No Symptoms during the 2 week wait???
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Karen123 - December 7

Baby4us, Placenta previa more often than not corrects itself by the 3rd trimester as far as I can tell from my research. It's scary stuff since they talk of hemorraging and other serious problems but for now, I am just trying not to worry about it too much. I feel that if it's still an issue at my 12/21 u/s appt then I'll just follow the doctor's orders and all will be ok. The beauty of all the technology is that stuff like that is found early and monitored. I've read that if it lasts I may end up on bedrest or even hospital bedrest. I've also read that a C-section must be performed which is what I'm having anyway since both my daughters broke my tailbone on the way out and with twins my OB says it's safer for them. So, I'll take it as it comes. Yes, I'm nervous but again, I'll do anything I'm instructed to do and I just know this was all meant to be after all I've been through so I truly believe all will be ok in the end. Karen



hopeful dc
one more day! how do you feel? I am lightheaded and a little sick in the stomach (no cramps) it may just be my nerves. how its worked for me the past 2 times i got af (my period) the day before i was supposed to take the preg test.
19 years ago when i was preg with my daughter from my 1st marriage i did several preg tests and they all read neg (till i finally had a blood test) the doc said I was preg when I did all those how preg tests. so i'm not sure if i would trust those tests but i will do one anyway tomorrow.. good luck hope its GREAT NEWS.

thanks for the support i'll keep ya posted



hopeful DC - December 7

Wow...thanks ladies for all of the info. I still have not had any significant symptoms. My stomach is a bit nervous, but i think that it because of the metformin that i take 3 times a day. They can do a real number on yah! I had tolerated it for sometime now, but since I have not been able to take my prilosec for my reflux, I have had serious acid indigestion, reflux and very nervous stomach. If I don't eat enough I feel nauseous. I would like to hope that this is related to a BFP, but I can't say it with certainty. The metformin gives you similar symptoms as far as the GI issues are concerned. Well...tickingclock, if you don't hear from me again today, good luck!! My heart keeps pounding as time goes by. I am having tons of anxiety. I think that I will probably have a heart attack either way tomorrow just from the waiting....I will keep you all in my prayers.

-hopeful dc


snindy - December 7

hopeful dc and tickingclock,
keep your mind occupied, the more things you do, the less you will think about the phone call. The time will fly by. I know it's easier said then done but it works. Good luck!



hopeful DC - December 8

Dear Cindy,

Thanks for the advice. I don't think that anything will be able to occupy my mind today. I had my blood draw at 6:50am and I won't hear anything until between 11am and 2pm. My heart is pounding. I feel lightheaded. This is all soo overwhelming. If this does not turn out favorably, I may need to leave work early. I am praying for the best. I hope that I will make it until the phone call. Good luck tickingclock...I will definitely update you guys as soon as I get the results.

-hopeful dc


hopeful DC - December 8

Good News Ladies!! Its positive. My hcg level was 667!!! They said that it could be 1 or 2 and that the level is pretty high. Is this the case? What is a good level? Good luck Tickingclock.....



Thursday the 8th D Day!

Well ladies I did a preg test at 5am this morning

truely am at the end of the rope. Cant take the disappointment anymore.
I will give af till monday if she doesnt come I will call the doctor for a blood test (doubtful I will get any better results from them either) :(

Hopeful DC

I hope you have a better day with good results to share
with us..... gina


hopeful DC - December 8

Dear Gina,

I am sorry for the disappointing news. Are you doing IVF or IUI? I know that this process is extremely challenging and you can feel like you want to throw in the towel...try to relax a bit and if you feel its best, rebuild the strength for another try. You've got us to back you up!! Again, I am sorry for the disappointing news.

-hopeful dc


Karen123 - December 8

Well, this is a mixed reply. I am so thrilled for you hopefulDC and So very sorry tickingclock. This is such a roller coaster ride.

hopefulDC, Take care and keep us posted. I am truly happy for you!

tickingclock, I hope you can somehow get through this difficult time. I am so very sorry and wish you had the results you wanted. Truly, I am sorry. Karen


snindy - December 9

Congrats Hopeful DC,
Now just relax and take it easy. The high numbers could mean twins. I forgot to ask for my numbers, I was so excited about hearing the news, I totally forgot to ask.

