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michealjoy - January 5

I am the DADDY wanna be...
I see most women on here, but thought I would start this forum.

My wife and I have been trying ovulex for 1.5 cycles.

She is ovulating on it.

Last month we did ovulex and clomid and she ovulated, but did not get pregnant.

This month only ovulex and she is ovulating on day 18 or 19. We are using a fertility monitor.

I know it is working because she hardly ever ovulates without clomid. My question is ... If she does get pregnant this month or soon, how long should she continue to take the ovulex?

I am also taking Amberoz(just in case.) This stuff definitely increases sex drive. Does anyone else have any experiences like that?

Thanks, KMT


vidia1103 - January 5

After she gets pregnant I would not recommend that she continues to take it. ( once she finds out ) If you read the bottle it also says that they do not recommend it either. It would probably be best to ask your doctor though. It also contains an ingredient in it called black cohosh which is a natural abortive and can sometimes be used to induce labor, but I do not think this should be a concern so early. Once she finds out she is pregnant it would be best to ask your doctor. Good luck. baby dust to you both. :)


michealjoy - January 5

Thank you for your quick response.

We actually have two children, but my wife's medical problems make this process anything, but easy.

The youngest is 5.

We always wanted a large family.

I am just very pleased to find something relatively inexpensive and very unobtrusive like Ovulex that appears to really help.

I know she is because Clomid only works part of the time and the side effects are horrible. Wish us luck... I feel hopeful for once in a very long time.


vidia1103 - January 6

yes i can imagine how you feel. but i think that ovulex will really work. i take ovulex and my hubby take amberoz. its our first full cycle and I have already ovulated. I am praying that we succeeded. its been 14 months for us and we have no children yet. Hopefully your wife gets preg too. I think its wonderful that you can get on here, I can hardly get my husband to look at the baby section in the clothing stores lol....he is much more interest in electonics. baby dust to you both


michealjoy - January 10

I live online so this is right up my alley.

My wife has a lot of medical problems so I am usually the CARE giver.

I do most of the general shopping for us and the kids.

She does help on some of it.

The funny thing is that I probably know as much about her female issues than most men know in general about their wives.

Thanks for your reply and good luck... KMT


alison29 - January 10

Hi Micheal,

Wow your wife sounds like a lucky woman. My dh can't wait for me to hurry up and get pg so he can sit in the hot tub again. Like us ladies need any added stress when ttc. That is good to know about the amberose and the sex drive cause after a while the pressure to perform gets old for you guys too (so i hear) Good luck to you and your wife


michealjoy - January 10

I wonder sometimes if the reason she does not get pregnant is that she never feels like having sex. She does have a lot of medical problems other than just fertility.

Anyway, thanks for your kind words.

I guess I was born to be Mr. Mom.

I also work at home so that really, really helps too. KMT


michealjoy - January 12

Pregnancy tests are such a pain. Does anyone know if Ovulex can cause problems with pregnancy tests? Should we wait longer to take one when we get to that point? We are not quite ready to take one, but I wanted to be ready...



michealjoy - January 20

Hi again everyone,
Today is day 35 of my wife's cycle.

According to ovulation predictor test, she ovulated right at 15 days ago.

We took a pregnancy test and the darned thing looks negative.

Does anyone know WHEN you should test with a pregnancy test while taking Ovulex?

Thanks again for your help in this...



alison29 - January 22

Hi Michael,
I have heard of women here testing positive as early as 11dpo so it should be time for you too right try using first morning urine it is most concentrated... I don't think that ovulex effects pg test resultss (i am pretty sure it is just injection type meds that you would get in a REs office). That is all for now


michealjoy - January 23

She actually started her period.

This is very depressing, but we are used to this sort of thing.

I guess that makes this DAY 2 ....

Wish us luck...Second month with just ovulex... MT


alison29 - January 23

Hi Micheal,
I am sorry about your wife and af :( I also understand the depression. It is even worse for us girls. At least for me it feels like such crap not being able to perform one of lifes basic biological functions so yes very sad. Some women just say oh well and adopt ugh! Much baby dust to you and luck


michealjoy - January 24

We have considered that, but ultimately her medical problems that also contribute to the fertility would probably make it difficult to adopt.

They tend to give the kids to the HEALTHY people.

It seems like a self-defeating principle to me. Thanks for your post. There is always next month.... Mt


michealjoy - January 26

Another quick question...

We use an ovulation monitor every cycle.

This one is electronic and is quite good.

I wonder though if our timing is off.

It states you should ovulate 24 to 48 hours after a positive test.

And that you should have intercourse for those two days.

Does anyone know if we should do it the day after too? I have read mixed things on this and thought maybe coupled with taking Ovulex we need to do this... I thought I had read the Ovulex might actually make you fertile longer.

Micheal Townsend


michealjoy - February 5

Hi again,
Today is day 14 and we had a positive ovulation test.

I guess you get our plans for tonight and tomorrow.

I am ecstatic, but still surprised at how well the Ovulex is doing.

Wish us luck.

Micheal Townsend


michealjoy - February 8

My wife's doctor wants to do a progesterone one week after ovulation should have occurred to confirm it did happen. Wish us luck. Time really is maddening in this waiting game. Mt


michealjoy - February 14

Hi everyone,
No bloodwork today...

My wife started about 5 days earlier.

I guess her progesterone is a little wacky this month since she has been very sick and very dehydrated.

She also has not been able to take the Ovulex in a few days.

That probably did not help.

Hopefully next month things will work out better for us and thanks for LISTENING.




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