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trying so hard - October 30

I' new to this site. I'm 25 years old and most of my friends dont understand what I've been going through for the past 3 years. A quick bio on me. my GP found a cyst and said it was no big deal but I had to come back to get it checked, It turned out to be a Dermoid and it was so large when they removed it they took the Ovary as well. After that we started trying wich we we're advised would be no problem and 2 and 1/2 years later still no baby neaver been pregnat. I just went through my 2 IUI and tomorrow is the big blood test day and I dont think I feel any differnt I mean maybe I've had so called symptoms but I dont know any more I'm looking forward and dreding tomorrow but I wanted to know if anyone else is close to my age cause all the things I read about infertility are directed towards people in there 30s or 40s and for differnt reasons then mine well wish me luck! :P


GINAMARIE - November 4

Hello, I have a very similar story, I'm also 25(almost 26 )and have been ttc for 2 years. I had numerous sugeries started when I was 21 on my ovaries do to cysts and than had my right ovary removed at 24. After my ovary was removed we started to really try and get pg(ovulation monitoring and all) I felt like my life was revolving aroung getting my period and the days to have sex. About a year after not conceivng my doctor referred me to an RE. I didn't do IUI I decided to go straight for IVF because my docs think I have too much scar tissue for IUI to work. I had my first IVF cycle done in July and got pg but m/c at 8weeks. :( I just started my meds for a cryo cycle and I'm very nervous. I do know exactly what your feeling about being so young, infertiltiy sucks!!!! All of my girlfriends have no problem conceiving or aren't even considering it now. I also hate that when you tell certain people that your trying to get pg they say "your so young whats the rush" i feel like punching them in there faces because if they only knew what the situation is or what weve been throught they would SHUT UP.(sorry,I get a little mad) Anyway I am glad that I met someone close to my age with similar problems. I will be praying that you get a BFP. Please keep me posted on what happens!!!



alison29 - November 4

Hi Ginamarie,

I am 29 but i understand what you are saying. All of my inlaws get preggo the first attempt. My friend from work gets pregnant when her husband is in another room. Seriously though she got pregnant when she was on the pill and the remnants of the shot. Then had her baby went back on the pill and thinks she got pregnant several more times and just miscarried because of the hormones in the pills (she wouldn't get a period for two months then cramp really bad). UGH! how is that right/fair. Every month is a bding marathon then BFN. I have a week before AF rears her ugly head. By the way do they know why you had a mc. Eight weeks is awful long time to have hopes i am so sorry for you loss. Good Luck on the IVF I can't wait to see a specialist too.


GINAMARIE - November 6

Alison29, The whole fertiltiy world just sucks, god grants babies to women who don't give a shit and they wind up in dumpsters when there are millions of women out there that would do anything to have a baby. I just don't get it!!! My mother always tells me that god is never gonna give you more than you can handle and i believe in that but when is it enough?? I guess this whole long road is just gonna make us stronger and appericate our miracles so much more when it happens.
Anyway I had a d&c so they were able to test the fetus and it came back normal. I do have a clotting disorder and I developed a blood clot a couple of days before i lost the baby. I am on lovenox, which is a blood thinner. I started to bleed and went to the doctor and he said it was a clot that i was passing, everything with the baby looked good, heartbeat was strong .I was put on bed rest. When I went back to the doctor the baby had no heartbeat. It was the worst!!!!!! Because all the chromosomes can back normal the doctors thoughts are that the clot passed through the umbilical cord and cut the oxygen off to the baby. So not only do I have an issue getting pg i have a issue with carrying the baby, but I am hoping and praying for the best. So how long have you been trying, I read some of your posts and i think you doing clomid cycles right?

Baby dust to all


alison29 - November 6

HI Ginamarie,

Thanks for replying it is nice not having the posts disappear into thin air. Having said that is there anything else to help the blood clots why doesn't the levonox work? Keep thinking positive though my mother had two miscarriages before me (back in the seventies when they didn't have testing) so next time it just has to stick... We have been trying for a year now. Medicated only two cycles just clomid and preseed. I really have the feeling this month didn't work either I feel pms mood shift ugh! I really want to see a specialist. I have read so many places (i have become a little stuck on searching this stuff) that if you want to get pregnant see a RE i see my obgyn the tenth of this month i am going to get a referral. I have a good feeling for your next IVF cycle let me know how it goes. What day do they implant the embryos? Keep my updated for sure. I think your mom is right too I here a lot of women complaining about their babies how much work it is etc. because it happened so easy for them. I know we won't. It has to happen one of these days right? I will keep you updated on my situation too. take care


GINAMARIE - November 7

Thanks for the positive info. I started the lovenox after I was pg and this time I'm gonna start it before the transfer, so hopefully it will help out. I talk to alot of great women on the lovenox postings and they have amazing stories and it gives me great hope. I should have the transfer some where around Thanksgiving time, I think. I just started my meds a week ago and they say it usually takes approx. 20 days. I go to the doctor tomorrow for blood & sono. I will keep you posted. Anyway,I felt like i was getting my period when I was Pg, i was very surprise when the doctor call me and said the embryo took, so keep positive!!!!!! When are you suppose to get your period? I will be praying for you!! Keep me posted.

