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Ladybug - January 17

Hi everyone,

I just found this forum today. I'm on the 2ww and I hate every second of the wait. This is my 2nd IUI. I get a blood test on monday and the wait will be over....but today and yesterday I have been feeling cramps and some of the the normal mood swings I always get with PMS and I'm very sad. My chest is sore but it was sore even before I did the IUI. I think its from the meds (Gonal-f) ? Also I do get a sore chest with PMS so it could be this as well. Yet I keep reading about all these people who have PMS and turns out that they are pregnant. :-[ So I sit here and I hope and I pray and pray some more that this is not PMS that I'm really pregnant. Even though I sure this has got to be PMS right! There are other people out there that have been through this right? I would Love to find some friends that might have an understanding! Anyone out there??? This is killing me. I would love to try IVF but don't have the $. If this IUI does not work we are going to do 3 more IUI....this is what the ins. will pay for. I just don't know how I'm going to get through this and not kill my marriage. My husband wants a baby but me I live to have a baby every second of my life. I'm scared!! Has IUI ever worked for anyone? Has anyone ever had PMS and still be pregnant? I would love to hear from anyone :) Thank you


deedle1006 - January 18

Hi Ladybug,

I very well could be PMS it could also be the BFP. I am back at this site TTC our second child. We concieved our son with Gonal F and IUI. It has been almost 4 years ago and I don't remember having PMS symptoms, but I am not a good on to ask because I have PCOS and never get AF. We did do an unsuccessful IUI with clomid this summer and I knew it didn't work when I took my temp. It stayed up for the entire TWW until the morning I was t o go in for bw, my temp went back down.

I will keep postive thoughts and prayer going your way.



deedle1006 - January 25


Sorry about the abbreviations, it has become habit. These are some very common abbervs used on the site.

BFP Big Fat Positive
BFN Big Fat Negative
TTC Trying To Convieve
BW Blood Work
AF Aunt Flow
US or U/S Ultra Sound
BD Baby Dance
PCOS PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome
TWW Two Week Wait

Those of us who have been around awhile forget that not everyone know the slang.

I started my injections last night so it looks like we are pretty close to the same schedule. In TTC our son we did 3 months of clomid with no monitoring from my regular OB/Gyn. The only thing that got me was 30 lbs heavier without the BFP. Then we went to and re and did our first cycle of Gonal F and IUI. I hyperstimulated and had 30 + eggs. We canceled that cycle and I went on BC (birth control) for 3 months to clam everything down. We tried again and I had about 10 eggs, I think, we did the IUI (only one) and got a BFP.

This summer my re wanted to do clomid with metformin (common treatment for PCOS) and an IUI. I had 10 eggs but a BFN. I have never had more than 1 IUI in a cycle. I have heard of people doing that, we just BD the day of the trigger shot and after the IUI later that afternoon. I guess a 2nd IUI can't hurt.

I don't know where you live, but in some states the law is such that ins companies are required to cover IVF. I know Illinois and New Jearsey are that way. There are about 10 or 15 states that are that way.

Let me know how things are going!

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.



Ladybug - January 26


Thank you for explaining the abbreviations! This makes everything much more understandable. Thank you :^)

I forgot to tell you congratulations on your son. He is 4 years old now then? You must be delighted to have him. What a miraculous gift from God. You are indeed bleesed. I'm sure that if God thinks your Good enough to have one of his children he will indeed bless you again.

I have also had hyperstimulation (with my last cycle) but it was not as bad as yours (30+ eggs ouch). How did you ever get through it. You must have been in a ton of pain. Mine was not that bad and I was in tears. You had to go on bc and wait 3 months to try again! What a mess! I would have been devastated....I'm sorry. I hope and pray that this does not happen to you again! Did they lower the dose of your injections this time around?

I have an appointment in the AM to find out how many eggs I have. I'm excited and hopeful for this cycle to be as you would say a BFP. I just can't imagine the joy I would feel but at the same time I just can't imagine geting a BFP and all I foresee is a BFN. This is low selfesteem I know but the things I want most in my life are always difficult for me and I don't see why this should be any different. I have this impending doom feeling. This fear that I'll never get what I want most (a family). Perhaps if I just put a little faith in God he'll bless me.

My husband has had a vasectomy and therefore my ins. may not cover the IVF this is what I was told when I first started all of this. However in my last visit my re insurance person (don't know her title) told me that she would look into it when it becomes nessessary because she thinks that it may still be covered. I'm going to talk to her tomorrow anyhow because I'm thinking I would like to do this last IUI and then move onto IVF. I don't want to do this month after month with only disappointment after disappointment. This is hard on a marriage, your body, and your mind. I want to move onto the joy part the BFP.

Your also in my my thoughts and prayers and I wish only the best for us both or anyone who truly wants children. What other purpose is there in life other then family.



deedle1006 - January 26


I hope all goes well with your appointment today! My son turns 3 in February. And he is an incredible blessing that I thank God for every day! You sound like a faithful person, and I know you have heard this before but yes you should put your faith in God. He does have a plan for us. I don't think so much it is a judgement on whether we are good or bad people that we are blessed with children, it is his plan for us.

