Starting the dreaded wait again....
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tracylee - July 20

Great news jennifern! Super! Best wishes!



jennifern - July 20

Thanks SO much Tracy-I'm relieved for now!!! I'll be a mess by Tuesday again I'm sure
How's it going with you?


Shdy Grove 2 - July 20


Great news Jen! Gosh it's great to read good news. Affirms this process really works. :-) Have a relaxing weekend and looking forward to hearing back from you on Tues.

I'll report in on Monday.

Enjoy your weekend ladies,


jennifern - July 20

Thanks Jen!!!
It really is great to hear the positive...experiencing it is something I'm not used to--I still can't believe this is happening to me & really feel like it's a dream at times.

Looking forward to hearing wonderful news on Monday & hope you have a great weekend as well


mkgire - July 20

Hi everybody!

I am going insane!!! I have been reading everyone's messages for days now. I am 44 years old!!! Never married and just got married last year to DH. We have chosen to use donor eggs and I had my transfer on 7/12/06 in North Carolina. They implanted me with one 9 cell grade 2, one 7 cell grade 2 and one 8 cell grade one (that's supposedly the good one). I am going OUT OF MY MIND with doubt and worry. Our other embryos did not make it to the freezing stage. Holy cow. I feel like my life is ending or something!!!! We really really want to be parents. We just met each other late in life. Somebody help. Here's my list of weird symptoms:

1) Tons of miserable bloating
2) Huge painful breasts (more so at night than a.m.)
3) Gurgling and noisy pelvic sounds
4) Cramping (constantly checking for discharge)
5) Tons of gas (but very little diarreah)
6( Pulling/tugging sensation in pelvic area
7) Increased sense of TASTE (but not smell)
8) slight amount of pinkish/brownish discharge today for the first time (I'm eight days post transfer)
9) Thirst/Dehydration

Help! I know these are probably all side effects of the PIO and the Estrogen shots I'm taking, but someone tell me what you think. I just started a new job and am acting like a total nut job at work!! I don't have any nausea or dizziness and I'm too chicken to take a home pregnancy test only 8 days post transfer.
Help! Give me guidance. Calm me down. We now live in the D.C. are (DH is in military and works at Pentagon) and I guess we'll have to start all over with a new donor if this doesn't work. Any advice about the symptoms?
Thanks guys!!! MK


jennifern - July 20

Welcome to the club!!!(welcome to the insanity!!)
You should check out found it after I had cramps 7dpo and ended up spending A LOT of time comparing symptoms to BFP's who posted theirs. I don't know whether it will help you or make you crazy but it kept me from getting totally discouraged. Also comes in handy for the pee stick stage!

Your symptoms sound a lot like mine before my BFP and my fingers are crossed for you!!!!!!
I'm not sure how to advise you how to 'calm down' as you said...b/c I'm not sure it's possible...but my only advice is that trying to stay positive during the waiting game seems more sensible than getting down...
Also--I tested 6dpo (what an idiot!) and of course got a BFN which REALLY bummed me out ..My bfn on day 10 was neg. at first until I fished it out of the garbage and saw the faintest line ever (I actually used a magnifying glass!)

Posting here will help too!

Good luck and keep us posted!!


mkgire - July 22

Hi Jennifern and everyone else!

I am MK. I am the 44 year old who's doing this for the first time. I had three donor eggs transferred to me on 7/12/06. I'm therefore 10dp3dt. Anyway........ it's Saturday morning and I got up my courage to finally do a HPT. It was positive. Because of donor eggs, I did not trigger my egg production with hcg. Does that mean that the positive result is more likely to be correct? I'm also having alot of brown spotting still. It's not exactly a flow, but it looks just like my period is about to come. Could I be positive and still have that crazy spotting? Any insight would be appreciated. How is everyone doing? I've really, really enjoyed reading everyone's posts!


jennifern - July 22

Congrats MK--that sounds really promising!!
If you didn't take the trigger shot I wouldn't attribute any positive to that.....
I wouldn't worry about the spotting either--many people seem to have that as a side effect & for some it continues after a BFP
Congrats again & keep us updated...when do you go for your beta?


Apple - July 23

Hey jennifern,
Wonderful news.....Just awesome.
Take good care.


