No Symptoms during the 2 week wait???
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hopeful2006 - February 3


what was the result ????????????????????

anxiosly waiting ,Carrie


hopeful2006 - February 3

fiso :

i did not mean to send those horrible negative faces - I think it is b/c i put a bunch of ? after my sentence .. sorry :) ;) ;D


bass - February 3


do you still suffer from any pain cramps etc



hopeful2006 - February 3

yes i actually went into the dr's office yesterday b/c my right side was paining really bad and i was worried that i had a cyst or something. it is like if i am laying down and move from one side to the other from like my stomach over to the other side i get a really bad spasm in like where my ovaries are - it only happens on the right so far, but i also have noticed the left side is sensitive.

they checked me out - i had a sonogram the baby is in the uterus and not the tube and there is no cyst or anything that should be causing that much pain. i even tested my urine for a UTI and it was negative.

So i don't know what it is - maybe i was thinking it was just sore from all the meds and it being swollen and then all the stuff that happened in the last few weeks was invasive.

My dr said no worries and that everything is perfect with the baby and were we are in the pregnancy - i could not see "peanut" yet, jsut the gestational sack, but still it was so beautiful to see that little thing sitting there waiting to grow and get stronger and stronger..



fiso - February 3

check the sounding board, under Good news.....
:D :D

But for me that was only one part of the journey, now I'm waiting for Monday for another blood test to confirm that the numbers are multiplying the way they are supposed to...

Thanks for asking! I hope your pain will go away since your doc said that there wasn't anything to worry about...


hopeful2006 - February 4


I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU ... Dont' worry your numbers will be fine ..

I am so happy for you and your DH .. Sorry I do not usually go on other forums on here - i just stay in mostly the same conversation with the same people...but i will go look at your announcement...

Woo Hoo ... babies are in the water for 2006


chynnadoll - February 4

Carrie, I have rippin and runnin allday, I went this morning and bought another test this time not a cheap one it was like $20 (ept) and it read out positive or negitive I had to sneak to try to take it Dh was home and Dd also, I can never just wait for the results I took it, I had to hide it and I went back about 5 mins later and the results were DRUMROLL PLEASE, a BFP :).

I called my doctors office and she was out so I spoke to her nurse, and I VENTED, I asked how could they have not did a blood test? You could tell she was nervous, she put me on hold and was able to reach my doc, she said that my doc said it's okay, just come in Monday morning for the blood test to see what the numbers are.

My emotions are very mixed, I'm so thankful and happy, But you have to understand I have been in this same situation over 20 x's, but I will say the difference is I was not on the Lovenox, pre-natal and 81mg of asprin, I know that will make a huge difference.

I have'nt told my Dh he just left for work, I think I'm going to wait and tell him when I get the results back Tuesday, I won't tell the girls or my mom until I make it to 3 months, that will be huge for me, I have'nt made it to 3 months in along time.

All the research I have done on provera says it should not be taken the first 4 months that it can cause birth defects, like you said I know God is watching over all these angels.

So like I have told you, I won't stress or worry I will just put it in Gods hands.

I read that you had cranberry/raspberry? make sure you get 100% cranberry juice it's not the cocktail, do you have trader joes or whole foods where you leave? They will have it for sure, if not the regular grocery stores will have it.

How are you feeling today? I hope that discomfort is gone, I'm going to try to do what you said about the caffine and sodas try to leave them alone, it will be hard but it can be done, sometimes I just need a pepsi or a coke to get a good burb :).

I made some shrimp fried rice so I guess I'll go eat some hope to hear from you soon....Your Soul Sis, China


hopeful2006 - February 4


OMG I am at work and actually yelled out loud "YES" all of my coworkers were like "What the hell" and I was like my soul sista is pg and i am so happy for her they were like OH and went on about their business.

I told you I just felt it in my heart that you were pg a week ago and was upset when you were not, but as soon as you said what you said and then told me that they did not even do blood - I KNEW IT !! ;D :) :)

I am so excited - that means our babies have exact same due dates give/take a week -- this is amazing how God works and how he has put you in my life knowing that I am scared to death and need your support more than ever and you thesame ..

I really feel close to you and one day want to meet you ...

Love and Happiness -- YOur DH is going to freak out !!!\



chynnadoll - February 4

Carrie, you are so funny, I bet they thought you were crazy at work, I was laughing and crying at the same time reading your post.

It is crazy how I feel like we know each other, I have never really been a computer person, this is like a first for me, and when people say that have met friends and all that stuff I'm like OK there are crazy people out, But now I understand, it's like I know you!

Yeah we are like days apart with these due dates ;D, how ironic is that, and I forgot fiso got her BFP, congrats to her ;).

My mom has always told me that Gos is good all the time, sometimes it's not that I forget but you know how we just take some things for granted, It's a blessing to just wake up in the morning, we have so much to be thankful for.

You are right we will have to meet one day, and I'm not just saying it, I mean it from the bottom of my heart, This will be a lasting friendship, I will be moving to Florida this year, I don't know if Florida or California are closer to you, but we will make it happen, hopefully in 2006 :), is'nt that crazy that's your screen name.

Your right Dh is going to freak out for real, I wish you could be a fly on the wall, I'm still going to wait until I take the test Monday and get the results back Tuesday before I tell him.

