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keisha - September 22

i am getting worried this was supposed to be the big month i started clomid folbic prenatal with omega 3 all the good stuff to help us get preg and try to carry it but... i have been testing and today is cd14 and no surge the latest i have ovulated has been on cd 16 during a long cycle but surge still came on cd 14 please tell me should i be worried or what i always O i think i didnt 1 month out of last yr and 1/2 damn right now id be happy to be gettin to the tww well any info would be great thanks (temps are still down too 97.9)


keisha - September 23

ok forget the O kit i know i am O today my left side feels like it is gonna explode but it isnt my cyst so i think i will be in 2ww really soon i will wait and see if my temp goes up in morning


Nix - September 24

Have you thought about doing an HCG trigger shot to make sure that you ovulate? I ovulate by myself every month, and I always get a surge according to the O kit, the last time I had my IUI, I used the trigger shot on the same day that I got a positive surge on the O kit, just to make 100% sure that I actually did O. Just an idea - it might be worth a try.



keisha - September 24

hey nix well i am so new to this this is first month with any help EVER but i have always O on my own i did O finally i didnt sleep last night i felt like i was passing bricks thru my overies i always feel o anyway but DAMN i am so bloated and the head ache oh my goodness i have had one for 4 days i got worried since i O late this month but if the clomid doesnt work in next 3 mos we are gonna move on to more things thanks for your interest how did your iui go? re said i wouldnt help us im not sure why though


Nix - September 25

Hi Keisha,
I am glad that you O'd!! Are you taking clomid and having timed intercourse??
Is your RE giving you ultrasounds to see if the clomid is producing follicles?

We actually had 4 IUI's with Clomid and all of them have failed. We are considering doing IVF next year, but we are looking into going to South Africa to have it done (it is less than half of the price - including flights). At this point, I am not sure what to do - my husband is really having a hard time dealing with the fact that our IUI attempts didn't work. He doesn't even want to talk about the IVF right now - where as I just want to be pro-active and research our options, he wants to ignore it and pretend it doesn't exist. I think he is terrified that the IVF won't work, and we can only afford to do it once.
Sorry to off load all of this on you! Just feeling a bit lost right now!

Good luck with everything!


keisha - September 25

well so far we did the clomid and i am to start prog and esto today plus the prenatal vit with omega 3 and folbic this is first month re didnt say anything about u/s but i feel my O and it felt like 10 times stronger this month i am actually really sore and tender right now guess its from clomid i dont know but i didnt o until cd 16 this month and i usually have 28 day cycle some times 29 temp started going up this morning if we do ivf it will be a one shot deal too so i understand where you are coming from as far a dh s go well they are only men and they have trouble dealing bless their hearts im sure he feels guilty that you have to go thru so much and he is worried about money and prob secretly feels like somehow the prob is him not you well at least thats how my dh feels when i get him to open up to me i cant imagine going out of country for ivf but if i were you i would do what felt right i strongly believe the good lord will guide you if you will listen sometimes you got to listen really hard though if i can help in anyway let me know you can e mail if you like [email protected]



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