low HcG level!
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karystos - May 21

I was so happy to hear a BFP ;D
But in the same breath my heart sank when the nurse told me my first HcG level was only 13.7. She told me she has never seen a pregnancy from such a low number. And that I need another blood test on WEd.
I'm so trying to stay positive! Could I possibly get a healthy baby out of this?


vw79girl - May 22

I know exactly how you feel, however, I hope your outcome is better than mine honey. I was soooo excited to have a BFP after 3 years of nothing. I had one after our first IVF cycle. I did like 3 HPT's 'cause I couldn't believe it. My first bloodtest gave me a beta of 78 and my fertility center told me to be "cautiously optomistic". I was so upset with them for almost shooting my hopes down. My second beta was 33 and then finally 4. How many days post ovulation are you? is it still early? Here is a website that might help you. Hang in there, if there were two, perhaps one dropped off and that level on the other just needs to rise? I have heard of that. Sending good thoughts and strength your way. :)

here is the website: http://www3.fertilethoughts.com/f


karystos - May 22

Thank you 79girl for your kind words.
I took another HPT this morning and still negative. I keep praying that it grows. This is day 11dpo but with 2 blastocysts put in. We'll see tomorrow with the blood test...it's been a long road and I just went to get to the end finally.


vw79girl - May 23

keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow is a miracle for you and everything is okay. Hang in there. I know what you mean about a long road. We tried on our own for 3 years and have been through 4 iui's and now two IVF's. We are taking a month off until i finish school as I am a teacher and then sometime near the end of June, doing a FET.



karystos - May 24

The news is bad!
My HcG level fell to 3.
I guess I'm done.
I have to go back for another blood test on Friday to make sure it clears out or something.
Should I expect a bad AF? I'm so sad and the worst is that I had to attend a double baby shower at work today.
I was almost a mommy.


vw79girl - May 25

I am so sorry. I can honestly say I know exactly how you feel. Um...I do remember having a weird af once I stopped the progesterone suppositories. I don't remember it being any worse than normal though. It was kind of off and on and I was crampy like I usually am. It being so early, the doctor told me it would be that way. The baby shower must have been tough. Sending you a hug. Let me know what the doctor says about you starting another cycle. I had to wait to get a real period ater the chemical preg./miscarriage. They had put me on birth control as well. Hated that as I spotted every damn day. Hang in there, I know how sad you are and it sucks. :(

Maybe we will be cycling together at the end of June.
Hopefully by the end of the summer we will both be mommies to be.



Red - May 31

Karystos! I'm sorry to hear you had a bfn! I, unfortunately, had the same thing. My numbers continued to doubled, but then I dropped down. If you haven't had your AF yet, mine wasn't much different. Very heavy at first, but pretty much the same. We went in for a follow-up with the doctor and one said they wanted to do blood testing (VERY EXPENSIVE) and the other said he was just going to treat me as if the blood test came back positive. He said there was implantation, but just lost it. That's at least a small positive sign.

I am waiting to start my next AF and am taking Folgard. They will have me take baby aspirin, steroids, and blood thinner around our next transfer. These evidently are the things to assist me for the next cycle. Have you had your follow-up yet?

I pray for you and your husband and hope you have an opportunity to try again. Keep your chin up because God never gives us more than we can handle! Just take away something positive from this experience.


karystos - May 31

It's crazy how protocols are so different between centers. I also my AF and just like you said....
Then my follow-up came and they said they will treat it as a positive and that there's a good chance for success next time. (that's what they said last time). THey have me on nothing right now. I will need to wait 2 AFs because their labs close in July (which gives me time to take a vacation I guess). Then I will do the pill again and start with Antagonist protocol but this time much less dosage because I suffered from OHSS last time. None of the things you listed were mentioned to me. I never even heard of Folgard. If I don't get pregnant this next time with this center, I'm switching. Good Luck to you and your husband also. You have been very supportive. I hope one day we are posting our BFPs !


BabiesOnBoard - May 31

Hi Ladies,

It's been a while since I last posted... This is our 3rd attempt with IVF and today, only after 9 days since my transfer of 3 embryos, I drove myself to the doctor because I was in so much pain (OHSS) and I thought I would just sit in the lobby of my doctor's office so he could see the expression on my face, when I say, "I'm in pain!!" He ordered a beta test and it came back BFP 222. I was told that this was a strong positive and I should be happy... I'm not sure... Our 1st cycle was a BFN and the OHSS lasted at minimum 10 days and it didn't seem to get better until I had the 2nd aspiration done. The 2nd cycle we got a BFP (87) after the 2 week wait.. I know these numbers are higher in less than 2 wks but I'm so skeptical about rejoicing.. Does anyone have any advise?



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