Starting the dreaded wait again....
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liz - July 12

Good morning Tracy :)

1 more day! I am very excited for you, as I am sure you are for yourself. Do you have your list of questions fo them? I always go with quite a lenghty list, they know with me it won't be quick. :)

I am feeling a little better this morning. I still have the crampy/twingy feeling. I haven't felt like I was going to be sick yet today so that is a good thing I guess.

I will be thinking about you hoping your day flys by for you!

Take care,


Slatka - July 12

Hi Everyone --

I'm in the painful middle of the 2ww where every feeling could go either way and I end up wasting too much time looking up symptoms online (that, by the way, I've already looked up a thousand times before!); it's become some sort of coping mechanism. I know I can't "will" my way to pregnancy; I think all of us would've done that long ago!

Actually, I have a question for Jen (welcome, by the way): have you been working with Shady Grove Fertility in Maryland? I live in Washington, DC and have had troulbe conceiving; we finally did in Feb of this year, only to have a m/c in March. My OB/GYN wants me to wait until 6 months of ttc have passed before she refers me out to a fertility clinic (that will be end of August). And the center I'd go to is Shady Grove. We had testing done in Dec 2005, and my husband and I seem to have no reproductive or hormonal issues; it is just taking a loooooong time. I am 33 and want to get on with it (and find out if any more "invisible" and undetected is wrong). How do you like the center?

As always, I'm so glad to hear all your stories and have your support --


jennifern - July 13

Hi there,
I was really glad to find this site....
Going through the 2WW nightmare --this is my second injectible/IUI (did 6 months clomid w/out IUI..TTC 2 yrs ).
DH (32) has 'superman' count --was over 250 mill!!!
No apparent probs with me (33) either--this is a texbook case of 'unexplained' infertility.
I have my beta on the 17th & am really trying to resist a HPK. I took one 6DPO and lost it after the BFN....
The 3 progesterone supps a day are driving me mental & my girls are huge--can't even take my bra off!
yesterday I felt cramps in what felt like my left ovary s(lasted about 2 hours)so I googled & ended up on where I read endless accounts of 2WW aches/clues
I forced myself to stop & now I am still riding the daily seesaw of 'what if' versus 'whoa is me'.
I am secretly hoping that my incredibly sad/angry mood swings /aches & cramps are not a side effect of the progesterone but deep down I think it is.....(last month was exactly the same minus the cramps)
Poor DH hasn't had any fun since IUI--how can progesterone supps be sexy???????
To top it off I just found out another close relative is pregs..
So who else is beta'ing Monday??? & are you going to HPK first?


liz - July 13

Good morning Tracy,

I wanted to wish you luck at your appointment today. I will be thinking about you.

Talk to you soon,


liz - July 13

Hi Jennifer and welcome to the site. Glad to see you found us. This site has become such a saving grace for me and many other.

I will be beta testing on Monday 7/17 as well.

Your dh has a count like mine, dh is 254 and now he thinks he is "super man". It really goes to their heads. haha

You sound like all of us, this 2ww is a killer. I am glad it is soon over, but on the flip side I am also nervous for the results. Getting a bfn could just knock me back down and evertime it feels harder and harder to get up again.

I too am on progesterone supp. They stink, however I must admit that I think I am getting used to them. 3 a day, wow you poor dear, I thought 2 was bad enough. Yes, our dh's definatly do suffer during this time.

I started having cramping around days 5-6 dpo and on day 10 dpo the cramps/twinges got worse. In the morning I feel sick, but just like you said it could just be the progesterone supp. side effects.

It was great to hear from you. Stay calm and good luck to you.

Talk to you soon,


tracylee - July 13

Okay, the appointment went okay. It turns out that because of the Clomid my ovaries are now COVERED in LARGE cysts, so this mean a month long break from meds and such. I am feeling sorry for myself, and I know it's only temporary, but....I was hoping for more positive feedback! Anyway, during my month off the will do the SPA on DH and then we will chat about options again. Doctor is pushing for IVF, but I don't think DH is ready to go there...We'll see! I won't be disappearing, that's for sure! This site has been the greatest support system for me! I am wishing you two the best with your tests on Monday! BFPS, BFPS!



