No Symptoms during the 2 week wait???
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chynnadoll - February 5

Carrie, I'm going to ask my mom did she have twins and give a baby up(lol) I am an only child.

Even though the doc has not told me as of yet anything about not having sex, I don't give a damn I ain't done it, I'm not taking any chances on losing my blessing again.

I sent you a instant message on here let me know if you got it, it had my e-mail address in it.

Now this b**** what's up with her? Have all you gone out before? The number one question I should be asking is does she have a man? Not that that really matters, Let me be clear Dh, Dd and this B**** went out? Yeah I would be pissed off!

I always say a man will be a man, but damn it don't disrespect me, I have a very low tolerence now in my life for any Bull****, from anyone!

I always tell him do unto me as you want me to do unto you! What he want you hangin out with some guy you work with? Just like my Dh (and not dear husband more like Damn Husband) he had a FEW pictures of some chick at his job, I thought he lost his mind I went off on him so bad and threw my cell phone I felt like I was going crazy.

I feel like I have invested to much in this relationship to give it up, But I will, I have before when your younger this shit is whatever but I'm gettin older and I have girls that look up to me, I have to be a roll model to.

You or I can not deal with any bull**** or stress right now and they NO that, it is so much more I want and need to tell you, let me know if you got the e-mail address if not I will send it again.

And Dd needs to stop trippin, you will be there for her before that b**** will, let me stop before I get started.

Waiting to hear back from you.....Your SS


chynnadoll - February 5

Bass, I did'nt have any treatment, I was going to start Clomid this month, but I did'nt have to thank god! Getting p/g was never really my problem. keeping the baby and not having a miscarriage has always been my problem, I form blood clots in my placenta, so I have been on injections since 10/05.

Have you tryed to eat crackers? or drink some ginger ale or 7-up? That would help me sometimes, hope you feel better.....China


hopeful2006 - February 5


boy do we need to talk -- i am telling you right now shit better change .. i am not dealing with this for the next 8/9 months -- i am not going to put up with this shit.

No i did not get your email -- where would i look if i did?


chynnadoll - February 5

Carrie, I just read your post to Bass, please don't get depressed :(, that will make me sad, just think about that baby and that will bring a smile to your face, just remember all we have gone through to get to this point!

I'm ALWAYS here for you, we can exchange numbers, addersses, e-mail whatever I'm here, get some rest and I be checking back in a few, hope to hear from you later, if not you know I understand, were sisters of course you do.

Last but not least, don't you worry when you go to the bathroom? Everytime I wipe I pray theres no blood!

Love Ya, your ss


chynnadoll - February 5

remember you sent me that instant message? when you first login at the bottom of the page I believe it says instant message and it should have a number 1,2 etc click on the number, let me no!


bass1 - February 5



keep your mind set on the little miracle you are carrying dont stress just think that in 8 months time your little miracle will be in your arms.

same for you carrie jsut think of the struggle we have had to get to this

Bass xxx


hopeful2006 - February 5


thanks so much for the support - i am no way out of the woods. i still have to go through going to a high risk OB and then I have to get sewn up and then who knows what they are going to tell me to do after that .

I had a pretty stressful day yesterday and need to take my butt to church to release the anger and frustration that I am feeling towards DH and DD...

I need to learn how to speak up and stop trying to please everybody - basically i need to tell them if you don't like what i have to say too bad ....

I hope you are feelin better - i slept great - no pain in my sides this time - just some nasty gas shots under my rib cage ..

talk to you soon,.


bass1 - February 5


yes you go and release some of that tension and stand up to themyou are human after all.

what do they do when you get sewn?

i havnt heard of it is that because your pregnant through ivf what does the procedure involve

i wouldnt let anyone near down there just incase something happened

chat to you later


hopeful2006 - February 5

well i did it ... i released everything i had - i let him have it - i did not care what anyone thought or felt - and it actually went over quite well. i don't know if anything actually is resolved, but at least my feelings on certain subjects are known.

