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JENNY22074 - July 19

Just wondering if anyone can share their experiences from a five day transfer. I had 2 blastocysts transferred on Monday for my 2nd IVF cycle. My 1st IVF cycle I had the transfer on day 3. Also I don't have to wait the full 2 weeks like I did in April. My blood pregnancy test is scheduled for July 26th. That is 16 days from my retrieval and 10 days from the transfer date. I would like to hear any and all experiences if they are familiar to the 5 day transfer. Hope to hear from you soon.


Eddie - July 21

Hi Jenny,

I also posted on the other board

I am also in my dreaded 2WW after doing our 1st frozen cycle. Our 1st IVF ended in an ectopic pregnancy with the removal of my left tube. We transferred 2 blasts. One looked great the other was a bit ugly. We are hoping and praying just like you. I of course have symptoms, tired, sore bbs and a insatiable appetite. Had a few cramps after transfer but nothing significant. I feel this cycle is a bust and am trying to keep my head above water.

I wish you luck. I test on 27th of july my DH bday, finger crossed


JENNY22074 - July 21

It seems like we are pretty much around the same time in our journey. I too have had an huge appetite as well as some cramping and mild shooting pains in my lower abdomen. My BBS are a little less sore today but according to my paperwork from the RE symptoms can come and go and some people may not feel anything. I am not sure how to feel right now. According to my RE he felt he would do an injustice to me by not waiting until they blasted. We had 8 that fertilized and 6 out of the 8 that blasted and they said that they looked spectacular and were happy that they waited . I chose each IVF cycle not to freeze any. I felt I needed the best possible outcome as possible and my RE said that the success rate would be lower with thawed embryos even though not significantly lower.

I am happy though that I found this website there is a great support group here and everyone is at a different place in their journey but it feels good that we all started at the same place. I feel different about this cycle this time. Something feels different but I am not sure if it is positive or negative difference. I have been fighting this battle for 9 years off and on. This is my last shot though. I just can't afford it financially. I don't know what to do or how to feel about it especially if my journey ends with a negative result. How are you feeling today. The books and everyone always say to think positive and carry your embryos with pride. I know it is easier said then done. I am trying to think positive every hour of every day but it is really hard most times. I wish you the best of luck and just hit me up whenever you need an ear and are frustrated. Baby dust to you and everyone else on hear that is on their 2WW. Talk to you later.



Eddie - July 23

Hi Jenny,

How are you going? i am feeling ok apart from headaches which started today and still sore BB's on and off...........oh and eating everything in sight of course. I actually POAS yesterday morning and got a faint +. I was excited but a little aprehensive as I had a HCG shot about 6 days ago however it was oly 1500u so I think it is out of your body by 72hrs. I have my fingers crossed and will POAS again tomorrow morning to see if it has got any darker. My beta is this Friday.

Have you got any symptoms?

Sending you lots of sticky vibes


JENNY22074 - July 24

I POAS yesterday afternoon and it was negative. Then again I barely got the stick wet and I am hoping that I just don't have enough HCG to register at this point. I still have the sore BBS and mild cramping off and on today. Howver yesterday I had on cramping whatsoever. I test in a few days on Thursday so I am hoping BFP for all of us that are getting ready to test. Talk to you soon.



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