Shdy Grove 2 - July 13

Hi Liz and Tracy,

Thanks for your reply. I am on the progesterone shots, like I was last time. I too am feeling nausea sometimes, even a little preference or lack of decision for food - like I had when I was pregnant. (I try to not think about this) on Day 5 and 6 I noticed slight spotting, just a hint. ?? I was experiencing mild twinges 'down there', like very mild cramping too. My BB are feeling full, but then again I also haven't excercised and am feeling doughy. However this week I am feeling perfectly fine with the repoductive tract. Again, that's how I felt when I was pregnant the last time. I would have sworn up and down that I wasn't. UGH, I am trying not to read into it. I go in on the 17th for BW. (I'm sure I will get a ton of work done that day.) I am having the nurse leave a message on my cell phone so I can replay it while in private. Last time I was attending a conference in Baltimore and was talking to a group during lunch when my cell phone went off. I felt the phone vibrating knowing what was on the other line. I finally got away and went to a ladies room stall to hear it. Funny to think about now.. what we go through!

Liz I am keeping my fingers crossed for you too. I do love to see success on these boards. Did you do and IVF, IUI or something else?



Shdy Grove 2 - July 13


I didn't finish reading all the postings before I replied. You are right. part of me just doesn't want to go on Monday. Hmmm?? Can I just not go? No, you know that won't happen. Its like if I don't hear the BFN, then it won't be true.


Welcome. I am glad to know you are in the area. I am so sorry to hear about your m/c. Gosh, I know so many people that have had one or many and it just makes you wonder. 6 months seems like a long time. I know that working with a fertility center they may have you undergo their own testing. So having gone through this before, meeting with them earlier rather than later may be advantageous. After talking with you who knows what they may want you to do - testing could take time too. So I say meet with them and work out a plan you feel comfortable with. They may also say wait but you could get a lot done beforehand and be ready to 'strike while the iron is hot" as they say.
I would definitely recommend Shady Grove. I first went to Genetics & IVF in faifax. Without going into too much detail we left for VERY good reasons. I would not recommend. I am 34 now, diagnosed with stage III endo, blocked tubes and early menopause (so low performing ovaries). Shady seems to have a streamlined process and good followup. They always double check your name and ID info (I liked that reassurance especially with the procedures we are talking about) I went to Annadale for monitoring which was on my way to work. Many doctors have told me to go with the facility that has the best results. I did the shared risk program the first time, and as Murphy's Law would have it, our first IVF resulted in our daugther. I will tell you I never gave the amount a second thought. You really will NOT care about the money once you bring a child home. In fact you'll feel like you got the deal of the century. I worked with Dr. Stillman. All the docs and nurses are pleasant to work with you feel like you are using a state of the art facilty. I wish you all the best!!!

Welcome. I hear you. All these "signs" and symptoms and then you read the progestrone enclosure and low and behold there they are. It does help - maybe- to read, read, read online and with the postings. It's like the more information, the more prepared and educated you can feel. When it comes down to it, there is only so much that is in our control. I am trying to rely on that "x" factor and try to accept and let things fall where they be. THis is our last IVF cycle - so....


I read your last posting and I am disappointed to hear about the cysts. Having done IVF twice - and swore I would never do that - I just want to let you know it's not that bad, really. The cost is an issue, but ifs it the process you are concerned about, don't be. It just becomes part of your routine. A shot in the morning, quick pop of the vitamin and out the door. Once you do a couple of shots you will become a pro. I had to teach my friends to give me the progestrone shots at night. We were out at a bachlorette party and she gave me one in a large bathroom. Now they are taking credit for any success. Humor is a great thing to have and my DH feels a sense of accomplishment with each perfect shot he gives. Whatever you decide I wish you much happiness!!



liz - July 13

Hello all,

I just wanted to pop in and let you know I will be away for the weekend. I will be back Sunday evening.

Tracy -
I am sorry to hear about the cysts. You are definatly on the right track with the re. I know this dosen't help right now, but it will get better.

Have a good weekend.

My thoughts are with all of you! I will stop in Sunday, I am sure all of us testing on Monday will be a nervous wreck.

