrel for the trigger shot as long as your Dr. monitors your follicle progression and your follistim intake I think over stimming can easily be avoided, I had two C-Sections both times considered advanced maternal age with no complications once at 38 and again right before I turned 42..I think having a good Doctor alway helps..Stay positive and I wish you luck and a BFP!



bdantonio - March 3

i htink we all have those thoughs no matter what age im 25/26 in may. I had those thoughts. I hyave been pg 7 times and had 5 m/c. I just delivered my second on 2/8 via c-section. I was worried also. We all are with all that we go through at first its our life that we worry about the most then once we are pg we worry about our lives and our baby to be life.


Lupusgal68 - March 5

Hi there,

Oh how I can realte to what youa re saying!!! I just started FOllistim 150 BID. First injection was last night and I woke up at 3 :30 am feeling VERY sick. I have Lupus and a history of clots including a PE. I am on 40 mg. of Lovenox but I am still paranoid! I dont know if I am doing the right thing with all of this all of a sudden.



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