You ARE a good person and you need to believe that! WIth all the hurdles we have to jump over, it is very difficult to remain positive but try. The power of positive thought is amazing.

I will send prayers and positive thoughts your way!



Ladybug - January 29


Thanks for the prayers and thoughts I sure do need them. I hope I did not offend you when I said "God thought you good enough to bless you with one of his children" I can assure you my intentions were good and not ment to say that only "good" people are blessed with children. That thought never crossed my mind...only that I thought you must be wonderful with your reading your seem like a sweet lady is all.

As for me everything is going well. Apparently I have 10 eggs. There are 7 on the right and 3 on the left. I have yet another ultrasound on Wed. The eggs are not yet mature. I was told everything is going great and I'm looking forward to seeing how many will mature.

How are things with you? Have you found out how many eggs you have? I think I will have my insemination on Friday by the sound of everything. Do you know when your IUI will be yet?

I think I put on a few more pounds this time around. I don't understand what it is but I think I have gained 15 pounds in 3 months from all of this!! I know you said you gained weight with the clomid but is it possible that the Gonal-f is doing this? Seems like all of this started when I started the fertility tx. Perhaps its just the stress. I'm not sure.

Anyhow I would love to hear from you again and know how things are with you?



Ladybug - January 31

Hi Deanna,

I just got back from doc's and I'm excited to share the good news. The u/s showed that 4 out of the 10 follicles are showing good signs of maturity! Most of them being 17mm. The NP said she thinks we will do the IUI's on Mon. and Tue. Allowing the follicles to mature even more.

This is much different then my last cycle. Last time we did the IUI's on the 10th and 11th day of the Gonal-f cycle which was on the 12th and 13th day of my menstrual cycle....

This time around we are doing the IUI's on the 17th and 18th day of my menstrual cycle. Could I ask if you or perhaps anyone reading this if they have ever done IUI's so late in the cycle???? I believe my normal ovulation occurs naturally around the 13th or 14th day of my cycle. I have a normal menstrual cycle that usually runs 28 days on the nose.

I would think that perhaps the IUI's are done based on the size of the follicles and not the day of your cycle? However the more I sit here and think about it the more I'm worried that the follicles will distort and become deformed? I'm just worrying over nothing right?

Any thoughts greatly appreciated,


deedle1006 - January 31


Great news! I am sorry it has taken me so long to get back, I have had a ton of things on my plate. From my experience with simtulated IUI cycles, ovulation is caused by you trigger HCG shot and it does not matter so much about what day of the cycle. Typically, you take shots from day 3 - 12 and then do the trigger shot on the 13 day of your cycle and then the IUI 24-48 hours after the shot. It all depends on the maturity of the follicules. They want them to be around 20 mm, 18 at the lowest typically.

I wasn't offend by your comments. I just wanted to make sure you weren't going to that dark place we get to when we are on this roller coaster.

I to had a dr appointment this morning. I have 4 follicules that look like the are maturing nicely. One is 14 the other is 13 and 2 at 10ish. I go back on Friday and they will decide when I will take my trigger shot.

I will keep you posted and keep sending positive thoughts. Keep me posted. It sounds like we will be on about the same timing.



marie-josée - February 1

I also gained weight on clomid....and the worse part is not how fat I feel (I'm 132...never weighted to much in my entire life!) but ppl seeing me bigger and saying "ohhh my gosh you're pregnant! the meds work!" My word of advice, if you are planning to go on clomid -don't tell your friends. 'cause you'll gain weight and they'll all assume that you're pregnant. I've even been accused of trying to hide my pregnancy. It's the worse feeling ever...I'm asked 1-2 times a week by friends and family members....argghhhhhh it's just not fair...why is it that it's so hard for me to get pregnant????


Ladybug - February 6

Sorry I did not write sooner. I had my IUI's done on Fri. and Sat. That makes this day 4 of my 2ww. I'm already going crazy wondering if I'll get a bfp this time around. I don't know how all of you that have gone through this for so long do it? Every 2ww is a slow grueling process that I'm sure I'll never make it through. When I do the disapointment is covered up by yet another attempt. I swear I'm in this permanent cycle of depression! This is my 3rd cycle. One more cycle of IUI's and I'm going to move onto IVF.

Deanna how are you doing? Did you have your IUI done yet? If so what day are you on in your tww?

Marie I know how you feel. My starting weight was 135 and now I"m up to almost 150! One lady at work the other day said to me "your suppose to wait to you get pregenent to get fat" I was shocked to say the least at
her crule honesty but I know for sure in my heart that this is one thing worth putting on weight for. and I'll work at getting the weight off once all of this is over. I'm sure you'll do the same. Marie are you doing IUI or IVF? I would love to know your story?