Take care,


jennifern - July 14

So great to hear back from all you guys....Thanks for the warm welcome!!!
It is such a comfort to have others to go through this with.
U I have felt really isolated-my dh & family are great but as you know it's not the same as being the 'guninea pig' & most of my friends are at totally different stages in their lives --either they have a few kids/ are pregs/ or are still single ladies about the town. NOBODY I know is going through/has gone through infertility.
I tried to get involved with RESOLVE & spoke to a wonderful woman there but there don't seem to be that many support groups happening .....
I hear you about the superman complex....I love seeing his reaction after DH gets the final IUI count....he looks so satisfied. The other day he joked that maybe the problem is that there are 'too many'!
The prog. supps are THE WORST!! I am jealous that you are used to them--I wonder why I have to be on 3????
And if it is a BFP this month I am told the supps will have to continue....UG!
Your cramping sounds promising --mine went away after an hour & today I had some odd twinges all morning but I felt SO pathetic overthinking it so I tried to keep super busy. No sick feeling at all....
Reading all the 2ww symptoms has made me feel hopeful but I'm trying not to get too wrapped up in them (who am I kidding!) I hear you about the 'x' factor

GOOD LUCK to Liz & all those testing on Monday...I am splitting town for the weekend but will check before Dday
Either we will be toasting wil club soda or I will be enjoying a nice glass of wine!!!
(I am making a massage appt for Tuesday so if it's bad news at least I will be pampering myself)


jennifern - July 14

Just broke down and did a HPT (day 11)
Of course, BFN
I just want to know what it feels like to see that second line....
Beta on Monday but now I am convinced this was a no go
Sorry for the downer post!!!


jennifern - July 14

OK ladies,
you are going to think I am a TOTAL freak...but I just saw the test I took 30 min ago and there is the faintest second line ever--i mean REALLY faint but more than I've EVER seen before

I really need to get to work & stop the insanity but now I am convinced that this worked --30 min ago I attributed all my symptoms to craziness & the prgesterone but now I am confident that I'm pregs

I think I am certifiable!!!!!!!


tracylee - July 14

Jennifer - CONGRATS! I hope this is it for you! I know you go for your Beta on Monday! Hope you have a really great weekend!

And Laura, too. I know she is off for the weekend, but I am hoping she has a really great weekend as well!



Slatka - July 15

Hi All --

Jen, thanks for the recommendation re: Shady Grove. I sometimes feel so at sea with all this stuff and it will be my "first time" getting involved with reproductive technologies beyond the "relax, and let it happen" school of thought.

It sounds like a whole avalanche of women are testing on Monday: it's D-Day! Or HPT-Day! I am due for af on Wednesday or so, yet I've been enjoying all the classic signs of her arrival, heavy ankles, cramping, angry, annoyed feelings. I also spotted pink today, then it went away; I'm about CD26 and I'm a 30/31 day cycle. If af is coming (and, despite all my hope, I think it is), I just want it to get the hell here and let's start over!

I will be thinking of you all in the next few days as you test. I know how damn hard it is, how devastating it can be. Whatever the outcome, you know we are all here to commiserate (we've been there) or, hopefully, celebrate!

Take care -- Slatka


Shdy Grove 2 - July 17


You are too funny. Gosh I hope that line is IT! Keep us posted when you get your beta. I like the idea of getting a massage. Hey, this is intense stuff.. we need to give our mind and body a little TLC.


Glad we can be here for you. It isn't so bad when you look at it day to day vs. the whole process. Many times I felt gun shy, "wait, what am I doing? Do we want this? Yes. No. Yes, geez" Bottom line, I've learned the things we regret in life are usually what we didn't do. I just said what the heck. Let us know how it works out for you.

Went in this morning for the BW and am waiting for 'the call". I put my cell # so I can retrieve the message in private. Went to the beach over the weekend. A good call as kept my mind off things and focused on having fun.



liz - July 17

Hello everyone -

Tracy - How are you feeling? I know you had a disappointment at your appointment last week with the cycts, are you feeling any better?

I have some bad news........ Af arrived yet again yesterday. I was hoping and praying so badly this month was it. Atleast on paper I had a perfect month. Well, I guess we go another round.

Hope everyone is doing well. I am thinking of all of you who test today, wishing you the best of luck.




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