:) Gina


alison29 - November 8

Hi GinaMarie,
You have about two weeks yay :) My period is due this Sunday. We are going out of town to a wedding this weekend so at least i won't be dwelling on it going to the bathroom every second (TMI) to check. I hope there aren't too many expecting mothers there it is so hard to see especially since we have been married for almost five years (selfish i know). Thanks for the pep talk i need it i will stay cautiously positive. take care and be extra healthy.


GINAMARIE - November 14

Just wanted to say HELLO!
How was the wedding? I hope you had fun and it took your mind off of things? Did you get AF? Im going to the doctors tommorow to see how I'm doing. I'll keep you posted.



alison29 - November 14

hi Ginaamarie,

The wedding was a blast it did take my mind of things. AF came Sunday with a vengence ugh tomorrow i start new meds (FEMARA). Will they do a pg test tomorrow? How exciting and terrifying at the same time i will be thinking of you. Oh wait today is tomorrow you have to wb woman :) i am crossing my fingers for you we another baby on the way on this site. take care


alison29 - November 17

HI Ginamarie,

Is everything going well? I wanted to check in with you before I leave work and don' t have access to the computer for the weekend....take care


GINAMARIE - November 18

Hi alison, I am going to have my transfer done on Monday. I am so nervous but I'm keeping positive. I will definetly keep you posted. How are you feeling on your new meds? I never heard on that one. Is it simialar to the clomid?



alison29 - November 20

Hi Ginamarie,

I thought you had already had your transfer so it is happening today yikes! I will think lots of positive baby thoughts for you take it easy. Do you do things any differently after the transfer (like not excercise etc.). The new meds haven't had any side effects i am pretty sure i have been battling a headache but i think that is due to muscle tension in my shoulder/neck area. Femara is pretty similar to clomid just less side effects to your lining and cm it is was made to battle breast cancer in the beginning now fertility doctors are using it too. I will let you know when my o time is so you can think baby thoughts for me too....


GINAMARIE - November 27

Hey Alison, How are you doing? You are still in my thoughts. I'm still in my 2wk wait, and I'm going crazy. I started to stain alittle today, and I freak out but the doctor said thats normal. I get my results back on friday. Keep me in your prayers, hope all is well and I'm waiting on good new for you!!!



alison29 - November 27


Wow this is going to be your hell week. You are definitely in my prayers we could all use a little miracle right now. I am in the two week wait now too. I think I o on Saturday we were able to bd thursday and saturday afternoon (due to holiday not together) so i hope we are covered not like it has made any difference before. But must stay positive. Wb if you are in need of support I know dh can only take so much stressing about these things :) lots and lots of baby dust your way....


alison29 - November 29

Hi Gina Marie,

I was reading up about IVF and i have to give all of you going through it kudos it sounds really invasive and uncomfortable (if not painful). Take care through these next two crap days until your test.


GINAMARIE - December 3

Hello alison29,

I got my results back & it was a BFP!! DH & I are so excited but trying not to get to exctied because we have a long road ahead of us. I really hope this is our babyl!!! Thrusday I go to the doctor and get a sono, so hopefully they see a sac and everything looks good. Thanks for all the prayers, they seem to be working so far. I'll will keep you posted.

How are you feeling? Any symptoms that this cycle might of took? When do you expect AF? I'll be praying that she skips you. Let me know how you doing. Lots of baby dust.



alison29 - December 4

WHOO HOO!!!! I Am so excited for you i was reading the IVF thread a couple of days ago and saw it then. It is so great to have another baby on board it better stick the little sucker. I felt so sad for everyone on that thread that went through the ivf process and BFN no should have to face that. As far as me kinda feel PMS oh well another month bites the dust and i get to wait for a whole week and a half for af to arrive...I am going to the fertility clinic Jan 23 so maybe then i will see what the
h-ll is wrong with me. Until then one more cycle of Femara. take care and happy pregnancy thoughts your way



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