No Symptoms during the 2 week wait???
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bass - February 4

just out of curiosity how much did you pay for a cycle of ivf including drugs
in england its £3000 and for a frozen cycle its £800



hopeful2006 - February 4


sounds just like me - i don't have the pain hardly at all anymore since i cut out all soda, sugar and caffiene.

the nausea has gone down a lot as well - that is why i think i am having a boy - when i was pg with my daughter who i m/c at 5 mos i got sick every day - this time around i feel ok - just a little bit sick every now and then.

I dont' know how much it is - i was blessed and my health insurance covered everything - i think it was near 15,000, but i am not sure ...

talk to you soon,


hopeful2006 - February 4

hey girlriend,

i tried to stay up and wait for you to come back online, but i was sleepy and started falling asleep at midnight - DH went out with friends last night so I was basically home alone - i was a little bit pissed off about that b/c he knows i can't go out to smokey places and i definitely can't drink so i kinda yelled at him and said so is this how it is going to be "me home fat and pg and you out having fun??" and he said NO. He explained to me that he really does not go out much, which he really doesn't. He is a Manager at K-mart and has 4 stores to run so he works like 6 days a week 15 hours a day so he does not have a lot of free time and i understand he needs down time, but he is also going out tonight with my DH and a friend to the movies b/c i have to work. Anyway, no big deal I won't be here sitting here bored or anything like that- but i had to vent for a second.

He also explained to me that the whole "abstenence" ordeal is killing him, but he understands why, but he would rather go out and have a few drinks and relax with his boys than me think he was messing around. TRUE b/c i would have to kill him especially after all that we went through to get this pg. Trust me I understand the whole "no sex' thing - I am frustrated too - it has been 2 months and i have another 8 to go probably b/c once i get stitched up that is all she wrote for me.

Sorry TMI, but i just had to vent ..

I feel great this a.m. - have to leave for work at 9:30 - UGGGHHHHH ::)

I am going to quit working Saturdays as of next Sat. I can't take this level of work much more ..

HOw are you feeling today?? how is that little baby? So you did not tell me have you been feeling sick or anything. My thing right now is the fatigue - I am totally exhausted and this pg is taking everythign out of me . i had forgotten how much the 1st trimester drained you.

Well have to go wash up for work - i will be checking my email at work all day so hope to see you soon,



bass - February 4


are youworking? you should stay home and relax,
let everyone faff over you

so what do you do?

i work as a legal advisor for the citizen advice bureau and i have told them iwant 5weeks of work if neeed be ill take longer.

as you mantioned above my hubby has gone out i have let him he will only pester me when he comes home from work at 6pm he sits with me in bed untill i fall asleep he works hard as a manager of a chocolate factory so i allow him times with the boys

when you had the scan did they mention multiple sacs?



hopeful2006 - February 4


yes i am actually at work right now. ijust talked to my boss and told him i did not want to work 6 days a week anymore and would like to drop sat's, that did not go over well b/c sat is a very busy day -- so he told me to pick another day through the week to drop - so i will drop thursday night - so i will work tuesday, wednesday, friday and saturday and be off on Sunday and Monday and Thursday .. that might be ok - b/c on Thursday I can vegg and get ready for the next two days.\

Of course if my doctor says quit - i will quit - it is a PT job. I work as a telemarketer for Direct Buy here in Washington. I also work full time 5 days a week for montgomery county public schools as a Payroll Assistant. So i do work a lot of hours, but the jobs are not like standing or lifting - i am usually on the phones most of the time.

I only saw one sac, thank God - i thik though it can stillsplit so i don't know - we will see how many heartbeats there are on Thursday,

take care,


Bass - February 4

all the best to everyone on the 2ww


Bass - February 4


was this a fresh cycle or did u have a frozen cycle



hopeful2006 - February 4


it was fresh -- 3 day transfer of 3 embies -- one grade 8, one grade 5 and one grade 4 ...

this was our first attempt and got it = we were really really surprised and rally really happy ..

i am so sleepy right now all i want to do is crawl in bed - but i still have 2 more hours to work .. YUCK :(


chynnadoll - February 4

Carrie, you did'nt give up TMI that's what I'm here for, Ok you said it's been 2 months and you have 8 more to go? 8 more what, days or months? I'm sure it has something to do with IVF or IUI which I'm sorry I know nothing about it ???

I'm scared to have sex, in the past I've started bleeding after sex while p/g and soon after a m/c happened, also a couple times I woke up in a pool of blood, so poor Dh might not be gettin nothin for a long time, it's all a sacrafice, so I'll ask him baby or sex which shall it be(lol).

Did your doc say anything about the circolog???(getting sewn up) I will ask mine about it next week because I see I have to stay on top of everything myself.

That would be nice Carrie if you could have the weekends off to rest, especially the first 3 months. I see you Dh works alot like mine, he works from 6pm to 6am plus he gives his self an hour and a half to get to work because it's traffic and usually he gets home in about 30 minutes so he's gone like 15 hours aday also.

We don't really go out to much with out each other, but I'm with you I'm not sitting up in a smoked filled room, so I guess he'll start going out with his brothers sometimes, I just don't want any trust issues because there have been som in the past :(.

