menstrual cycle?????
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francis - October 21

Can anyone please help me I had my first IVF done. My retrieval was done on Oct 5th and transfer was done on Oct. 8th as of today 10/21 I still did not get my period. Is that a good sign? The only thing is that last couple of days when I wipe only I see pink discharge with little red tissue. Are the suppositories stopping me from having my period? Also, the week before I had cramps like I was going to get my period but the cramps have stopped. I appreciate any opinions at this point.


mjforney - October 21

Francis: First of all Good luck and I am sending you baby dust! You will find that you are not alone with the time frame of your transfer...there are lots of us on here in the 2ww or that have already received results.

You are 13 days post transfer. It may be implantation bleeding. Don't get scard, many of the ladies on here had some bleeding before their beta. When is your beta blood test? Isn't it tomorrow on your 14dp? Have you done a hpt (Home preg test) yet?

How are you feeling? Any cramping still, sore breasts?

Baby dust to you!


francis - October 22


Thanks for your reply. Actually I will find out in 45 minutes my results of my pregnancy test. This time I refused to take a pregnancy test after I had 7 IUI's in the past. I had cramping last week which I thought I was getting my period but no period. This waiting is the hardest thing. Good luck to you and much baby dust to you as well!!!!!!


wolffie - October 22

Frances -

Did you get your news yet?



mjforney - October 23

Frances? Any news?


lisa13 - October 24

Hey Frances-

I am lisa I have been reading your post. Did you get your news yet?
We are all sending you positive thoughts


lucky - November 12

hie francis did get any news yet am wishing u all the best and will waite for ur reply stay positive this is a fight we all r fighting together




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