No Symptoms during the 2 week wait???
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bass1 - February 6

morning carrie

thanks for advice my DH is always saying your squashing the baby and lie on your back but i cant change habbit

the older child dont they work???? or study i know the youngest must be at school so you must get some peace in the house

you of 2 work today?

hows the PREGNANCY coming along not long left till scan have your symptoms eased

chat soon

bass xx


hopeful2006 - February 6


yes i think the baby will be fine until the point you can sleep on your tummy anymore, but then just yourself a pillow and put it between your legs and sleep on your side, but that is way down the line.

as for kids - 15 year old goes to school, but then straight home at least until softball season starts so she is there from 3:00 on if i were to be home.

19 year old does roofing and construction - he barely goes to work sometimes b/c of weather and other times b/c his boss who he rides with is not working that day - so whatever as long as he gets paid and can pay his portion of bills ... but he is also usually home a lot during the week ..

so no i really will not have much rest ...

pg is going great - not sick anymore at least throwing up and actually not even queazy that much - however every time i eat i feel like my ribs are going to burst. i get a really bad pain under my rib cages...

take care



hopeful2006 - February 6


hey girl - i tried to hook up the Yahoo Messenger on my work computer but these fools blocked it .. oh well i still will be on here.

Please call me as soon as you get back from the RE's office, let me know what your beta levels are - I am so excited for you -- also let me know what they said about Dr. Miller's advice ;D



chynnadoll - February 6

Hey SS, I'm back finally, I had to wait for over an hour for them to draw my blood, I don't see a RE as of yet, I don't know if I will, I have to find out, the only thing they did today was take a blood test I guess just to confirm that I am p/g.

I did'nt see my doc, I forgot to tell you I ALWAYS have to go to the hospital to have my labs done, because NO ONE in the ob clinic can EVER get my blood, it has always bee like this!

I go to a high risk clinic, I start there automatically because of my history, I will get the results tomorrow, even though I already them, then I guess I will have to go back in this week for the count, mind you it cost 8 bucks to park everytime I go to the main hospital, and about 5 bucks when I go to the clinic, not that it really matters!

My breast are so sore I can't sleep on my stomach at night, Dh said today why are we going to the doc today, I told him oh just more blood work, because he knows the run alot of test on me, Poor Dh I guess I just need to tell him sooner or later, but he is going to get on my nerves, don't eat this, don't drink that, don't lay on your stomach.

This would be his first so he just gets excited as hell!

Enough about me, how you feelin today? Did the pain leave from under your rib cage? I think that's gas, I get the worst pains in the world, I told you I've had to go to the emergency behind them! Are you working on getting the doc note to have your Saturdays off? You need to be able to rest on the weekends if at all possible!

And last night you were asking me about Florida, we went on vacation to Orlando in I think July 03, My mom loved Florida, so she flew out there in December 03 by herself and picked out alot and had a brand new home built by August of 04, so the girls and I left with her July 04 to November 04 and we came back, since then my uncle moved there, so I have my mom looking for us a home now so We can get out of here this year hopefully by summer, My family is in Tampa, so Tampa here we come!

Hope to hear from you soon, Love Your SS ;)


hopeful2006 - February 6

WHAT .. that is ridiculous .. they could have done the pg test, the beta test and the progesterone levels all one blood test .. do I have to drive to CA and tell these dr's what to do - dang they are gonna cause problems if they don't get on top of your pg immediately b/c you need those progesterone shots or at least the Estradiol patch or pills ..

stupid idiots - you are already six weeks b/c i will be six weeks this thursday - they could have done a damn sonogram and seen the baby -- Girl they are idiots ...

have to pee.. be right back.


hopeful2006 - February 6

girl , you and me are in the same boat - my breasts hurt so bad I can't even like cross my arms without cringing and I tell you what I don't know what the hell is going on, but not one single pair of my jeans fit anymore - it is way way too soon to be gaining weight so i think it is the progesterone shots making me bloat up so bad like i am already 5 months or something =- but i am so upset b/c it is like i don't have no clothes except what I call "fat people" clothes from before I lost my 45 pounds and now i have to go find whatever is left b/c i donated everything to good will.

