Just starting the wait
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MSL - June 16

I'm new to this site but I need support from others who are going through the same type of procedures. Tuesday the 13th I had IVF - 2 embroys (eight cells each). Doctor seem to be really positive. I have to wait till Thursday - six more days.........it's driving me nuts. ??? I have symptoms of my period is about to start. My husband gives me 1cc of progestrone each night. I had 5 IUI before this.
Just needed to talk with others who have this in common with me. My friends & family members never had to go through this.
Thanks to all................


hbrotlvr - June 19

I know the wait is excrutiating. Been there myself. Had my first ivf, transferred 2 8cells on May 25th. Got my bfp on June 5th. I'm now 6 weeks today. Had my first us last wednesday, found the yolk sac, Yeah!!! I'm now waiting for my 2nd us scheduled for July 5th. I had af symtoms prior to my bfp, and actually still do. I keep going to the bathroom thinking i'm starting af. the day of my beta I started "bleeding", and I thought for sure that was it, then they called and said I was BFP. I thought they were crazy!!!! I'll keep you in my prayers!!!
Baby Dust to you!


MSL - June 20

;D Heather,
Congrats to you and your hubbie!!

Thanks for the kind words and spread the baby dust over here!! :D



bb4m3 - June 22

hi! im new to this site and im so glad i came across with this site. it really helps me with my worries. i had my 2nd ivf cycle on june 16 and im anxiously waiting for my preg test on june 30. my 1st cyle was a big failure because i developed ovarian hyperstimulation and didn't not produce good quality eggs. my RE encouraged me to have another IVF 'coz he believes that i will get pregnant ( had 2 blocked tubes, and were removed). on my 2nd IVF cycle RE transferred 1 8-celled grade1 and 2 4-celled grade1. i am so sad because my chance of getting pregnant is so vague. i sometimes can feel sharp pain on my right and left side and PMS cramps. i hope AF won't arrive. does anybody experince this kind of pain too.

good luck to verybody.



Risa - June 23

Hi everyone,
I am also due to have my pregnancy test on June 30th. This is my first time doing any type of fertility treatment ( we also did IVF) and I also have been having some cramping which makes me very nervous. I only had 2 8-cell embies transferred, but now I kind of wished we transferred 3, like the doctor wanted. The 35% chance of triplets kind of scared us but now I keep thinking, what if one of the two don't attach. I am trying to think positive and my doctors and nurses always sound so positive. Well, we only have one week more, but just wanted to let you know I am waiting for the 30th also. Good Luck!


md - June 25

Hi BB4M3 and Risa
I have my pg test on june 30 too. I don't have any symptoms except tiredness and some symptoms beacause of progesteron
I am very nervous and scared about the result. waiting for 30 june
BaBaby Dust to all, along with my prayers!!!


bb4m3 - June 27

hi! md and risa,

its 4 more days to go before the pregnancy test. i am very anxious and tempted to do pregnancy test but dh wanted to wait on friday. cramping and sharp pain on my right and left side were gone i hope its not a bad sign. i don't feel anything right now except for breast tenderness secondary to progesterone shots. baby dust to both of you and may god bless us with a baby ;)



md - June 27

Hi BB4M3
Since two days i am having white discharge, little cramping left and right side, feverish, feeling like my periods going to start anytime. Two more days to end up this waiting game.
baby dust with prayers for all of you and me


md - June 30

BB4M3, Risa
I am pregnant..My next bloodwork is on tuesday july 4th
Hope i will get the good news from you too.


bb4m3 - June 30

hi! md,

congratulations!!! i had a BFN. i am so heartbroken.
take of yourself and the baby.



md - July 1

Hi bb4m3
I am very sorry..I understand it's very hard to go through this all and that was ur sencond IVF (If you don't mind would you tell me the long form for BFN) I went through 10 -ve IUI. Last year i had misscarrige too. It was ectopic pregnancy. This time dr. said there is risk too regarding ectopic pregnancy. So everything depends upon my bloodwork result which will be every after 4 to 5 days upto 3 weeks.
have you heard anything from risa
Take care


Risa - July 3

HI md and bb43,

Sorry I was out of town until June 29th and now have my father visiting since Saturday. But, I'm pregnant too! I'm so scared about today's second blood test. After all of this emotional and financial ride, I am so worried that I will lose the baby. I am a big pessimist and my husband keeps reminding me to think positively. I am going to try my best. Congratulations md, and I am soooo sorry bb43. bb43, I don't know if you'll try again when you are ready, but I wish you the best. I'll keep in touch.



md - July 5

Hi Risa
Congratulations !!!!!!


Risa - July 6

did you do a second blood test to confirm the pregnancy results? Also, if you don't mind me asking, did your dr change any of your meds and when is your next check to make sure everything is okay? I am just worried because my doc took me off the progesterone shots and now I am using prometrium vaginally and they are not doing any blood tests to make sure everything is okay. I am now just waiting for July 19th, which will be my 6 and a half week ultrasound. And this 2 week wait is killing me more than the first 2 week wait with the transfer. I was just wondering about your doctors procedures. I am so tempted to call my regular PCP to get set up with an ob-gyn since they keep saying this pregnancy is now like any other pregnancy. Let me know what you think.


md - July 6

Hi Risa
I have done my second time blood testing. My blood level was 4000. Nurse told me that my level is good so i don't need another blood testing. For next time, on tuesday july 11th i have doctor appointment for check up and ultrasound. My medications, aspirin piils and progesteron will be continue upto my next appointment then i will know the next step. After this appointment i need to call my PCP too to set up appoinment with ob-gyn. Sometimes i am worried too because at the begining nurse told me that there will be 3-4 times bloodwork to make sure everything is ok. What can we do..We just have to fallow whatever they are saying.
So you got ur due date too. good....
By the way where do you live Risa? am here in Michigan.
Upto my nest ultrsound i will be in tension. Because last time i had misscarrige because of ectopic pregnancy. I was pregnant with low HCG level. And in ultrasound my sac was empty. So doctor want to make sure by this next ultrasound taht everything is ok.
Rest is fine
Take care


Risa - July 7

I have a much longer wait than you. I have to wait for my check-up and ultrasound which will be July 19th. So I'll be very anxious until then. How are you feeling? Any different than last time when you had the ectopic pregnancy? I have just been tired around mid-day and slight cramps. I live in north Florida. I guess we will just have to wait and hope and pray for the best.




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