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karystos - February 6

I have been diagnosed with moderate ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. This is my first ivf/isci. They retrieved 16 eggs so I never expected that I would have this happen to me. It has been pure hell the last 2 weeks.
The intense bloating, nausea, fainting etc. Enlarged ovaries and alot of liquid in my abdomen.
My preg test is this Thurs but I am not very hopeful.
Has anyone had similar experiences?
Any reply would help.


krs - May 16

I know it's been a few months, how are you doing? I just went through my 6th IUI and also had ohss. How awful! Unfortunately, my symptoms decreased a couple of days ago - not a good sign for pregnancy. Waiting for af to arrive before Sat. Today is day 10 after IUI. We had our hopes up so high this time - lots of mature follicles. I've had 2 m/c and I'm just as depressed as I was then. It's awful. I hope there's good news on your side!


karystos - May 16

Unfortunately it was a BFN. I was so devastated that after all that pain and suffering, I wasn't pregnant. I ended up missing a month of work...that's how bad I had ohss.
Last week I just did my first FET transfer with 2 frozen blastocysts. My preg test is Monday so I'm crossing my fingers!


krs - May 16

GOOD LUCK on Monday! I will be thinking positive thoughts for you. So you had ohss for longer than 2 weeks? I feel very lucky - only had it bad for a week. Did you have to wait for your ovaries to get back to normal size before trying again? Were you off work because of the pain or depression? I can't believe how bad I feel - it's easier to be phisically sick than mentally depressed!


karystos - May 17

I was off for a month because of the pain....I had trouble breathing and my abdomen was so extended, it looked like I was pregnant (cruel joke).
I was in the doctor's office for ultrasounds every other day so they could monitor my fluid. Gatorade was a big help.
I'm glad that yours didn't last as long.
Good luck this time and let me know what happens!


krs - May 19

Well, AF showed up Thurs. am. Now it looks like it'll be at least a month (if not longer) before we can try again. I guess it'll happen when it's time. I also read your post about Monday - good luck and think positive!


karystos - May 20

I'm sorry to hear it was a negative.
We have to believe that it's just not the right time yet I guess. WE have to keep believing we will become mommies one day!



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