Shdy Grove 2 - July 24


Welcome and a big congrats on first on finding your DH and all the worked you've put into building your family. It sounds like you have a great shot! I've gone thru 2 successful IVFs. The first I had very little side effects. Yes, the side effects of progesterone are nausea, breast tenderness, etc. However, I've noticed the slight brown spotting with pregnancy too. With my DD I has spotting for about 7 days about two days after my positive beta. Sounds like what you are experience, like AF is about to start - but it doesn't. UGh, I hear you on the nervous and anxious side, and Jennifern is right - it's real easy to say relax... but doing is a different story. Maybe some deep breathing, a pedicure, manicure, and reading always helps too. When do you get the beta at the doctors? I am hoping so much for you!!! Keep us posted.

I've taken three betas now and the numbers have doubled on schedule. I go in on 7/27 for the U/S. That is the big confirmation everything is okay. Even with the betas, and I am 5 wks now, my BBS are growing, and I have mild cravings, but I don't "feel" pg like I did before, and I thought it intensified the 2nd time. Maybe it's early, but maybe.... see what I mean, the worry. I need to read my own message :-)



jennifern - July 24

Hope everybody is doing well today!!!!

Jen, congrats on your beta results-- everything sounds right on target & I'm sure you are bursting with anticipation& excitment for the U/S

I am exactly the same symptom(less)wise...BBS BIG & hurt all the time (but they have b/c of the prog. for awhile-- getting worse tho') and I'm fatigued & thirsty but def. don't feel pregs a lot of the time.

I had to go in a day early for my #3 beta today & they did an early U/S b/c I have cramping in my left side. Turns out I have a big cyst which won't hurt the pregnancy but I have to REALLY take it easy (like I wasn't before!!). I guess it's from all the hormones etc.

I got a little scared b/c I thought it might be ectopic but I think the good betas rule that out....(I was 556 on Thurs the 20th- 1,683 this morning)
It was very disappointing & a little frightening b/c he couldn't see any sac yet but he assured me that it's early.

So now I am pretty much on bed rest until my U/S which is ALSO on the 27th !!!(was supposed to be on the 31st)
I REALLY hope something shows up thn so I can breath.

That's the update around here--good luck with everything on Wednesday- Can't wait to hear all the good news!!! (I'll be here horizontal until then)


jennifern - July 24

Forgot to say thanks to Apple!!!!!!xo


Shdy Grove 2 - July 24


Oh gosh, I couldn't read your posting fast enough. I'm glad you got the early U/S and they saw what was causing discomfort. I hope everything is just perfect. Glad the cyst won't affect the pg. These pesky cysts. Not only am I anxious for my U/S but yours too now. Mines Thurs afternoon. Oy, okay, well I hope you are resting and just put this pg out of your mind (easy to say) Actually,with little side affects I actually don't think about begin PG and have to remind myself. It's like "oh, wait, I should watch what I eat" or "I guess I shouldn't do that." It's a mixed blessing. We don't want the side affects, then again they are reasurring, then again we pray for them to be overwith.
Looking forward to talking with you on Thursday.

Apple, are you in the midst of waiting for results too?




Fortyfour - July 27

Congrats on everyones positive tests. Yahoo. Baby dust to all. Keep on growing.


jennifern - July 27

Hello all!!
Got my U/S today & they could see the gest. sac, yolk sac, and fetal pole....I measured at 5 weeks 5 days- SPOT on
SHe tried to find the heartbeat but couldn't yet--she said it was too small& she wasn't concerned
Also that the beta levels would confirm everything was going well....& I just got them back--up to 3653 from 1683 on Monday
So now at least I know I'm in the game!!!!!! I feel much better & will really relax when I see the heartbeat.
Thanks everyone for all of your support- as usual
How is everyone else doing today?


Shdy Grove 2 - July 27


GREAT NEWS Jen! What a site that is. So glad to hear you are doing well, nice that you got to see the little guy/girl at only 5.5 weeks. What a relief for you.

I too came back from the U/S and saw ONE sac and a little heartbeat - gosh it was just barely visible. I am 6wks today. Mr. Dr told me too I may not see it at this point. We feel very fortunate to see the one. We transfered two good quality embryos and one obviously didn't make it. We are very relieved there is just one, but it makes me realize what an odds game this is. Why did one take and not the other? Hey, its out of our hands and I'll take what is handed to us.

Keep growing, and growing girl! Have you started to feel a little "off." Today I think was my first day of "I need to eat something." and that slight quesy feeling. I was concerned I wasn't feeling it and now I am like "Ut-oh." The day doesn't let up if you aren't feeling well.
I suppose I should break off the 2ww board. Maybe drop me and email if you want to keep in touch. I would love to hear about your experience. Have you told many people?




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