As for me being sewn it is called a (Sercloge) probably spelled wrong and it is not because of the IVF so don't get scared . It is because my last m/c was due to me having an incompetent cervix meaning that my cervix cannot handle the weight of the baby once the baby reaches 10 weeks or so and my cervix opens and i actually go into labor and deliver the baby. I delivered my daughter at 17 weeks and she weight a little over 1lb.

So they are going to go in and sew up my cervix so that it does not open on its own - it is a fairly easy procedure and I get an epidural so that I don;t feel anything and it is not dangerous for the baby ..

how are you feeling this morning/?


bass1 - February 5


good for you at least you got the message through

as for the sew if it means you can carry full term go for it

today i feel fine not as nausious as yesterday i had some cramping abot 2pm UK time but it has settled as iwent to sleep

the pain is bearable i dont take anything for it its gone now but im still bloody worried

were you still getting cramps after your preg test and for how long and have they completely gone?

i still have to insert 3 pessaries a day and i also take 8 eostrogen tabs thats for 13weeks

what else have you been upto today

Bass xx


hopeful2006 - February 5


yes that means i get to carry full term (at least I hope to God) ... i know that might mean bed rest for a few months, but so be it that is what i will do.

I swear though i don't thik that i could be in the house stuck in bed with these two lazy kids (15 and 19) that act like they are 3 and 4. sometimes i wonder if this baby i am having will really have two older siblings. they are really tiresome and getting on my every last nerve.

i find myself wanting to go to work so i can get away from this house and all the drama.

i am so glad you are feeling better - i actually have n ot been nauseaus but one time this week so i am really excited that i might not be sick this time and i also think it is a boy, b/c with my daughter i was sick a lot..

well going to get KFC for the superbowl.... take care and enjoy your evening.


chynnadoll - February 5

Bass, I'm trying not to stress or worry, but it's hard, I need to do like Carrie and take my butt to church!

How are you feeling? Have you been able to eat anything?

Tomorrow I go for my blood work, I'm going to let them have at the docs office, they should have givin me a blood test to make sure I was'nt p/g before putting me back on Provera. I've done research and it says if you take Provera during the first four months it can cause birth deffects!

So I'm just praying for God to protect my angel!

Talk with you soon....China


chynnadoll - February 5

Where is my SS? Holla at me! ;)


bass1 - February 6



all the best with the blood test im sure all will be ok prayers with you

all i eat is for breakfast is tea and toast and then i dont eat till 6pm and then i had a bite from a pie i feel more nausious in the evening.

carrie and china

i sleep on my stomach i always have do you think its harmful to the pregnancy i try not to

i had a few cramps yesyerday but they have gone well they go away when i sleep or relax.

im still on bed rest i havnt left the house i wouldnt like 2 jepordise it
huby does it all for me i love and thabk him 2 bits.

to both of you if your doctor requires you 2 have bed rest i strongly reccomend it thats if you can afford to stay at home financially, let them treat to like a queen
after all you are carrying his baby or babies.

ill chat 2 you later once your awake have a nice day ladies.

Bass xxxxx


hopeful2006 - February 6


I will be compensated so the money is not a problem if i get bed rest that means i will be stuck and at everyone's mercy - I like to be on the go and I like to work b/c i don't like being around the teenage drama that i live in 19 & 15 is like living in hell sometimes, especially the girl =- I hope to God I am having a boy this time ....

I am so glad your cramps stopped - just if they start up see where they are try to make yourself comfortable and then don't get back in the position that hurt you. Like if I sit on my knees and lean over - i get that really bad pain in my right side - so I don't do that anymore.

I sleep on my stomach like with one leg kicked out which is how i have always slept - i don't think i could ever sleep on my back, except of course when i am huge and don't have a choice.

take care and have a wonderful day


bass1 - February 6

morning carrie

thanks for advice my DH is always saying your squashing the baby and lie on your back but i cant change habbit

the older child dont they work???? or study i know the youngest must be at school so you must get some peace in the house

you of 2 work today?

hows the PREGNANCY coming along not long left till scan have your symptoms eased

chat soon

bass xx



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