No Symptoms during the 2 week wait???
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chynnadoll - February 1

JKL, Thank you so much, that makes me feel so much better and gives me hope :), Welcome to shared journey, You will find alot of beautiful women that will have so much info to share with you and I'm sure you as well. I pray that all went well with your transfer, My soul sister Carrie(hopeful2006) had her first transfer and on the first try she got a BFP :), I pray the same for you, please keep us updated...Take Care...China


chynnadoll - February 1

Carrie, We had a lovely dinner, before we left my oldest daughter bought me a beautiful ice cream cake, and my dh had some beautiful roses delivered before we left for dinner. You were so right I DID NOT feel like doing anything but crawling up in my big bed and watching Dr Phil, But I'm happy I got all dolled up and went out to dinner.

We went to a nice seafood place on the beach :), I ate like a pig, I ordered Mahi Mahi, lobster, shrimp and the list goes on, I feel sick I ate so much! My Dh looked at me across the table and said " Baby I does'nt matter if we don't have anymore children I will never stop loving" and then he joked and said we can travel the world and just live life to the fullest" I told him I feel like the luckiest lady in the world!

Now on the other hand let me bring something to your attention, Carrie I still feel like I'm pregnant ???, The last time I was pregnant 02/05 I went to the doc and took a urine test and they said it was a BFN, but I knew in my heart I was so they took blood, and sure enough I was, Now this was with Quack doctor.

Okay, in November 05 my cycle was so late I kind of thought I was but I did'nt feel it in my heart, I took a home test and got a BFN, I still went to the new doc and got a blood test and got a BFN, Now I have been pregnant over 20 times and that is the only time my breast are sore, they have been sore for over 3 weeks, But I don't want to look stupied and ask for another blood test and get a BFN!

I started taking provera last Tuesday for 5 days I took the last pill Saturday, It's says don't not take if you become pregnant, What should I do? I don't want the new doc to think I'm crazy or just desperate, because I'm not, I took the provera and I'm wanting to start the clomid! I don't know what to do, I'm sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear from you....Have a goodnight...Your Soul Sister....China

Fiso, Thank you so much for the positive words that was just what I needed, and those words were right on time.
I will just but it in Gods hands and I know he will work it out. I pray you get that BFP friday, I will be praying and can't wait to hear from you on friday :), And this stupied computer is still crashing but it's 90% better ;), Take Care and Thank you so much for caring....Love China


hopeful2006 - February 1


I am so glad that you went out and had a good time - you allowed yourself to live and that is what is important - and dang I am so jealous you ate everything I love.

Your DH had me in tears with his loving sincere comments. You are very lucky and that is why I am glad we all have supportive DH's i this b/c we could not do it without them. I am still on the up/down rollercoaster of emotions and get irritated and sad and all that at the drop of a hat.

I think you should march your butt into the RE office and get another blood test - only b/c like we all say we know our bodies better than anybody. You should be ok if you only took the pill for 5 days, but before you continue with any other treatment just go and find out for your own peace of mind. I am praying you just had a low beta the first time and this time it will be BFP.

Your DH sounds sweet - my daughter is 15 and very happy about the baby, but the euphoria wore off the first time i told her NO. she is spoiled rotten and did I mention 15 - we argue a lot, but DH has explained to her that there will be no stress for this pregnancy and if she did not have anything nice to say just basically be quiet b/c i get riled up easily.

I just went in for 3rd beta - hope the numbers are climbing strong like we want. I have to wait to hear from RE to schedule sono for next week.

Ladies, I tried the ticker b/c i thought it was really cute, but it won't go to the bottom of my screen for some crazy reason . so no more ticker for me ....

love your soul sista,


hopeful2006 - February 1

fiso ,

Good luck and i am praying for you to get a BFP on Friday.

Sorry about the ticker issues -- don't know what went wrong so i deleted it.

Much baby dust and love,


hopeful2006 - February 1


Welcome and you will love this site as much as I did during my 2ww and after I am sure.

There is nothing but support and sincerity and faith written on these pages.

Good luck with the 2ww -- the waiting is hard, but in the advice of China, Jen, Heather and many others just try to keep busy and don't do what i did and take HPT - it came back negative and i was devestated - but just 5 days later the blood test revealed a BFP - so just try to wait b/c the results are going to be wonderful i am sure.

We are all praying right along with you for your little miracle,



fiso - February 1

JLK, when is your RE's appointment? I still have to wait till Fridayfor mine. I didn't do any HPT, I was afraid to be disappointed for nothing, but I can't wait!
Keep your mind busy and use this site to vent! Thre is always someone who willhave the right word at the right time.
Take care


hopeful2006 - February 1

Hello ladies:

My third and final beta was 2909 .. so we are very happy with those numbers and look forward to the sonogram next week.

JLK good luck - only a week to go ..

China - let me know what you decide to do ..



norma - February 1

Hi there. Just discovered your wonderful site yesterday. I am new and just wanted to chat with others who can really relate. I am 30 years old dh is 35, been married 5 years & ttc 2 years. I have had 5 failed iui w/Clomid, several cysts and just got through our first ivf cycle. I had 2 blasts implanted on day 5 on 1/24. I have never been pg and feeling pretty desperate to even have ONE baby! I take my hCG tomorrow on 2/2 and praying for a BFP, after reading one message on here will not take HPT. I have felt the last 5 days like AF is coming (minor cramping) and had sore BBs. Good luck to all...Norma


hopeful2006 - February 1


I have a quick question I have been noticing a lot of like crampy feelings just on my right side - i was wondering if i should be worried or maybe it is my cyst just being irritated by all the Progesterone and meds and so my ovaries are swollen?????

