No Symptoms during the 2 week wait???
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hopeful2006 - February 7

he can take off his regular work, but if they send him to another store to pull someone he has to go -

well i just got sick so your tuna sandwich is making me feel sick just thinking about it - :D

basically there was no food that i got sick with - it was that yellow bile and acid so it burned like hell and my throat still hurts. I need to chew some gum or something.

I know i was thinking about leaving - but i don't want to use up all my leave I still have a long way to go and a lot of dr appts.

i dont know what is up with these headaches, but i seem to get them a lot .

China goes back to dr today to get results - even though we all know she is big time preggo ...


fiso - February 7

Can't wait to hear from China. She has all the PG signs!!!

I'm sick of my stretchy pants!!!!!!! (yoga pants, pants with string at the waist). But it's wayyy tooo early for maternity clothes!

You know the headches may be related to your hormone levels. Your body is going through such a change, it may be only that. It doesn't hurt to call your doc and talk to the nurses. Better that than wait in pain.


hopeful2006 - February 7

Hey SS,

how come i have not heard from you all day ???

I hope all went well at the doctors -- please let me know ...

i am on here and on Messenger, but i am laying down b/c of the headache and being dizzy, but checking my emails frequently ...

My fingers are crossed, but we already know the results.



chynnadoll - February 8

fiso, They just confirmed the BFP that we all already knew ;), Carrie has givin me so much great info, but when I asked my doc things she said do these people have your disorder? I said know but we still have things in common, I will be talking back to her in the morning I need her to put me on the Progesterone shots, the nurse said that I will be put on other meds, but for now the Lovenox injections, pre-natal, asprin and folic acid are all I need right now!

So I'm kind of torn, I have had so many m/cs I'm really scared, everytime I go to the bathroom I pray when I wipe I see no blood, You can't begin to imagine all I have been through!

Enough about me, How are you feelin? Have you had any morning sickness, I have'nt really, thank god!

Guess I'll start cooking dinner now, look forward to hearing from you soon....Love China


bass1 - February 8


what good news we knew u were pergnant so just relax and enjoy the pregnancy

take it easy

when have they asked you in for a scan?

hey carrie one day left let us know how it goes

what you ladies doing today

hey fiso how far into preg are u?

what treatment did u have?

take care ladies

Bass x


fiso - February 8

Hi Chynnadoll. Good to hear the confirmation of your feeling. I'm getting tired of the progesterone routine! But I know it's very useful. DH is a pro at it now!
I understand your fears, even if I had only one m/c. It's always in the back of your mind, even if you really try to keep a positive attitude. Hang in there. This is a long journey until we can hold the little one(s) in our arms. So one step at a time.

Bass1, I have to update my profile, but I received a BFP on Friday. Today was the last blood test to really confirm that the beta numbers are goign the right way.
I had IVF, with Follistim, Menopur, and now the progesterone shots. I stopped the estradiol last week.
I don't feel sick, jsut soem lower belly pain once ina while. My boobs hurt...! But no morning sickness this time. I was very nauseous last time. But I'm tired and and hungry!

Hopeful2006, I hope your headaches will go away soon. Did you check with your doc to see if it was normal? Get plenty of rest.

Wishing a good day to all. FIso



hopeful2006 - February 8

hello ladies,

bass, I am doing much better today the headache subsided around 5:30 last night so i have just been eating fruit and watching my sweets intake because sugar has always give me headaches.

I am going to talk to dr on Friday and yes we are really excited about tomorrow we get to see our little baby and DH does not have to leave - i am so happy he will be there .

china girl I emailed you a few pages on the progesterone information to your yahoo address. Also I just joined the WHAT TO EXPECT WHILE EXPECTING ONLINE - it is an awesome website. I will send the link to you guys - very informative stuff ..

fiso - i know the feeling - i am sick and tired of being poked every night - i don't have a place on my hips that don't hurt . We are on the exact same regimen I got pg with Follistim, Menopure, Estradiol, Progesterone, baby aspirin, folic acid and prenatal vitamin regim every day. Why are you stopped on Estradiol - my RE has not told me to stop yet i am not even sure what exactly that med does ... good luck with your numbers and I did not start getting sick until just last week so don't count your blessing yet -- ;D

talk to you soon ladies - have a blessed day



fiso - February 8

You made me laugh Hopeful 2006!!! Looking forward to feeling nauseous then! But I'm ready, I have my ginger chews, and they work great for me!
I don't know why I was supposed to stop the Estradiol, but I stopped on Friday after they found out the BFP. So, I hope they know what they are doing!
Do you do the massage and the hot steam compress after the progesterone shot? It really helps. I have bumps now, they are clumps of olive oil that has not been diffused in my body. The doc doesn't seem to be concerned about that.

