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LuAnne41 - September 8

i've had 6 failed IVF cycles w/my own eggs (2 early m/c from the ivf attempts) - i just did a cycle using donor eggs & ICSI - of 9 oocytes retrieved, 6 fertilized - of the 6 fertilized, 2 stopped developing, 2 were transferred & 2 were frozen - i got the BFN today but i'm not down yet; i have a lot to be thankful for & i do believe things happen for a purpose. i'll be doing the cryo cycle w/the other 2 embryos asap. i plan to "get back on the horse" & try up to 2 more fresh cycles + possible add'l cryo cycles b4 I give up...i also have APA for which i took 81 mg aspirin daily, then switched to 30 mg Lovenox daily- i'm just hoping to gleen info, especially if anyone has similar experience - if no similar experience, i'll happily settle for your prayers & best wishes. - thx


Lila - September 12

Hi Luanne - unfortunately I do not have such a similiar situation so I can not share any wisdom but I did want to say welcome. I think your attitude and strength to keep trying are great and good luck with your upcoming FET. You might was to trythe Female infertility or general board with you questions as there might be more people with similiar experiences who can offer you insight. I am not sure what APA is - is that similiar to PCOS? The treatment/drugs sound similiar - if so there are a couple threads on the boards I mentioned with lots of girls talking about that.

I am in the 2WW of my first IVF so trying to be calm and patient but that of course is not to be. I still have 10 days till Beta test so I know I need to figure a way to handel this waiting and soon!. MY DX is "unexplained" but at this point in TTC I am 38 so my age has clearly become a factor. We are still TTC for our first - how about your self?

Hope this helps and good luck wit the FET.


Fortyfourfive - September 12

Luann41- Hi - I have used donor eggs for all of my ivfs. I have had 2 different donors. I dont have apa but I have a clotting disorder that I take asa for and folic acid. My new doc found a septum in my uterus that he feels caused my miscarraiges and it was removed. When do you do your next fet - my is on sept 21st. Baby dust to you.



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