Hope to hear from everyone soon


marie-josée - February 6

Thank you is so nice to know that I am not the only one who feels that way. My friends keep telling me not to worry and not to think of any of it...but it would be like going to a woman who's on a diet and telling her "just don't think of chocolate." Of course, it won't work. And I TOTALLY agree that time seems to slow down when you are trying to get pregnant....every week feels like a month and every month like a year...

Right now I am doing the progesterone and clomid combination. Actually, I have an appointment with my OB tomorrow...I haven't had the courage to test if I am pregnant. If I'm going to be given bad news, I'd rather wait for it lol I know it's stupid but I can't help it.

How long were you on Clomid before your doctor decided to use more drastic methods? I'm only on 50mg...I'm not sure if it is enough. Guess I'll find out tomorrow .... keep me in your prayers PLEASE



BekyVice - February 6

Hello, all! I'm new to this 2WW forum (but not new to Dr. Smith's) and am encouraged and outraged by some of your posts lately... especially Ladybug's cold-hearted coworker who said "...wait till you're pregnant before gaining weight." Ack!

Anyway, good luck to all! I'm coincidentally also on day 4 of my 2WW, so I'm on track with Ladybug, I believe. My blood test is Valentine's Day... what a great gift that would be! (We had IVF/ICSI and they put back 3 good blasts... but I'm 43, so we're pretty much hoping for the worst.)

I'd love to hear yours and anyone else's symptoms as I have had NONE, which scares me. Only sore BBs from progesterone shots. I mean, I'm not even tired... NOTHING! So maddening not to feel anything... :-\


Ladybug - February 7

HI Girls

Boy it sure is nice to have 3 new friend who all seem to have the same feeling I have!!! Although I don't know if any of you are as obsessed as I am about having a baby?

I'm still thinking of you and can't wait to hear how you are doing? I pray for a bfp!! and don't worry when you have time let me know how you are doing. I know life can get crazy.

I'm wishing and praying for you too! I'm sorry that your friends are not more supportive. I know its disappointing and frustrating. I often feel like people invalidate my feelings when they tell me "don't worry" or "just don't stress" I feel like they don't understand and perhaps thats just it they don't understand. I'm sure that some of them are trying to help in their own way...perhaps they just don't know all I need is for someone to try and understand how I feel instead of tell me not to feel that way!
I did one cycle of clomid before we moved onto Gonal-f. I only had one follicle with clomid. With Gonal-f I had 6 follicle the first cycle and then 10 (6 that were good) with this last round. This increases the chance of getting pregnant however there is also a small increased chance of multipe births. Please let me know how the doc. appointment went?

Thank you for your support!! I truly feel I found some great support with you girls!
As for symptoms I have not had many except sore BBs from progesterone and hate to say this a few cramps today. I had cramps with my last 2 IUI's and both times it turned out to be my AF.
Zoe from what I have read it may be good that you are not having any symptoms. Many women don't get symptoms until a few weeks after implantation has taken place. Perhaps you are one of them? Don't give up hope yet. I know that you are just trying to perpare yourself for the worst...I often do that myself...but hang in there we all know how you feel. I hope and pray for you as well!! We all need bfp so we can share joy instead of the mean time sure is great to have you girls around!!



deedle1006 - February 7

Hi Ladies!

It appears that we are all with in days of each other on the the slow 2ww. I had my IUI on Monday morning. We put 14.5 million swimmers with my 1-2 good follicles. I have a hard time with possible symptoms because I have been blessed with a full term pregnancy my mind plays tricks on me. I have tried to remember what I felt like 4 years ago, and I think I end up with psychosymatic symptoms. I have sore BBs and some cramping, but that can all be from the hormones to stimulate that cycle. DH told me that I had these same symptoms with our son. is way to early to have symptoms. If we are BFP our bodies don't really know it yet, we won't know until implantation and in some case a few weeks after that. That being said...I hate the 2ww, my brain goes crazy. I have my first bw on 2/13 and I can probable do a hpt on 2/16-2/17, I have found it helps to stay busy to take my mind off how slow two weeks can really take.

Pray for BFP's all around
Deanna ;)


BekyVice - February 7

I'll be watching this post for EVERYONE's results! :)
Maybe we should rename it "Happy Happy Happy."

Good luck and God bless to all!


deedle1006 - February 7

I agree! This thread is now called Happy, Happy, Happy!!!!!!!!! ;D



BekyVice - February 8

Okay, everyone who is doing their first HcG blood test on Valentine's Day (or just before), let's hear your symptoms as of late.

Mine: each night I go to sleep easily (usually I toss and turn), and during the day reading makes me nap for 30 mins. (Very unusual.) Also, each night around 7:00 pm AF-type cramping starts and stays till beddtime. I also wake up with it, and sleep with lower back pain (lower back pain has been present since day of transfer, so...).

Other than that, only mildy sore bbs from progesterone shots, and same appetite, same energy, same mental state, etc., than before all this. And I've never, ever spotted. In fact, I never EVER even slightly spotted after either retrieval (1st = 15 eggs, 2nd 18 eggs), nor after either transfer (1st = 1 blast + 2 embies, 2nd 3 blasts).

How's everyone else doing?



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