I sleep on my stomach - why your DH say not to do that? tell me if I am doing something wrong - I really sleep like on my side but with one leg up = that is how i have slept my whole life and i don't think i could even change to sleep on my back...

Tell Him girl - you know he wondering what up and you know you are pg -- what are you going to tell him when they do the sonogram and he sees his little baby - oops I forgot to tell you -- ha ha ha ha ha....


chynnadoll - February 6

I hate to think negative, but God forbids anything happens to this baby they will have hell to pay! I called and spoke to my docs nurse this morning and she said lets get the results back from test tomorrow and we will get you going and on everything you need, I guess because they have a negative urine test, which is still dumb as hell!

Yeah Dr. Miller I might need you to fly or drive out here to teach these assholes something :)!

Now once I get these results tomorrow, THEY BETTER GET ON IT! I have a long ass list for them plus all the good info you have givin me, I ain't playin with these people about my baby! And did I mention I'm at one of the top hospitals in the country, they fly people there from all over the world, I see it on the news and read it in the paper!

If it takes me a minute to write back Dh is here he has worked 5 days in a row 12 hour shifts from 6pm to 6am, usually he works 2 off 2 and every other weekend, but he wants to buy me a new truck and were trying to buy a home, I told him he's doin to much right now, he's suppose to work tonight and tomorrow night too! that's seven days in a row, that's too much! I think I'm going to get him to call off tonight, his eyes are even red, he needs to rest.

Holla back at me, I will be home for about an and a half before I leave to pick up the girls! Your SS


hopeful2006 - February 6

hey girlfriend,

damn right you need to get them on their J O B. Best hospital (my ass) they need some lessons from Shady Grove Fertility - they are awesome and don't miss a beat.

I am off work sweetie - so i am on my way home - DH is off tonight so we get to actually see each other.

Oh and let me tell you He has been like a new man every since well you know what happened on Saturday . I guess sometimes you got to let them know stop the BS and get back on track. He is being great - he went to the grocery store and is cooking dinner and was like what do you want from the store that you are craving and he is being really sweet .. now i don't know whether that is all just to make me shut up or he realized he does have it good ..

I will be on Yahoo Messenger in like 30 minuts - I know you are busy so you do what you got to with your family I understand ..

Talk to you soon,
Carrie SS


chynnadoll - February 6

I ain't nothin wrong with sleepin or your stomach, I did it almost the whole nine months with my oldest, people who don't know swear your hurting the baby, that baby will let you know what's comfy and what ain't!

Girl what's up with these extra sore boob's? Now if those shots are putting that much weight on you, that's going to be hard, I acn't afford to gain too much weight, Remember I ain't lost my baby fat from 16 years ago ha ha ha ha, 4 real! I gained like 70-80 lbs when I was p/g with her! How did you lose 45lbs? share that with your sista?

You better go to ross and buy a few things, oh old navy has the cutest maternity clothes, AND THERE 25% off til 2/11, did I tell you I'm kind of a shopaholic ??? ???! One thing nice for me I can wear my clothes and just unbutton my pants, and buy some big tops!

Know I think I will tell Dh this week, I just wanted to get past 3 months, since we have'nt in so long! I don't know what to do, I know how to deal with it because I'v had so many m/cs, but he it rips him apart, he blames hisself for everything, I just have to pray over it, I'm not tellin the girls until I get to like 6 months, I don't need it messing with there emotions, my oldest does'nt want me to have any more until she goes to college next year because she knows she won't be able to shop every weekend!She just got some $100 tenni shoes last week, and asked for some $100+ jordans for valentines day, I have to stop spoiling them, It's getting to be a problem, Dh won't say a word!