As for how I'm feeling, I'm good, I feel alittle sick to my stomach, I'm not really tired or anything but my behind is getting greedy, wanting any and everything I'm not going to start that I don't want to gain alot of weight, with my oldest daughter I gained almost 70- 80lbs, rememeber I was sixteen, did'nt tell anyone and thought I had to eat for 2, even when I was full I would think let me eat the baby might be hungry, poor me just was young and silly!

Well miss lady I'm going to get some frosted flakes and take my vitamins and hope to hear from you soon....Your SS...China


bass1 - February 4

hello ladies

i just got a BFP 2 days ago and i really nausious quite bad i dont feel like any food at all has this happened to anyone.

chynnadoll how farinto pregnancy are you if u dont mind me asking



chynnadoll - February 4

Bass, How are you and welcome :), congrats on your BFP :), I'm not exactly sure how far I am, I just a BFP a couple days ago, I will be going to the docotor Monday, my last period was 12/23/05 so I'm just a few weeks, Carrie and I are probably due days apart!

I hope and pray all goes well with you and us as well.
Look forward to hearing from you, Take Care and don't worry, everything will be fine......China


Bass - February 4

hello china
i got my results 2 days also but i had a frozen cycle ihad 2 embies put back they were frzen at 7 cells and thawed excellent they had got 2 the next stage jsut before blast.

iwas 4 weeks on thurs

feeling very sick cant get myslf 2 eat

what treatment did u have?
i see u have 2 daughters thats good to hear

im 27 and dh is 31 this is my 4th attempt at ivf i suffer from pcos


where you hiding carrie have you snuggled of to bed


hopeful2006 - February 4


OMG are you sure either my mom or your mom did not have twins and just not tell us...

Yes I cannot have sex b/c of the incompetent cervix. Last time I did not know about my problem and we had sex and I think it contributed to my m/c b/c i lost her 3 days later - i know that it was not all about having sex, but it was more me not knowing that my cervix was opening and she was coming anyway.

So dr said no sex and I said no problem b/c i am doing whatever it takes this time around to keep this little guy inside and healthy. As for DH we have ways of helping him out or he can do whatever he needs to do and if does not understand too bad. I am not very happy with him right now.

It just seems like every time i turn around he is going out or "hangin" like today he goes out with my DD and a friend that happens to work with him - who i can't stant b/c the little b*** is constantly stuck up his ass, but he says it is nothing - oh well - whatever happens will happen - i figure if a man wants to go they will and at this point 14 years out of my life if he wants to go then go. And of course my DD is eating it up b/c she gets to go out to the movies and dinner and be the little spoiled b*** that she is as well. So they are bonding and she has a new friend so this new friend is her friend, but also his friend who i hate and they just happen to go to the movies and go out to eat together b/c of my DD -- BULL SHIT .. do i look like i was born yesterday - she wants him, but he is to damn dumb to see it. We have had issues in the past and I really truly don't have the energy nor the desire to deal with it anymore.

As for my pg -= I am very emotional and stressed right now also very irritable so I apologize for anything I say that might be out of line for this forum.

China _ I think we need to do more one on one emails if you don't mind -- I don't want the whole world knowing my life issues.

So let me know your real email and we can email each other anytime one on one..

Take care and enjoy your frosted flakes - I have to figure out what to eat by myself since DH and DD went out with Big B**** ..



hopeful2006 - February 4


no not sleeping - i just came home and laid in bed and vegged for a while - DH and DD just got home so now I am up and to be honest i really just want to be alone.

This pg is very emotionally crazy - i am up and down a lot and even depressed at times. hormones boy what a bitch...

I am not nauseas much anymore, but that is not to say that it will not come back.

try dry crackers - toast and lots and lots of liquid.


bass1 - February 4


you need to relax dont stress yourself out

listen its late here 10.45pm im off to bed well i have been in bed allday so ill chat 2 you ladies tomorrow its so nice to chat 2 people in the same boat as me.

have you told people that your pregnant i have only told my mom and best friend i will tell the inlaws after my scan as i dont want 2 raise hopes.

take care ladies

bass xxxx


chynnadoll - February 5

Carrie, I'm going to ask my mom did she have twins and give a baby up(lol) I am an only child.

Even though the doc has not told me as of yet anything about not having sex, I don't give a damn I ain't done it, I'm not taking any chances on losing my blessing again.

I sent you a instant message on here let me know if you got it, it had my e-mail address in it.

Now this b**** what's up with her? Have all you gone out before? The number one question I should be asking is does she have a man? Not that that really matters, Let me be clear Dh, Dd and this B**** went out? Yeah I would be pissed off!

I always say a man will be a man, but damn it don't disrespect me, I have a very low tolerence now in my life for any Bull****, from anyone!

I always tell him do unto me as you want me to do unto you! What he want you hangin out with some guy you work with? Just like my Dh (and not dear husband more like Damn Husband) he had a FEW pictures of some chick at his job, I thought he lost his mind I went off on him so bad and threw my cell phone I felt like I was going crazy.

I feel like I have invested to much in this relationship to give it up, But I will, I have before when your younger this shit is whatever but I'm gettin older and I have girls that look up to me, I have to be a roll model to.

You or I can not deal with any bull**** or stress right now and they NO that, it is so much more I want and need to tell you, let me know if you got the e-mail address if not I will send it again.

And Dd needs to stop trippin, you will be there for her before that b**** will, let me stop before I get started.

Waiting to hear back from you.....Your SS



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