No Symptoms during the 2 week wait???
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hopeful2006 - February 3


OMG u mean to tell me they didn't do a blood test. My RE even told me that she had to do the blood b/c so soon in a pg the urine could come back ng and it still be positive. Damn those doctors. But you only took the pill for like less than a week right?? I think you will be ok. Imagine all those women that don't know they are pg and they continue taking like b/c pills or smoking or drinking or whatever and their babies are just fine. Just be faithful that God has that little baby in his arms and everything will be fine.

I am so happy for you and I think you are pg, but you do need to give that RE a piece of your mind b/c they should always do blood on you since you are on so many hormones and have such a history of being pg and like i said earlier "noone knows our bodies better than us!!!!" so sometimes we have to just question these dr's.

The pain has subsided for now. I think I am just going to cut out the sodas, carobonated drinks and caffiene for the whole pg - i have a bladder problem that I think is causing this whole pain thing - i am going to keep my eyes on it.

We got to see the little guy yesterday, but it was too soon to see anything but the GS -- still i had a tear in my eye b/c i knew that was my baby that i had wanted for so long and i told my RE you better get used to me calling b/c i am not taking any chances with this little one and he said call as much as you like.

Go to the store - get a pg test and then go to dr immediately and throw it in their faces ;D

I can't wait to hear from you today. Just think me and you would have the exact same due date give or take a week .. COOL

i will be on at work today so pls let me know what's going on..

love ya soul sista,


fiso - February 3

chynnadoll, go get aq BLOOD TESt. I can't believe that your RE did only a urine test. You could have done that yourself. The reason why we see a RE is because they can do a blood test and have more info than just pee on a stick! That's unbelievable that doctors do that. So, just like what hopeful2006 said, for your piece of mind, demand a blood test. You can't go on like this. I'll let you now the results today!

hopeful2006, hope you are feeling better. I used to have UTIs quite often and the cranberry caps worked very well and they are more pleasant than the unsweetened cranberry juice! forget abotuthe cranberry cocktail, it's loaded with sugar, which is bad for UTIs.
I just came back from my RE. Gva my blood, there is not much I can do now but wait till the doc calls...... Hard to concentrate!


bass - February 3

hello ladies i have just completed the 2ww i got a BFP yesterday im still scared really scared, day before preg test had very light brown show only when i wiped its gone now, i still get slight cramps but when i relax im ok no pain then has this happened 2 anyone?????
my scan is in 3weeks time im sooooooooooo nervous


hopeful2006 - February 3


thanks for the the advice - i think yesterday i drank regular cranberry/raspberry juice but i don't know if it is cocktail or not - i did not experience any pain last night which is good .. usually i get the pain in bed when i turn from one side to the other, but it was ok last night.

OMG I know how hard it is to concentrate - when I waswaiting for my call I just sat at my desk with my cell phone right beside my hand and could not do one lick of work - it was useless i should have just taken the day off. And then of course the second i get up and go talk to one of my friends she called and i missed the call - can u believe it .. talk about suspense - then i had to call back and of course got vm - i was so upset that i missed the call - but anyway trust me i understand and just sit back and don't worry - be positive and pray. that is what i did -

Let us know as soon as ...



hopeful2006 - February 3


I had the exact same thing happen - i got a brown show on Monday early around 1:00 a.m. and it lasted on and off through about 3:00 p.m. and i was freakin out - i called the dr and basically told her oh well my period just started and she was like NO it has not - as long as you don't have full flow of red blood do not worry. It is implantation bleeding -- i got a BFP 4 days later and am now 5 wks 3 days pg and so excited i can barely breathe..

I also had mild cramping and that is normal as well you are fine .. of course if you start bleeding like red blood call your RE immediately.

