No Symptoms during the 2 week wait???
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snindy - January 30

I've never heard of anyone getting that procedure done personally. Do they put you out or do they do local anastesia?
I would think that once they sew you up, you might have to stay off your feet. Unless your fine in the beginning and once you hit 4 or 5 months, they may put you on bed rest.

This procedure doesn't sound pleasant but if it's going to prevent you from losing a child then I would do whatever it takes.



hopeful2006 - January 31

I dont know if it is under anesthesia or just local.. I think it may be local b/c anesthesia is not good for the baby ..

I know they sew your cervix closed so that those of us who have incompetent cervix m/c dont' have the same thing - the weight of the baby makes the cervix open and we go into labor and deliver 4/5 months so i want to make sure that does not happen.

I just found out from my job that if i go out on medically necessary bed rest then i get paid for it so i was very happy about that - i am sure they are not happy if i go out for a long time, but they will be ok. the office will not die without me.

so we will see - next appt is Wednesday for Beta and then heartbeat time .. i am so excited about that visit.



snindy - January 31

Your baby comes first and is the most important thing in your life right now, don't worry about what work is going to say. If your dr says bed rest then take it. But it's good that they pay for that.

I have my dr's appt today, I'll let you know how it goes.



hopeful2006 - January 31

Ok cant wait to hear good news ..

talk to you later


chynnadoll - January 31

Carrie, I cannot tell you how happy I am for you,dh and the family :) ;) :D :) ;) :D, I know you are just overjoyed, I will be praying for you and that healthy baby or maybe those healthy babies :), Let me just briefly update you on what's been going on since we last chatted.

Remember it was Jan 22 Sunday, I was going to cook, and I came back to my laptop and it was just froze up it would'nt work, we tryed everything, Thank God I remembered I still had my extended warrenty, long story short they had to send out some hard drive piece, It got here first thing this morning I was able to have my daughter put it together and reinstall windows before she left for school.

Carrie I have been going through and it was so hard not being able to communicate with you and the other sisters, I went to the doc last monday the 23rd, and got a BFN :(, do you know I still have not gotten my cycle, it is crazy, just up until about 3 to 4 months ago I was always pretty regular, My doc gave me provera again, the first time I took it, It was for 10 days and my cycle came 3 days later, this time she gave me 5 days, I took the last pill Saturday and still no cycle!

I'm just waiting for it to come so I can start the clomid, she said I'm to start it on the 3rd day of bleeding, have you taken it before? And did you have any side affects? she said after taking 50mg for 3 months if there's know BFP, then she will up the dose to 100mg, I wanted to just say can you just put me on the 100mg, but I did'nt.

My dh was so sad :( I feel more bad for him then for myself, he has NO kids, I have 2 girls, which are his girls but you know what I mean, He is so sure that he is the problem, I tell him that it's me, but he says I have 2 kids and he has none so it's his fault, I try to tell him it's no ones fault, we can't blame ourselves, God has something good in store for us, sometimes it just takes time!

Carrie please promise me that you will try not to work so hard and so many hours???? You have to get as much rest as possible, I know you know that, I guess I'll look up some info on this clomid since this will be my first time taking it.

Hope to hear back from you soon...Love China


hopeful2006 - January 31



chynnadoll - January 31

Carrie, my computer still is not right, it keeps freezin and cutting off, sorry


hopeful2006 - January 31


I was so happy to see your name. I have truly missed conversating with you.

I am so sorry you did not get the result you wanted, but isn't it strange that your cycle has not started yet?? Could they have been wrong by any chance? If not, I was not sure did you do IVF this last time or IUI?

No I never had the clomid - i had a cyst the first time we attempted IVF and so they told me we could not proceed until the cyst was either aspirated or gone by itself so they put me on b/c pills for like 20 days i think and on the 20th day they did a sono and did not see anything so they told me that as soon as my cycle started we could begin - my cycle began on xmas day and so on day 3 we started the follistim and menopure and baby aspirin and prenatals. And from there we just proceeded with all the shots and checking my folicles. I did still have a small cyst, but when they did the retrieval they took it out along with the eggs.

Let me tell you I was sooooo surprised when I got the BFP. First I was at work and i missed the 1st phone call b/c i was at my friends desk worryng and talking and so when i got back to my desk there was a msg to call so I called, but only got vm so i left a msg, but then got inpatient and called right back and told them who i was and that i really really needed to talk to Patti b/c she had my results and i was going crazy. So they put me on hold and then came back and said Patti would be on the phone with me in one sec,.

So i am standing next to my coworkers desk (who is my best friend in here) and I bent down to where my head was on the desk b/c i was feeling lightheaded b/c of the whole situation, but i was still standing and then when she got on the phone she was like "so how are you" and I was like "absolutely nervous and scared to death" and she said "dont be it is positive" and I just fell to my knees and completely lost it - I was crying so hard that I did not even hear my beta counts or anything and Patti was like "you can call me back if you want" and then I just sat there and cried b/c i was so ready for the negative results that the positive was something i was not prepared for and the shock just about knocked me off my feet. Then i called DH and told him and he screamed so loud that everyone around me could hear him and he said Im coming to get you for lunch which was in 45 minutes.