Thank God my computer is working perfectly, I would not be able to go through this without being able to communicate with you.

Dh is working all weekend so I'll be home hope to hear from you soon....China ;)


dreamscometrue - February 4

Dear China,
CONGRATULATIONS! I know I have not posted in a long time, but I've been reading along SEVERAL times a day. I kept praying for all of you. I am sorry I have not been actively involved in the last week but the truth is that after the BFP and then the funeral last weekend I have been in a weird mood. I am really excited to be PG but until I don't see a sack or something in the right place I am freaked out about a repeat ectopic. I guess my mind says that if I don't talk about it and something goes wrong it won't hurt as much... I am sooooooooooooo happy for you and your family. Keep the faith, your numbers will be fine. I agree with you when you said to leave things to God.

I went in yesturday for a 5 wk u/s and they say nothing yet. They said that was normal and that my #s were fine but that is exactly what they said with the previous ectopic. I am not trying to be negative but I can't help to be afraid of it all....

I promise to keep more involved.

Hopefull2006: Its interesting that both of our HCG # are almost identical... thank you for sharing. Its given me hope and peace of mind.



hopeful2006 - February 4


Yes I think they thought I was crazy, but then again they know me and so they just looked at me and then went right back to their work.

I am so happy for you - I just told my DH and he was like "there you go giving people advice like you are some kind of expert on pg". I was like no, but when she started talking about how she felt and also I just had a feeling from that Sunday night before we stopped talking that she was pg so I just told her to stop all meds and get a test done. And I was right -- so he laughed and said tell her that is wonderful and he is glad that I have someone to talk to besides him b/c i am probably driving him crazy .. lol

As for you moving to Florida - that is hilarious and it just seems to fit into the puzzle b/c last year we bought a condo in florida (time share) in Orlando . so we are there 2 weeks out of every year. This year we will not be going though b/c of the baby, but next year we are definitely going twice. See I told you there was a reason we met..

Are you sure you can wait to tell DH about the news - I don't think i could, but if that is what you want to do for your own peice of mind i totally understand ..

DH is out with friends - I just got home from work so i will be looking for you to come back on..

Your SS,


hopeful2006 - February 4

dreamscometrue ,

Yes dreams really do come true -- and I think you will be fine. Your numbers were close to mine and yesterday I saw my sack, but no heartbeat yet and I am 5 wks 3 days pg. They were worried b/c of some right sided pain I was having so they went to make sure mine was not eptopic and everything was fine. I even have my little picture right here in front of me.

When do you go back for another U/S?? I go in 2/9/06 for the U/S and heartbeat ... DH is so excited and so am I.

It is not unusual for you to be feeling extremely up and down right now - your body is going through a sea of emotions and unfortunately they hit us like a roller coaster. I know sometimes I get so frustrated and irritable that DH has to look at me and say sweetheart pls calm down it is not good for the baby and then I readjust my attitude. but it really is not something that I can control - but i try to pay attention to my stress level ..

talk to you soon,



hopeful2006 - February 4


u still around??

How are you feeling this evening - any better ?

Just checkin on ya



chynnadoll - February 4

Carrie, OMG your DH sounds like mine, he always ask me who do I think I am because I'm always giving advice, he says to me are you Dr Phil, Oprah, Dr Ruth, and etc...I tell him I'm whoever I need to be at that time and it depends on who I'm talking to :), we both just start laughing.

Oh my goodness Orlando will be only like an hour away we are moving to Tampa, and I said we would go at least once a year to the girls on vacation, we'll my oldest will be a senior this year and she swears shes going away to school, so it might just be Dh, youngest Dd, myself and I pray my little bundle of joy :).

Dh is so happy not only that I found shared journey but now I have my SS, I tell him it's like we know each other, I have family and a few girlfriends but none of them can relate to what I've gone through or what I deal with on a daily basis.

You know what it won't be hard for me not to tell Dh, only because he knows my cycle had started being irregular so he does'nt really ask me much about it because he knows it's a very touchy subject for me, so this way he just thinks once again no cycle, but he did say the other day how many days after stopping the pill should you get your cycle, and I said I don't know it will be here soon. That's what I thought at the time.

Poor Dh got off work at 6am this morning came home gave me a kiss and left to go to the doctor to get a sperm analysis? I had told him before starting the Clomid he needed to have another one done so we will no he's not the problem, So it was so sweet he went and just did it without me staying on him about it.
I wanted to say don't go I think I'm p/g but I did'nt!

He just called and said they just opened a Hooters Hotel in Las Vegas, let's go he loves there buffalo shrimp and hot wings, I said we can go down the street to Hooters we just went last week and got take out, he said no the hotel will have all you can eat, just greedy and he's not a big guy at all, I'm the one that needs to lose a few.

Okay I'm going to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a glass of milk, hope to hear back from you soon...Your SS China


Bass - February 4

Hi carrie and all

thanks for your reply

like u my pain comes and go with movemnet on the right side though it has weared of a bit

dh is looking out for me making sure i rest he is a star.

in england our time diff is 6 hours so there may be times when your online and im fast asleep

i felt so nausious last night

ladies im sooooooooooooooo scared i want everything to be ok


bass - February 4

just out of curiosity how much did you pay for a cycle of ivf including drugs
in england its £3000 and for a frozen cycle its £800




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