Pink Spotting during 2ww
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natalie08 - February 27

I recently had IVF with ISCI done and am in the midst of the dreadful 2ww as many of you ladies are. God help us all!!!

I had my retrieval done on 2/20 and my transfer on 2/25. It is now 2/27 and I had a little bit of light pink spotting on the toilet paper when I used the bathroom earlier. It has since gone away.

Has anyone else had this happen?


Marina - February 28

You probably having an implantation bleeding,it is totaly normal.Good luck and go on "who is on 2ww" to see other people symptoms during this time.


natalie08 - February 28


Thanks for the would be nice if it was implantation. : )


Tracie64 - March 1

Hi Nat

I already sent you the best on the other forum but just to say it again good luck.

Has the spotting finished. I too had it and it went but dont know if it was good or bad as my beta is Monday
Hopefully it was implantation spotting which is very common

Best of luck mate and have a good weekend

Tracie64 ;)Aussie girl


natalie08 - March 1


Thanks for thes best wishes. I wish you the same. I called my RE and they said it was probably implantation bleeding. Mine lasted a total of 3 days.

I gave in and took another HPT this morning. I got a faint pink line which is really exciting. I plan to test again tomorrow morning to see if it got any darker. : )



Tracie64 - March 1

Hi Nat

A faint line is still a line. It sounds promising ;D

Have you done another one yet

Tracie64xo ;)Aussie girl


Marina - March 2

Hey Natalie,
Line is a line,Tracie is right,it's just not a very high level HCG in your blood to show BFP,most people don't even take HPT until at least 6 ww,and most sensetive EPT will show if your level gets 21 and over.So,it is positive,let's hope it'll stay this way!


JasJulesMom - March 2

HI Natalie,

I tested at 10dpo and I got the lightest line ever. I got a BFP on my beta. So I think you are good.



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