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Ladybug - February 18

Thank you for your payer Judea. I think it worked! I have a HCG of 248 now. I feel much better although I can't say that I have stopped worrying. My bbs are still not sore. I must say that I am tired!!! Also I have constipation, some mild cramps on and off all day (much less then they were), a mild backache, and it feels like I'm hungy all the time! I'm still running to the bathroom a little more then I normally. I think thats about it. My next step is an u/s on March 2nd. I'm soooooo happy!!

How are you doing Judea? Any other good news out there????


VTB - February 18

Hi Everyone,

I've been following this post, although I haven't posted as I wasn't sure if it was the right post for me. I just wanted to stop in and say Congrats to everyone with BFP and to those who are still waiting, I'm right with you there. I am on the last week of my 2ww, and I am completely crazy worrying about every little thing that I feel - could this be the time that I am pregnant!
This is my first IUI, so of course - I have a great hope that it will work right away, but then a part of me is thinking, it never works on the first try.
Ladybug, your posts give me soo much hope. I feel so much like you in every way you feel. I am soo happy for you. I will keep you all posted!


Ladybug - February 21


Thank you VTB. I understand how you feel in wanting the IUI to work the first time. I also had high hopes and was extremely disapointed when it failed! I could be wrong but from my understanding IUI can work on the first try but more often women have to try a few more times to get the BFP. Hey look at that I have my BFP I really don't care that it took 3 tries. I'm sure this is not what you want to hear, but I honestly think the 2WW was more bearable the 2nd and 3rd try only because you know what to expect and you know not to get your hopes up. I'm sorry your in pain and I wish with all my heart I could take away the 2ww and give you a BFP. Until then don't give up hope. Hold on and reach for the stars and your dreams will come true!

How many days until your tww is over? What type of symptoms are you having if any? Please do keep us posted!



MS - February 25


I know exactly how you feel i was so positive and then the old familiar cramps started, everything just the same as PMS. I am heartbroken. It is very sad and you know what even though i am cramping still somewhere inside i still have a flicker of hope! stupid i know. Its liek you set yourself up for disappointment. I do hope and pray that yours turns out to be a liitle bundle of joy! best of luck to you!


Ladybug - March 5

HI Girls,

Just thought I would let everyone know things are going great .....I'm having twins!!!


smod - March 5

Congratulations on your pregnancy! :) Would you kindly tell me How many IVFs you went through? How many eggs did the dr put in that you're now conceived with twins?


Ladybug - March 6


Thank you. This was my 3rd IUI. I had 2 failed IUI's. One with colmid and one with Gonal-f. This third IUI was a charm. We used Gonal-f again but this time we waited a little longer and let the eggs mature longer. I hope this helps.




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