I will never forget that day and have written a little poem to put in the baby's book.

I know I am taking it easy - no lifting and i am trying not to stay on my feet much.

DD and DS and DH are delighted and helping me a lot around the house so i don't have to do the little things...

So happy ;D you are back ...


chynnadoll - January 31

Carrie, once again I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes, I am so happy for you and the family ;), I'm glad to hear that you are not lifting and trying to take it easy and also getting help around the house that always helps!

No I have'nt done IVF or IUI, to be honest with you I don't know much about it, Does your insurance cover it? I know that most things that have to do with infertility are very expensive! I guess I'll see how this clomid goes for a couple months and if nothing positive happens I will need to check into other options.

Did you always have a regular cycle? I'm so sad that suddenly my cycle is having a mind of it's own and not coming.

Did the doctors tell you your chances of having multiples? Now that would be nice ;),.

I guess I'm going to go to the store to get something for dinner, My dh is taking me out tonight for dinner, it's my b-day, Every where we go we take the girls, but my friend and my sister said just the two of us should go so I'll cook for the girls before we leave.

Have a wonderful day take it easy, and I'll check back in a little bit.....China


hopeful2006 - January 31

Happy Birthday sweetie:

I can sense from your email that you are not really feeling like doing anything but crawling in the bed and maybe watching tv or something quiet, but maybe it will do you good to get out and have some one on one time with DH and allow yourself to be happy instead of being down and especially dont blame yourself.

My insurance is United Healthcare and they covered everything Thank God b/c we would never have been able to afford like $15,000 for the treatment on our own.

Now clomid i have heard good things from - as a matter of fact I sit right next to a girl who had twins from just 2 cycles of clomid. a boy and a girl and they are 11 years old now.

See with my blocked tubes it wasn't the fact that i wasn't producing eggs and ovulating it was that the sperm could not get to the egg and the egg was sitting in the tube and not following through during ovulation.

Go and have a nice dinner with DH and I will be praying for you justs like you prayed for me. I still pray every night for a healthy pregnancy and happy baby. I am blessed with this BFP, but now I want to make sure everything goes well and this baby is healthy.

talk to you later ,



snindy - January 31

I just got back from the dr's office. Everything is going good, I heard 2 heartbeats again so I'm reassured everything is going strong.
I did ask about the stitching of the cervix, I asked her if you get put out or use a local. She said they usually do a spinal and numb you that way. It's all done in an operating room. or a local anastesia is used but that can be a little painful. Most girls go the spinal way. I thought you would like to know what my dr said about that whole cervix stitching. I did forget to ask about the bed rest after the procedure. But I'm sure you will find that out once you talk to your dr.

China: I'm sorry about the BFN, it sometime takes a lot of tries before you can get it right. We've all been there before when we got the BFN! It sucks and it's depressing but don't give up!



hopeful2006 - January 31


wow that is great -- i know you are so excited when you see those little heartbeats ..

yes i definitely will go with the epidural - i don't want to feel anything . as long as it won't hurt the baby ...

I am sure i probably will be on bed rest for like 48 hours after the procedure and that is fine i will just make it for a thursday and then be off on friday sat and sunday ...

thank you so much for looking into that for me -



fiso - February 1

China, my heart goes out to you. Take good care of yourself. It's hard to not think about it. Blaming yourself won't change anything. We are playing with Nature, but it seems that Nature is stronger than all the meds sometimes, wether it's for a BFP or a BFN. It's getting late, I hope you had a nice time with your DH. Being together and talking about it makes it a little easier.

On the productive side, call your insurance tomorrow and find out if they cover that kind of treatment. It varies from insuirance to the other, and it also depends on where you live.

I'm in the end of the 2ww. Can't wait to find out! I will know on Friday....

No more computer crashing for you! We were all wondering about you!

Take care. Lots of love. Fiso


fiso - February 1

hopeful2006, what's going on with your post and your ticker?


JLK - February 1

Hey everyone! I am new to this site. Actually a mom of one of my students told me about this site because I am in the 2ww. I have read all of your postings and have found them very helpful. I have one son who is 5 and wanted to tell China that I got pregnant with him on Clomid. My doctor told me there was a 7% chance of multiples using Clomid, and there was no way I would end up on the cover of Time Magazine! The doctor was not a RE, so I do not know if she was right. I had my first IVF transfer on the 26th and am hoping all goes well.


chynnadoll - February 1

JKL, Thank you so much, that makes me feel so much better and gives me hope :), Welcome to shared journey, You will find alot of beautiful women that will have so much info to share with you and I'm sure you as well. I pray that all went well with your transfer, My soul sister Carrie(hopeful2006) had her first transfer and on the first try she got a BFP :), I pray the same for you, please keep us updated...Take Care...China



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