No Symptoms during the 2 week wait???
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bass1 - February 9


what a coincidence they had problems putting the catheter in also they had to change it to another one

im just waiting for the 23 feb they do the frist scan three weeks after the 2ww

im happy with one two will be a bonus as i have waited 7 yrs

i will keep you informed

keep in touch



bass1 - February 9


where are you girl

how did the appointment go?

bass xx


Bass - February 9

hello ladies

where is everyone?


hopeful2006 - February 9

hello ladies,

sorry i have been sitting here all day waiting for the computer at work to come back up - we had some problems with the main network and it shut the entire school system down.

So yes i got to see my beautiful baby and we have (1) .. i am on schedule 6 wks 4 days and the heartbeat was 116 beats per/min ... they said everything looked great and told me what meds to take and how long to take them - YEAH i only have to take the Progesterone shots for another 10 days ... but then i have to do the vaginal insertions - yuck - i heard they make you itch and burn...

Everyone at the fertility office was so sweet - they gave me and DH a little gift and said make sure we send pics of baby and let them know the progress ..

We go tomorrow for first high risk OBGyn visit and talk about sewing me up, c-sections and everything else on the list -- i got 3 really good pics of my baby - DH took one and said "that's right baby you are going with daddy" - when we heard the heartbeat he grabbed my hand and was so happy ....

It was very emotional and beautiful and we are just beside ourselves with excitement ...

love ya girls,

China i called you -- either call me back or get on to SJ..



bass11 - February 9


thats excellent news a healthy baby now relax and enjoy the exp

did u manage to ask questions?

what did they say about your heart racing?

im feeling alot better 2day
counting days 2 my scan

love bass


bass1 - February 9


i take the proges vaginally they dont itch a bit messy but they are ok i think you will prefer them to the shots

i take 3 vaginally


hopeful2006 - February 9


no i did not ask any questions DH wanted me to wait until tomorrow b/c we can ask our new dr and get everything cleared up at once ya know. besides i feel really good today - a little bit queazy, but no headache and no dizzy (well just a little bit when i get up too fast, but that is normal).

I am glad to be getting off the shots - and thanks I thought the insterts would cause infection or yeast infection so i am glad that they wont ...

take care


chynnadoll - February 9

SS, Girl it was so good talking to you being able to finally put a voice to my SS :), Carrie, I read your post and I am sitting here with tears in my eyes, I am so happy for you and Dh, I know he is just overjoyed!

I guess we will just be counting down the days until my apt next Friday, seems so far away but it will be here before we know it.

I thank God for this site and all the ladies here, but I really thank him for putting you in my life, I have never talked to anyone from the internet, I would hear people saying they've met people on the net and I'm thinking their crazy, But I know God put you in my life for a reason, and I know we will meet oneday sooner than later!

It is so warm out here, I guess I'm going to join Dh in a nap, But I will be back on in about in hour, look forward to hearing from you soon!

Love Ya, Your SS ;)

Ps: can't wait to see the pic of my lil nephew ;)


hopeful2006 - February 10


Girl I am so jealous = i wish i could get my nap on right about now ...

DH is out with friends "celebrating" he is very joyful over what he saw and heard today and actually is telling people - he is a very quiet person and does not tell people his business, but he is actually sharing his good news with coworkers and he wants me to tell his mom -- i told my mom today for the first time and she was overjoyed. my sister already knew but was sworn to secrecy ..

I totally can feel what you are saying about meeting one another - i feel that everything happens for a reason, but I truly feel that God felt that we both needed support during these trying times b/c it is something that we both desire so much - i know that everything will be fine. but i do suggest that you look around - call everyone close to you or within your local area and just ask questions. be like "Look I do not like the relationship that I have with my dr. b/c i dont' feel that they feel this is as important to them as it is to me and i want to take every precaution necessary and be able to call and talk to someone immediately if i have a question and i want them to act concerned about me and my baby and not just push us off to the next available appt. they should have had you in there this week for blood work, u/s and news meds - stop BS'n before the mess shit up ..

girl don't get me started - i am at work -- ya know i got your back though and i am going to ask my dr if he knows any high risk affiliated dr's in Santa Monica. I will let you know as soon as I do .. you know I got your back,

love ya ,



chynnadoll - February 10

SS, I'm going to get on it first thing Monday morning I promise! Girl I no Dh is overjoyed just like mine it's crazy, just think when we go for the ultrasund next he will probably cry, I'm sure he will!

And he will be just like Henry telling everyone co/workers, family, friends and celebrating with his brothers and dad!

Girl I just keep us both lifted up in prayer, I feel that everything happens for a reason, But I also know that God is good all the time ;)

Your next doc apt is tomorrow right? can't wait to hear from you.

Your right they should be on my shit a lil bit better, but it's all good, I'm going to start checking into things first thang Monday morning.

My mom will be out her the end of this month but I don't think I'm going to tell her until I reach 3 months or get the Cerclage (finally looked it up and no how to spell it) ;) along with the rest of both of our familys!

Well my dear, "Everybody Hates Chris" just came on and the family is waiting on me.

Talk with you soon...Love Ya Your SS

PS: If we miss each other on here, were big time now we can just call each other ;) Holla at me!


bass1 - February 10



hopeful2006 - February 10

mornin bass:

how are you feeling today?? better or the same??

I go today at 12:30 for my 1st high risk Obgyn visit - i have my list of questions, all my records from all the m/c's and pg i have had before and all the surgeries just so i am prepared for anything they throw at me..

China I am going to ask my dr about dr's in Santa Monica don't worry it is on my list.

I will be leaving here around 12:00 and who knows how long this will take, but i will get back on and let everyone know when my surgery is or approximately ..

love ya all,



bass1 - February 10

all the best with the appointment

i feel alot better dont feel the nausia as much cramps have weaned off only get cramps when i walk

im scared 2 sneeze or cough just in case something happens i think im just being silly

ill open my heart out to you im sooooooooooooo nervous that they wont see anything in the scan my tests still come up positive but i still have this general fear

ill be ok if they took blood to see if my hcg levels have gone up but then again i think ihave to be patient only another 13 days till scan

im changing my internet provider so from the 15th feb ill be disconnected fora short time but will have the net back on soon so if i aint online for a while you know why.

Bass xxxx


hopeful2006 - February 10


thanks sweetie -- I got the good news yesterday I can stop the progesterone injections on 2/19 -- Woo Hoo no more needles. My butt hurts :P

OK if i don't see you i won't think you deserted us - lol

Take care ladies,



fiso - February 10

Hopeful2006, I can't wait to know when I'm going to stop the shots. I'm getting sore.

So glad for you that the baby is OK and its little heart is beating fine!!! Can't wait to do that in a couple weeks. It seems that we go from one 2ww to another one!

Got nauseous this mroning.....I thougth about you, you said that it was going to come!

Bass 1, take a deep breath, I understand your concern and fear, but take it easy. It's not good to worry too much. Try to keep yourself busy.
Love to all , Fiso


hopeful2006 - February 10


sorry i may have put the hex on you unintentionally - i actually got sick myself, but not untillike 11;00 last night that was wierd i went to lay down to go to sleep and it was like Woaahh and i had to run to the bathroom - DH was sleeping - I just laughed (his job is done) he was so excited yesterday ..

Trust me that first time you hear the heartbeat is so cool i have done it before, but for some reason thsi baby is so special to us that everything is just so special when it happens..

have to go to dr today too so i get to see my lil angel again = i am excited...

talk to you soon,

y'all pray for my girl China -- I love her to death, but her dr's are not being very supportive - so we need to be her support team ....

GO CHINA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D



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