But for now bask in the glory of being pg -- it is so wonderful -- have you gotten sick yet - i have been just a little nauseas, but learned what i can and can't eat ..

all the baby dust in the world to you and your little miracle....



bass - February 3


just want 2 say this is hopeful site 2 all keep up the work,

wishing everyone BFP as i know how hard the procedure is

i have been ttc for 7 years i live in the UK this would have been my 4th ivf cycle

1 never responded to drugs

2 started bleeding day before preg test still got a positive and had positives 2 weeks later but ended they call it a biochemical preg

3 suffered OHSS had 28 eggs retrived had 2 cancel transfer

4 this is my frozen cycle 2 embryos were thawed they went in at 7cells and when thawed they had gone 2 the next stage which i was very pleased the thaw stage i was dreading the most. i got a BFP yesterday

i did a early test as i was paranoid 7 days after transfer all came back with 2 faint lines. my boobs are sore most likely because of the progest pesary.
i am going through the site for reassurance the 2ww i wouldnt wish on a enemy

can anyone tell me if sleeping on your stomach will affect the pregnancy as i have a habbit i just do it without thinking

i get like pain on each side of the ovary is this normal???

sending you all babydust from UK

Bass xxxxxxxx


fiso - February 3

DH just called to say that he was talking half a day off. He wants to be with me this afternoon wether it's positive or... I have to brag about him, he is sooooo sweet. We are going to my best girlfriend tonight for dinner, she is the only one I will tell bcause I need to tell someone! I will wait till the other blood tests ina couple days to tell my parents and in-laws. Then we will try to wait 3 months to tell everyone else. Try is the big word! We are ready!


Bass - February 3

hi carrie

thnks for your message i havnt had any red blood at all ihave a scan on the 23rd feb to see the sac or sacs i shall be 7 weeks then

i do have days when i feel nauseas but i look farward 2 it being a sign

are you carrying 1 or 2 bundles of joy????

keep me posted

Bass xxxxxxxxxxxx


hopeful2006 - February 3


That is great DH should be there no matter what - but we all know it will be to celebrate .. ;) :) ;D

I know how you feel about not telling, but unfortunately everyone here knew b/c i kinda fell out crying when the phone call came in and so everyone wanted to know what was wrong. so a few people knew (my close friends in here) , but then everyone knew - so oh well they know .. but i have not told my family until we get to 12 weeks - which is only about 6 1/2 more weeks to go ... we just want to be past the issue stage and into the part where i get my surgery for incompetent cervix and we know that we are in the safe zone....

Good Luck -- my RE called at 10:40 a.m. hopefully yours will call really soon.

Love ,



bass - February 3


i dont know why that silly miserable face has appeared i think because of i used the ? twice



hopeful2006 - February 3


we don't know yet -- we go in for heartbeat sonogram on 2/9/06 at 8:00 a.m. -- I can barely wait ...

Trust me I know you have been through bad experiences in the past, but i think this is a good sign b/c the implantation bleeding means that little guy or guys is stuck for good ;D

Just keep an eye on your beta tests for the next week - mine doubled (almost tripled) every three days and my RE was very happy with the numbers -- NO MORE BLOOD TESTS FOR ME - I feel like a pin cushion between all the blood tests and the progesterone shots .. i dont think there is a spot left for me to poke..

take care,


Bass - February 3


good luck thinking of you


bass - February 3


i dont go in for any blood tests just an app for the scan on the 23 feb

here in the uk they scan 3 weeks after the day of the positive

i am in bed relaxing watching tv and will do untill the 23

i wish you all the best for the 9th

bass xxxxxxxx


hopeful2006 - February 3


here in MD they do beta tests to make sure your numbers are going up and that the pg is going as planned. Wow i bet the next 3 weeks is going to be hard waiting to see huh ?? just rest and no stress -- be happy about the baby that you know you have and think positive thoughts and pray a lot.

we are here for you and praying and sending baby dust to you ..



bass - February 3

no blood tests for me for now anyway im of to the loo as its 3pm and need to insert pessary ( sorry 4 the details)

take care keep me posted

babydust send from UK



hopeful2006 - February 3


what was the result ????????????????????

anxiosly waiting ,Carrie



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