Tickingclock, I'm sorry to hear that it was negative but maybe you should get a blood test to be sure.



hopeful DC - December 12

I want to thank everyone for the happy words you have all given me. I had my second blood draw on saturday. My number are Day 12 post transfer-667, Day 14 post transfer 1207. I had another draw this morning and should have those results this afternoon. I hope that these are good numbers and that we see a heartbeat when they do the u/s next week.

Tickingclock, i hope you are okay. my thoughts and prayers are with you for a happy future and a baby.

-hopeful dc


baby4us - December 14

Ticking Clock.. I am so, so sorry to hear about your negative... truly heart wrenching .. I hope you are doing ok... I am thinking of you...

And I too am so conflicted in this post.. I am so happy for HopefulDC -- CONGRATS.. how exciting.. but it makes me so disappointed to think of Gina and I only wish her next try is a successful one...


TICKINGCLOCK - December 17

Hopeful Dc

Congrats that is terrific news!!!!I am so happy for you.

Sorry my post is so late.. As I said our home computer has been down, my husband just picked it up from getting repaired. What day is your sonogram? Maybe you have more than one bundle of joy in there. :)
We were going to give all this a break after this last failed IUI attempt but decided to torture myself one last time.. My doc has me on injectibles this cycle, tomorrow I will have a sonogram to see how many and the size of my follicles. My guess is he will do the IUI one day next week if all goes well. I'd like to join you in your pregnancy journey so keep your fingers crossed for me.

karen, Snidy, and Baby4us

Thanks for the kind words & support it helps during these failed cycles-and gives me strength to try again..



snindy - December 17

Just remember that this could be a long journey. You will have your ups and downs. Some things take longer than others.

When I did insemination, I thought for sure it would take, but on the day I was suppose to go in for the pg test, I got my A/F. First time in my life my period came on time. I was so disappointed and thought for sure this was the end for me.

I gave up, I wasn't even going to think about fertility crap again. A year later my fertility nurse called and asked if I wanted to do a IVF study for women who suffer Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, I wasn't going to do it at first but my husband said don't give up, you never know, this could work. So we saved up some money and went through with it.

The first try was succesful but I lost the babies very early in the pregnacy. I took 3 months off because I was heartbroken and I wasn't even looking forward to the 2nd IVF, I thought why get my hopes up when I know that it won't work. My mind and heart was not into it, but I thought I could do it one more time and if it doesn't work then I will adopt or live my life without kids.

Well, today I'm 10 weeks pg and going strong so far! I would of never thought in a million years this would happen to me, so my message to you and to the others is don't give up! Not everyone will get pg on their first try. Don't beat yourself up over failed IUI or IVF, it's sad and hard to deal with, but you have to think positive.

I wish you the best of luck on your journey,



TICKINGCLOCK - December 18


Thats exactly how I have been feeling... My mind and my heart arent in it anymore. After so many let downs its tough to get excited. You almost become numb to the whole thing, just going through the channels..and preparing your self for the next big let down.
I always say I have a better chance of hitting the million dollar lottery!!! Knowing that others felt the same way & are now blessed with a long awaited pregnancy gives me the strengh for tuesdays 4th IUI attempt. I hope maybe your luck will shine my way.. Keep your fingers crossed for me..
Best of Luck for you during your pregnancy & thanks so much again for giving me some hope..



hopeful DC - December 18

Dear Cindy,

I am sorry that you had to go through soo much to get to this point. Personally, I am a bit relieved, but and still very nervous about the whole thing. I have my sonogram tomorrow to confirm the pregnancy and to see how many fetuses I am carrying. I am soo nervous. I also just found out the my younger sister was pregnant and she is in the process of a miscarriage. She already has two boys and no fertility problems, but the fact that this is the second time that she has had a miscarriage scares me. I makes the possibility soo real to me. I am trying to remain stress free, but this is hard when dealing with my difficult DH. He can sometimes drive me nuts and my patience is very short these days. Now hearing your story adds to the reality of the possibility of a miscarriage. I pray that the babies (if there are two) are both safe and survive all of this craziness.

Gina, my heart is with you. My best friend is also going through this as well. She has had both IUI and IVF. It is also frustrating for her and myself. I wish that all women could just have babies without the drama that comes with IUI and IVF. If you ever need anything, please let us know. I will do my best to keep you guys posted. You guys were there for me during the terrible two week wait. That time period is really torture! Its nice to know that you are not the only one in the world going through such a thing. I am very glad that I found this website and the nice women that post to it. You are all a God send...

-hopeful dc



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