Just starting the wait
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hbrotlvr - May 26

Hello all!!
Just had my transfer yesterday. Now the wait begins. Scheduled to test 6/5 at 7:35. Had 2 embryos transfered yesterday, 3 day one 8cell, one 9 cell. Both grade 1. My RE is having my remaining 7 cultured to blast stage, then hopefully I will have some to cryo.
Still feel really bloated and sore from the retrieval (Monday) My RE says this is normal. Any thoughts???
Baby Dust to all, along with my prayers!!!


Jennifer1970 - May 31

Hi, Heather. I am also in the dreaded 2ww. I transfered 3 embies on saturday the 27th. I have absolutely no symptoms.

Do you have any? Will ou HPT? When's your first beta?


hbrotlvr - June 1

Hey Jen!!!
Thanks for writing!!! How are you feeling? I don't know if I really have any symptoms. It's really hard to tell. My bb's are huge!!! I went to work this morning to get my paycheck, i'd been off for the last 2 weeks and needless to say my fellow coworkers (all women, we're nurses) said if they didn't know better they would have thought I had implants. But i'm thinking that's related to my trigger shot. Don't know how long that stays in the system. I will have my beta on monday morning, the 5th. I had been toying with the whole hpt, but don't think i'll do it. Just because if it's + cause the hcg injection, and I find out from my beta that i'm not pg, i'll regret doing it. Are you real bloated from your retreival and transfer??? I still am!!! Are you doing the progesterone injections?? I found out tuesday that I had 2 of my 7 embies go to blast, so they were cryo'd. I hope this first works!!!!
Let me know how you are!!!
Baby dust and prayers to you!!


wwbwtwins - June 1

Hello all,
Iam new here and would like to know if anyone out there has recently done an IUI
I did my trigger on Sunday and IUI this Tuesday Iam not as bloated now as I was Iam just very nervous and anxious This waiting thing relly stinks


hbrotlvr - June 1

hi and welcome!!!
I didn't do iui this cycle, did ivf. I have done 3 iui cycles in the past.
I can completely understand the nervousness and feeling anxious. The closer I get to my beta, Monday, the more crazy I seem to guess. I suppose it wouldn't be as bad if you could say your having this symptom, i'm pg. The problem is all the drugs can give you some of these symptoms. It's just a waiting game!!!
I'm here to talk. So hang in there.
Baby dust and prayers to you!!!!


CPape - June 5

How did it go? I hope that you got a bfp!


hbrotlvr - June 6

Hi Catherine!!!
Well yesterday was a roller coaster ride!!! Had my beta at 730 am. Waited around my house all day. Around 1130 I started to have this brown kinda like a period discharge. Figured well that's the end of this cycle. I was gonna go outside and start planting my veggies. My coordinator left early yesterday so someone else was making her calls. Finally called at 115, BFP!!!!! I asked if she was kidding. My hcg was 265 which they said was strong. I am going in wednesday for my 2nd blood test. I did tell them about the "bleeding" they said not to panic, apparently some women bleed. I called my grandma and told her, she said she bleed the whole time she was pg with my dad, didn't know for sure when he would be due. I am hoping and praying that this is just some bizarre thing and i'm not m/c.
when will you be due for your beta??? I honestly couldn't even tell ya before yesterday that i was pg. the only thing is i've been soooo constipated, but that can be from my progesterone injections.
Baby dust and prayers


wwbwtwins - June 7

This morning I went to get my first blood test after my IUI on last Tuesday. I was told I would get a call from the nurse befoe they left for the day,but that call never came. Is there a reason why I might of not recieved the call? How long does it normaly take to get results? This is my first IUI and Iam very nervous and my husband wants me to get a hpt. I know that the results will be afected by the injections so Iam not going for it besides its only been a week. But its just killing me this is been the longest 2ww ever.


wwbwtwins - June 7

Hi, Heather

Congratulations on your BFP!!!!!!! I wish you the very best.