Help your SS....Love Ya


chynnadoll - February 6

Yeah he knows he got a good thing, sometimes we got to put them in there place, big time! That is so sweet he's being sweet :), I can tell he's a good guy, just to nice like my Dh, when is his b-day? Kevins is December!

I'll be on messenger in a little bit, talk with you soon, your SS!


fiso - February 6

Hi there. Sorry to barge in your conversation, just wanted to add something about the progesterone shots. I have gained weight with these. I haven't been able to wear non stretchy pants since I started taking the shots. It's easy for me because I work from home but when I go out, I have to try a bunch of pants to find one that I can unbotton discretly under the table ! It's crazy.

Just got the results of my second blood test, the numbers are looking great!!!!! One more Wednesday and I will feel better. I've been soooo tired and hungry. I have a hard time sleepignon my side too, foget about sleeping on the belly (my favorite position), my boobs hurt too much. See, same symptoms as you!

Take it easy. :)


hopeful2006 - February 7


glad to know i am not the only one who feels ridiculously to big for just being 6 wks pg.. i have absolutely one pair of jeans left that will fit. i have moved on to my dress pants b/c they have like stretch waist, but this is really upsetting me b/c i lost a lot of weight and now i feel like i am almost back to where i was since my clothes won't fit. I know i am not up that much, but it just feels like i am huge.

yeah i know boobs are killin me too and my sides aches from under my ribs all the way down sometimes so i have to sleep on my side.

I go Thursday for my sonogram - DH and I are very excited to see our little baby even though we know we have a long way to go ..

I am so happy for you and your numbers that is a wonderful sign .... i am so happy .. it looks like there are going to be a lot of October babies this year.



bass1 - February 7

hello ladies

how was your day yesterday?
china have you got your results back wish you all the best please let us know

carrie i bet you cant wait for these two day to go quicker

your a week ahead of me i shall be 5 weeks pregnant thursday

me yourself and china will have babies hopefully in the same week how wonderful

im feeling quite nausious at moment i sent DH late out as i wanted strawberry cheesecake hagan daaz ice cream didnt feel like it when he came home though

what a lovely valentines pressie you will give your husband a picture from the scan

once i see the heart beats i know the both of us will braek down and cry because it really hasnt hit me yet even though i did another test this morning and it was a positive.

what you ladies doing today my family wont let me out of bed so im watching dvd's, telly reading watching people outside im being very cautious

chat 2 you soon

love bass


hopeful2006 - February 7

hey bass,

good morning to you. I am having a terrible morning - I woke up at around 2:00 a.m. with a horrible headache and I have had it every since and I am really dizzy and off balance and extremely nauseaus.

I am at work and just ate some toast, but feel really horrible - hopefully all this will pass before hours pass especially the headache - I took 2 tylenol at 2:00 a.m. and took two more at 8:00 a.m. I can't take anything else and don't know why i have this horrible headache.

You are right I can't wait to see this littly guy - and I know that DH and I will both cry - except now he is tellin me that he may have to go out of town on business and might miss it =- I understand, but will be upset if he misses it the first time ya know . and I know he will be too ..

talk to you soon,


bass1 - February 7

isnt there no way he can take time of work?
im sure he can pull a sickie

you might be getting the headaches bcuz your dehydrated top up on fluids

ijust had a tuna sandwich and now i feel funny

are you ok 2 take meds whilst preg?
if youwere that bad you should have stayed home

any news on china?



hopeful2006 - February 7

he can take off his regular work, but if they send him to another store to pull someone he has to go -

well i just got sick so your tuna sandwich is making me feel sick just thinking about it - :D

basically there was no food that i got sick with - it was that yellow bile and acid so it burned like hell and my throat still hurts. I need to chew some gum or something.

I know i was thinking about leaving - but i don't want to use up all my leave I still have a long way to go and a lot of dr appts.

i dont know what is up with these headaches, but i seem to get them a lot .

China goes back to dr today to get results - even though we all know she is big time preggo ...



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