What do yo think i should do?


JLK - February 2

My appointment for pregnancy test is next Wednesday. I went today for blood work, (I'm not sure what kind) and they called to say I needed to double my estrase for a few days then triple it. Does anyone know if this is normal, or what it means?

Congratulations on your beta count. Your continued success will be in my prayers.


hopeful2006 - February 2


the pain continued so i went to the dr this a.m. and had a sonogram - way too soon to see the baby, but we did get to see the gestational sack and that it was in the uterus and not the tube which is what they were scared of. I do have a small cyst, but doc said that would not be causing as much pain as i am having.

so we are doing a urine culture for a UTI. I am succeptible to them when i am pregnant and so i am already drinking water and cranberry juice until i get my urine analysis today .

JLK, thank you so much for your prayers and good luck.

Baby dust to all



chynnadoll - February 2

Carrie, my computer is so stupied, I wrote you along post last night and the computer froze I was so upset because I wanted you to get it this morning, I won't make this one long in case I can't send it.

Last night I was saying I would'nt be to worried about that crampy feeling in your side, that happened to me the last time I was p/g, I went to the emergency room and it was nothing just bad gas that I could'nt pass.

But when you have tryed so hard like we all have we look at everything and every little symptom we have which can be good and bad, If it bothers you I would say to go to the doctor.

Let me try to send this then continue....Your soul sis china


hopeful2006 - February 2

thanks China:

I got your post. Thank you so much. I was worried and so I went to the dr. and he is happy with what he sees -he was worried about an eptopic pg, but the baby is right in the uterus were it belongs - i got to see it today for the first time - too soon for heart beat, but at least i know it is there and doing well.

I do have a small cyst, but he said that he did not think that would cause that much pain - so i toldhim i do get UTIs when i am pg - so they did a UA and i will get those results later today.

But so far every thing is fine - just that pain was worrisom. going to take my nap .. talk to you when i return.



chynnadoll - February 3

Carrie, Hope all is well and I pray that that pain is gone by now, Thank God everything is fine with the baby and he/she is right where it belongs, in that uterus ;).

Oh yeah I'm sure your drinking 100% cranberry juice and not cranberry cocktail, I made that mistake a few years ago the last time I had a UTI I also took cranberry pills, they really helped.

Let me run this by you I have'nt talked to anyone about this as of yet, Okay I bought a p/g test today it was'nt a brand name it was 2 test for like 10 bucks, anyway I took one and did'nt wait to look at the results I had to leave to pick up the kids, about an hour later I checked and it was a positive sign BUT it said disreguard results after 10 minutes, so I used the other one, it did'nt show anything, the box said if it's to little or to much urine you won't see any signs positive or negative, and I did'nt!

Now I'm going to just go get a good test in the morning, BUT remember I've taken those provera pills I looked up some info on the computer and it said you should not take provera the first 4 months of pregnancy it causes birth defects ??? ???.

Carrie, I'm not going to jump the gun BUT if I am indeed p/g I am going to go OFF on my doctor, even though they did give me a test (urine) and it was negative I think they should have taken blood, and I should not have had to tell them that, I am at a high risk obgyn, and it is one of the best hospitals in the country.

What should I do? can you imagine if I am p/g and I'm taking pills to bring down my cycle that's crazy, and they know my history and all the m/cs I have had.

I'm not going to tell anyone except my sisters, not even DH, he would be so happy but as soon as I tell him the side affects of those pills it will have him all messed up.

I will just continue to pray and wait and take another test, I might be goin crazy for nothing!

Hope your feeling better, did'nt hear back from you so I was a little worried, let me know how things are goin..Your Soul Sista....China ;)


chynnadoll - February 3

fiso, It's almost midnight here, Friday finally made can't wait to hear from you to see how the apt went, I will continue to pray, good luck......Love China :)


hopeful2006 - February 3


OMG u mean to tell me they didn't do a blood test. My RE even told me that she had to do the blood b/c so soon in a pg the urine could come back ng and it still be positive. Damn those doctors. But you only took the pill for like less than a week right?? I think you will be ok. Imagine all those women that don't know they are pg and they continue taking like b/c pills or smoking or drinking or whatever and their babies are just fine. Just be faithful that God has that little baby in his arms and everything will be fine.

I am so happy for you and I think you are pg, but you do need to give that RE a piece of your mind b/c they should always do blood on you since you are on so many hormones and have such a history of being pg and like i said earlier "noone knows our bodies better than us!!!!" so sometimes we have to just question these dr's.

The pain has subsided for now. I think I am just going to cut out the sodas, carobonated drinks and caffiene for the whole pg - i have a bladder problem that I think is causing this whole pain thing - i am going to keep my eyes on it.

We got to see the little guy yesterday, but it was too soon to see anything but the GS -- still i had a tear in my eye b/c i knew that was my baby that i had wanted for so long and i told my RE you better get used to me calling b/c i am not taking any chances with this little one and he said call as much as you like.

Go to the store - get a pg test and then go to dr immediately and throw it in their faces ;D

I can't wait to hear from you today. Just think me and you would have the exact same due date give or take a week .. COOL

i will be on at work today so pls let me know what's going on..

love ya soul sista,



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