No Symptoms during the 2 week wait???
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Michele - March 21

Snindy: Thanks for the prayers and words of encouragement!!! I see from post that you were successful on your 2nd IVF attempt!! CONGRATS on twins!!! Did you do ICSI with your IVF?? How many embryos did you transfer?? Were they day 3 or day 5 transfers?? Sorry for all the questions!! I'm just curious as to what worked for you & DH!!!


snindy - March 21

I didn't have a fresh transfer. I was chosen to do a frozen transfer. I had 11 frozen embryos. The 1st try, they put in 4 embryos and then they thawd the rest for my 2nd transfer, only 3 made it so they transfered all 3. But it took 5 days to thaw out. So I guess you can say that it was a day 5 transfer.
You don't have to be sorry for all the questions, I'll be happy to answer anything.
But I once was in your boat with the 2ww, I just kept busy and my days went by fast. My signs were my boobs hurt and back was sore just before the pg test. My sense of smell grew stronger. I had a/f type symptoms and I was tired. Most of those signs were gone my 2nd month.

I was one of the lucky ones to not have morning sickness. It's been smooth sailing ever since.
I will be 6 months on Saturday and never thought in a million years I would be pg especially w/ twins so I have hope and faith for you.

Keep us posted


shansy - March 21


What clinic did you go to? I also live in Michigan.



snindy - March 22

I went to IVF of Michigan they are located in Rochester hills. One of the best places to go.



somequestions - April 3


How nice to hear from someone else who went through this.

I may have to go through frozen transfers myself and would love to learn from your experience.

Why did it take 5 days to thaw?

Why did you have to do frozen instead of Fresh?

Were the medications for Fresh and Frozen any different?

How long did you have to wait after the fresh cycle before doing frozen?

How many days did you wait between transfers?

Thanks so much for your answers.


gougha - April 12

Hi, I'm on my 2 ww, and I'm going nuts. I have period like symptoms, is there any way that this is normal? I'm on my first and only IVF, transfered 2 blastocysty embroys, that were great, and I'm just trying to convince myself everyday that I'm not getting my period. I take my pg test on the 17th, seems so far away. Any encouragement with feeling the same as I would be great.



somequestions - April 13


I don't want to bring you down, but it really could go either way.

In the 2ww for my successful IVF cycle, many years ago, I distinctly remember feeling sharp pains down low in my pelvis.

Unfortunately, the latest unsuccessful IVF cycle I also had sharp pains.

Please just listen to the doctors and wait for the Beta, because that is the only way to tell.

In the meantime, be sure to pamper yourself and pick some fun things to do to help keep your mind off of the wait. Some things I would suggest are having strawberries and cream, reading a good book, seeing an exciting movie, or anything else that you might enjoy.

Wishing you luck and a positive


Gds222 - May 1

It is my first week after my trasfer. I had 17 follies, but only 3 fertilized. We trasfer all 3. I'm worry because I don't had any symtoms. Can this be normal? I'm already thinking about my next IVF cycle....:(


ElizabethS - May 2

shansy - I also live in Michigan (grand rapids) and we had our ivf done at Grand Rapids Fertility with Dr. Daly. I think he is the absolute best and he charges about half as much as the other fertility clinics. Good luck


gabywany - May 15

Today I start to feel weird. I am sort of feeling when I am about to get my period I have sort of a pulsating sensation by my belly button. Do any of your experience this? I am sort of going crazy right now with PMS symptoms and am worried.

At the same time I am feeling a bit of nausea and dizziness. Do any of you relate to this?

I can't wait for Thursday so that I can get my pregnancy test.

Please pray for me and baby dust to all of you.



wannababy78 - May 29

Hi, I'm so glad I found this site. I had my second IUI last Thursday(last cycle was BFN >:( ) . On friday I had little cramping and kind of full feeling. I couldn't hold my urine for long. But after Saturday, I don't have any symptoms except bloating. Has anyone on the same situation. My beta is scheduled for next Thursday or I can do HPT. I'm not sure how I'm going to hold until than.


hbrotlvr - May 30

hi everyone!!
Just got off the phone with my ivf coordinator. I had 2 of my 7 remaining embryos grow to blast, they froze them. I had 2 day 3's transferred last thursday. I'm feeling so stressed!!!! I guess I should be glad that I have 2 frozen, but i'm disappointed that only 2 made it. It just scares me that the 2 I had transferred won't make it. I keep trying to think it's not in my hands, I keep praying, but I just feel so scared...upset...nervous...and any other emotion you can think of. I keep feeling like AF is coming. This whole process is like a roller coaster ride, all the ups and downs. Any advice?????


Ana - August 30

hi everyone.
seems am the only one here now...
i am in my 2ww, had my ET last august 25 and so far i havent felt any symptoms at all except that my abdomen is expanding. i am currently on estrogen and progesterone supplements.

i am getting scared and nervous. my sched hcg test is on sept 7 (seems a long way to go).

anybody here who can share same experience and got BFP?


carmen - September 4

I had my transfer last friday 9/1. I have to wait until 9/15. I am on pregesterone capsules that inserted vaginally and I have to inject myself with 1cc of progesterone every night and have estradoil patches that I wearl. I been feeling mild cramps, not signs of blood. My breasts feel normal, no tenderness. I have to go to RE tomorrow. They want to do a blood test to make sure that my body is absorbeing the progesterone. This 2 week wait is killing me.


trababy - March 11

Hi I am at day 10 of 3rd iui and feel absolutely nothing- the last two times I got a lil crampy but not this time. I hate to lose hope with 5 or so days left but I have. I too am going to take off a few months with the Dr's- it is too much- and it is interfering with work some. Hope all is well with everyone and best of luck to all.


MaggieB - January 20

LOL!!!! I'm cracking up here...I'm new to the board and have been seeing the acronym DH (Dear Husband) I thought that DH meant Donor Husband. Hee Hee....



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