I'm exicted for you for tomorrow. So gald that your DH can come with you. After all you went through, this is not something to miss.


hopeful2006 - February 8

Oh yeah, I forgot to go get my ginger chews - I actually have an Asian Market right around the corner from my house so i will try to go this weekend - i have to work the rest of this week so i can't go until Sat...

Hmmmm,, that makes me wonder why i am still taking these pills-no big deal they are just little teeny green pills, but i just hope they did not forget to tell me to stop ya know ..

How long do you think we have to continue these Progesterone shots -- yes I do the massage, but still have sore spots.. I sit on an ice bag for 20/30 minutes before the shot and don't feel a thing, plus DH is really good at it . I was scared to death when I looked at the size of that needle - way different than the ones I was giving myself.

bass - you should try the ginger chews fiso swears by them and you have been quite sick lately ....

china -- girl get yo butt on here so we can chat about your dr visit today ..

talk at ya later,


Bass - February 8

hello ladies

nice to hear we are all ok

i have never heard of ginger chews that new to me i dint think they have themm in england

so glad your hubby will be making it tommorrow its a special time keep us informed

i feel sorry you have to take these proges shots i really do,

i have to insert a 3/4 inch pessary vaginally alot easier than the shots they are messy but id rather take them
i was told to stop at 13 weeks pregnant
ialso take 8 eostragen tabs they are ok to.

i was injecting 4 amps (bottles) a day i think thats why i overstimulated twice i thought iwas going to die i couldnt breath my stomach had turned rock solid
they had to hospitalise me
all the wait was worth it

what you ladies up to today


hopeful2006 - February 8

why was your stomach hard as a rock ? is that because your ovaries were over=extended - wow that must have really hurt - im sorry you had to go through that ..

tell you what - give me your address and I will mail you a package of ginger chews they are all over the place down here and if you are as sick as you say then you need them..

today i am just working both jobs - i had off two days from night job so i am feeling ok - still tired, but that is just b/c i am pg. I have my list of questions for dr tomorrow ..

take care


Bass - February 8


my overaries had produced so much fluid it had leaked towards my lungs they were going to put a drain in i asked if they could give me a few days which they did with drugs it eventually settled.

the nausia is moderate at moment if i do get worser ill send you over my address thanks for the offer i appreciate it

i can try ginger biscuits i just seen on a website

you raelly need to cut down on the work you aint a robot madam,
see what dr says tommorrow, i hope u have 2 bundles of joy make sure u get a picture of the scan



hopeful2006 - February 8

ok well i am here and they are not hard to get if you need them.

no way - we only want one big healthy bundle of joy - b/c of my incompetent cervix it would be very difficulty to carry 2 babies ..

I know about the work, but just for a few more months = like through May I am gonna do as much as I can b/c this money is for the baby

talk to you soon,


bass1 - February 8


fair enough one healthy baby will you be talking about the stich?????

ok dont over do yourself you do want a baby to spend the money on take it in your stride

when you get home let them all at home baby you.

hows your sickness??
and cramps??

bass :D


hopeful2006 - February 8

DH is great - once I am home - there is nothing i can do for myself .. i am to sit and relax with my feet up.

Nausea did not happen today , but did yesterday pretty badly, today just have a very strange feeling like my heart is pounding out of my chest - I have it on my list of questions for the RE tomorrow .. after the dizziness and headache yesterday just want to make sure nothign is out of wack.

No cramps anymore they are gone . I still get that little bit of pressure under my rib cage, but i think that is a gas bubble for sure.



snindy - February 8

If your sick all the time, maybe your wish of having a boy is going to come true...... Don't quote me but all my friends who were sick during pregnancy all had boys.

Are you going to find out?

Ginger is really good for you. I know if you can't get those pills, they have an herb called ginger root, they are used for morning sickness, digestive problems, safe during pregnancy for treating colds, sore throats and congestion.

I also have a list of herbs you have to avoid during pregnancy, some of them I never heard of, but one stuck out. Nutmeg: If you take it in large doses, it can cause miscarriage.




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