Starting the dreaded wait again....
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Shdy Grove 2 - July 27


GREAT NEWS Jen! What a site that is. So glad to hear you are doing well, nice that you got to see the little guy/girl at only 5.5 weeks. What a relief for you.

I too came back from the U/S and saw ONE sac and a little heartbeat - gosh it was just barely visible. I am 6wks today. Mr. Dr told me too I may not see it at this point. We feel very fortunate to see the one. We transfered two good quality embryos and one obviously didn't make it. We are very relieved there is just one, but it makes me realize what an odds game this is. Why did one take and not the other? Hey, its out of our hands and I'll take what is handed to us.

Keep growing, and growing girl! Have you started to feel a little "off." Today I think was my first day of "I need to eat something." and that slight quesy feeling. I was concerned I wasn't feeling it and now I am like "Ut-oh." The day doesn't let up if you aren't feeling well.
I suppose I should break off the 2ww board. Maybe drop me and email if you want to keep in touch. I would love to hear about your experience. Have you told many people?



jennifern - July 27

Congrats Jen!!!!!!
It must have been incredible to see the heartbeat!!! And I'm sure it was a huge relief ...
I know what you mean when you say 'small' . THe U/S specialist had to magnify to see the tiny sac & she told me it wasn't even a centimeter!!! Can you image that in another 8 months it will be a fully formed baby???? Life is truly amazing.
Did your DH go in with you? Did they give you a pic?

It is interesting to think about why the 2nd one didn't take....but I'm sure you felt the same way I did just seeing 1...thrilled!
I had a very vivid dream I was pregs with twins last night.
No twins= I'll probably have to go thru this again!

Your 'off' feelings sound familiar..The constant symtoms have been fatigue & sore bb(now they are VERY sore!!), The peeing 3 times a night hasn't stopped and some smells/ thought of food are starting to make me slightly queasy but no exceedingly so. I also have some food cravings

I have told close family so far and plan on sharing with close friends after I see the heartbeat--and you?

I am also on a thread in preg. after infertility called 'new preg after IVF' (even tho' I did IUI not IVF). You should def. post over there & I'll drop you an email as well


mjforney - October 20

SANDY.... This is not a place for your porn... Please take it out of here.



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