Nervous about taking a home test after IVF, anyone else?
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hopingforsuccess - May 22

I had my transfer on the 12th and have my first beta on Friday (25th). Our issues are male factor. This is our 2nd fresh IVF. The first one we did was in Nov. 2004 and we have boy/girl twins that will be 2 next month from that cycle. In Dec. 2006 we did a frozen cycle with the one embryo that survived the thaw. I got pregnant, but lost the baby at 8 weeks. We just did another fresh cycle. Both of our other cycles I tested before my beta and didn't think twice. I wanted to know before someone told me. For some reason I am putting it off longer than those two times. I am assuming it is because of the miscarriage and the doubt. I know that IVF working has its own odds, but putting the recent miscarriage on top of that just adds another factor. If this works, it is definately going to be a long time getting through the first 8 weeks. Has anyone else dealt with these same feelings during their wait? I am sure that there are ones out there that have. I was thinking about testing Wednesday, two days before the beta. The HCG should definately be out of my system by then. I just don't know how I will handle a negative if it turns out that way. I want to be positive, but I guess the hurt is in the back of my mind protecting me. I don't really have a reason to think that one of the two embryos wouldn't have taken. I have been crampy off an on, breasts are tender. Someone had mentioned about checking the cervix, but I don't know how it is suppose to be if I am pregnant. Anyone know? I keep thinking that my "symptoms" could be from all the meds -progesterone, estrogen, etc. I know I should be more positive. What are your thoughts?


hopingforsuccess - May 23

I am suppose to have my beta Friday, 2 days from now. I am 16 days out from my HCG and 11 days out from my transfer. It was positive! I really makes me nervous. I am excited too! We transferred 2 so now is the wait for the real test to see how high my beta is. Even though we already have the twins, the desire to have more children is so deep - just like when we were trying to have our first. Some people can't understand that. You will. God has been good to us and we can only trust him with this pregnancy and all that is to come. I will let you know how my "real" test come out.



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