Progesterone Side Effects
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bugdiddle - November 24

I am new to this group, but i looking for some answers. I am in the waiting period during my 1st IVF cycle. I find out on Tuesday11/29. In the mean time I am doing vaginal progesterone capsuls twice a day and IM shots of progesterone at night. I am wondering if anyone is having similar side effects to the capsuls. I am itching and burning...not like a yeast infection, but it's awful. The area down there is raw. It hurts to wipe. I know that this might seem kind of heavy or TMI for my first posting, but I am desperate to find out if this is normal. Anyone with similar circumstances?


baby4us - November 24

Hmmm.. I took the progesterone suppositories.. but did not have any reactions.. I know they are made in wax.. could you be having a reaction to either the progesterone or the wax? You might want to call your doc..I don't think that sounds normal????


bugdiddle - November 24

Thanks for the advice. I did call my dr. and they recommended A&D ointment. I'll decide in a couple of days if that's working. Thanks for the help.


baby4us - November 25

No problem.. I hope you are feeling better!

Just a few more days until you find out if you have a BFP.. how are you feeling.. I'm sending tons of baby dust your way!!!!


bugdiddle - November 25

I am feeling ok. It's been the longest wait of my life. They gave us a little picture of the two embryos that they transfered. That made is so much more personal than anything we've done before. Should I be feeling something? I don't know what I am going to do if this doesn't work. Thanks for the encouraging words and the baby dust :o) I'll be sure to keep you posted.


amulya - November 28

I am also in 2 WW, taking Progesterone in oil injections 1 cc every morning. My only side effect is constipation. For that I increased fluid intake. Tomorrow is my progesterone test.

Good Lunck Bugdidle, I feel it is +ve for you.


Meg - November 29


I had the same reaction to the suppositories when I had to take them. I ended up switching to progesterone shots, b/c I could not endure the burning and itching any longer. I know that is not really an option for you, since you already are taking IM shots. I hope your reaction subsides soon, and best of luck on tomorrow; I hope you get a BFP :)



BethMX - November 29


I´ve been reading your posts and I wanted to share with you the end of my 2ww. Tomorrow is my beta and I´m a bit nervous about it. I haven´t feel that different and I wonder if it has something to do with the results.

I had my first IUI with Gonal- F on Nov. 16.

I will keep you in my prayers and best of luck to all!! Baby dust and may we all have wonderful news soon.



bugdiddle - November 30

Hey everyone! I got my BFP yesterday afternoon. We are so excited. I don't quite know what to do with myself. This is uncharted territory, so it will be a new and scary couple of weeks, but I plan on enjoying every minute. Thanks for all of the words or encourgement and good luck to all of you!





I am so happy for you this is exciting news. Its nice to hear some positive feed back (gives us all some hope)
I just finished 1 week of the 2ww. I will be able to do a preg test around the 8th. I am looking for signs but dont have any I was wondering if you had any this soon?
Best of luck and congrats to you and your husband!!!



bugdiddle - December 1


I did not have any signs. I know exactly how you feel. I honestly couldn't believe the news. The only thing that I felt was my boobs were VERY tender and sore. I've heard that is a good sign, but I just thought it was the progesterone. I still have a long wait until the ultrasound in 2 weeks. Next week I go for them to check my bhCG levels again. I am a bit anxious about that. Think positive and don't over analyze any feelings. It really is too soon to "feel pregnant". Good luck to you and keep me posted.



Grace - March 27

I am also in 2WW, and will have my first appointment tomorrow. I am wondering if anyone know if the Progesterone delay your period. I am due 2 days ago, and my test result is still BFN. This is making me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


amy anderson - May 10

Hi folks! I am taking progesterone shots everyday to increase my levels. I am 7 weeks pregnant and have had three miscarriages prior to this pregnancy. I tend to have reactions to the suppositories but the shots have been fine. Has anyone out there ever had any itching (similar to an insect bite) on the location of the shot? It’s been really uplifting to hear from other women who have been through so much. Thanks!


CPape - June 7

Hi, just wanted to share quickly that I do have itching where I am doing the progesterone shots! It's maddening at times, b/c who wants to get caught scratching their butt! It comes and goes. Good luck to you! My fingers are crossed and baby dust to you!


kel - June 9

Hi. I'm new here and also doing the 2 week IVF wait. It's much harder than I expected! We're due to a blood test 6/11.

I'm also taking 2 cc progesterone each AM in olive oil. I'm developing large welts on each cheek - an allergic reaction per the MD. Just lovely, eh? It's red and painful. I'm also so tired, which I chalk up to the progesterone. Anyone else have the same side effects? Best of luck to all of you!



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