ovulex questions
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michealjoy - February 14

Hi everyone,
No bloodwork today...

My wife started about 5 days earlier.

I guess her progesterone is a little wacky this month since she has been very sick and very dehydrated.

She also has not been able to take the Ovulex in a few days.

That probably did not help.

Hopefully next month things will work out better for us and thanks for LISTENING.



BekyVice - February 14

Hey, Michael. I've been reading your posts "staying tuned" to your progress and it's heartwarming to see the male's point of view and to see your initiative in getting online and researching these things, and even going so far as journalising your progress.

Refreshing! Thanks! Most of our DH's let us do all the worrying and research -- mind you, they love us to death, but they know were are veritable encyclopedias about it all, so it would almost be a waste of their time to even think of doing any research -- so my fingers are crossed for you guys and hope that your next cycle is more successful.


Princess24 - February 14


Hi I've just been reading your post, I agree w/ ZoeCalifornia. It is so nice to see a man on this forum and hear his' concerns. My dh would never do that, he always asks me "Why are you always on that?" He is very caring and understanding, but he just doesn't get it.

I really wish you all the best on TTC. It's such an emotional rollercoaster and sometimes it gets very hard, but you just have to stay positive and remember that you have support here.

Keep us posted on whats going on.



michealjoy - February 15

It is sweet of you to say that.
I talked to my wife's doctor's nurse today and she said it was unreal just how much I know about my wife's physical body...

Not many women know that much about themselves much less men about their wives.

Thanks for your kind words and I will keep you guys in the loop. Mt


michealjoy - February 15

My wife and I have always been close.
I actually work at home now so you can't get much closer than that...

Thanks again for your reply..



michealjoy - March 12

This cycle is a bust.
Taking Ovulex, but no surge at all.

Day 27 and nothing.

Hopefully she will start soon so next month will be better.



michealjoy - May 15

No luck over the last few months and Ovulex is not working.
Trying Ovulex and Clomid this month with no positive ovulation test.

Any ideas?



Jess - May 15

michealjoy-Have YOU and your wife tried green tea? I was on Ovulex and my husband was on Ambroz(sp) twice a day and we both drank green tea twice a day. I also was taking a prenatal vit and 81mg of asprin a day. The asprin is suppose to help with circulation in the uterus and you're suppose to take it for the first 12wks of pregnancy. We tried getting pregnant for 3yrs and 3mos and we finally got our BFP!!! :D We have been thanking GOD ever since he answered our prayers... I also have endometriosis and was told by my RE that my only chance was IVF. We didn't have that kind of money so we just left it up to GOD and kept trying every month and low and behold.......OUR prayers were answered. I hope this helps you and your wife. Good luck and don't give up.



michealjoy - May 25

NO, but will do. Thanks for the recommendations...
Will keep you in the loop.




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