hbrotlvr - June 7

I can't believe they didn't call you!!!! That's not acceptable. I am up right now because I have to go get my 2nd hcg, i'm hoping you'll be up or up soon. I would call them first thing this morning. It does not take some extraordinary amount of time to run the test. My guess is they somehow forgot to call. I would not do a hpt just because you can't count on the result. Just call you RE!!!!
Luck, Prayers, and Baby Dust


wwbwtwins - June 7

Hi Heather,
Well Ive called the doctors office and spoke to the nurse she said everything looks good. My progesterone level is 27.4 She said that it was good this meant I had ovulated. Now I just have 1 long week ahead of me my big day is on the 13th just a day before my birthday. I have prayed so much and will keep praying that I get a bfp. So how was your visit with your RE today?
Thanks for your prayers and baby dust. I wish you the very best with your pregnancy.



hbrotlvr - June 8

Hi Maria!!!!
so glad to hear everything went ok for you yesterday!!!
This whole thing always is such a roller coaster ride. I was so glad my usual coordinator called me yesterday. My hcg more than doubled, from 265 to 713. Yeah!!! I'm still having this spotting though. I've been off work for about 3 weeks, and I am returning today. I'm really kinda nervous. i'm a nurse, so as you can imagine there's alot of on your feet, lifting, etc... Well my coordinator said still no lifting over 15 pounds and try to stay off my feet. I am a charge nurse, so i'll be at the nurses station doing orders, doctor's stuff, but I did tell my manager that I can't be doing my usual stuff, so said that's no problem, there's plenty of help and i'll be fine. (I called yesterday to give her a heads up). Well, needless to say one of my fellow coworkers called me yesterday to see how I was doing, and told me we are actually short, not enough staff. So my boss lied to me!!!! Everyone at work has been so supportive, and I know none of them will even allow me to do things i'm not suppose to, but this just really made me so mad!!! What do you think???
Prayers, Hugs, and Baby Dust to you!!!!


wwbwtwins - June 8

Hi Heather,
So what dose the increase of your hcg mean? I hope its good news.
I wish you the very best at work Just don't over do it,its not worth it.Your boss should have told you the truth,but oh well there are people like that.I'am sure you will be ok your coworkers will help you out. I know you did'nt have an IUI this time but you've had it before so maybe you can help me. I have never gone through this and I'am just wondering what is going to happen on my 2week visit? What kind of test do they do? Is it just ablood test Or is it also an u/s?
Let me know how your day at work went. My best wishes go out to you.



hbrotlvr - June 10

Hi Maria!!!
Well I ended up leaving work early, my "bleeding" started to increase. I did call my re, but she said I was ok. I just don't want to risk anything.
It is good if your hcg increases. When they test it the 2nd time they like to see it double from it's original value. My guess when you go in 2 weeks is they will just draw your hcg level. I never made it that far, I always got af before I made it to test. I wouldn't see why they would do an us so early. Only 3 more days for you to wait. I know how nerve racking it is!!! I've been thru this so many times!!! I just hope you get a terrific bday present!!! Keep me posted!!!
Prayers and Baby dust to you!!!


wwbwtwins - June 10

Hi Heather,
Well my wait is over!!!!!!!! Yesterday I started a little spotting.I called the doc. and they said it was normal to have some spotting,But this mornig it was AF.
Iwas soooo disappointed after crying all night just thinking that she may come. All I could do was pray and hope for her not to come. And its not even day28 yet. My dh is very supportive and does'nt mind trying again,I just don't know if I want to go through it all again the $$$ is my biggest issue I don't mind the agony of waitting or the bloating. Its just a difficult thing to decide.
Iwish you a Joyous nine months and please keep me poasted on your great journey of motherhood.

Lots of prayers and best of luck.



hbrotlvr - June 13

I am so sorry!!! I know how hard it is to sit there and wait, be so hopeful, only to get AF. It gets so discouraging. Don't you give up hope!!! Just give it to God. I'm still not sure what lies ahead for me, there's still a long road to go. But no matter what I know that there is a purpose in all that happens. We may not realize at the time, but eventually we do.
I just feel so bad I wasn't able to write you sooner. I should be in bed, but I can't stand it. My back is killing me. I've gained about 11 pounds over the past 2 weeks, my abdomen is so large that I can't cough, sneeze, or even take a deep breath. As it turns out I have OHSS. They were talking about admitting me, but I want to wait, see what my us looks like tomarrow, then go from there. So now I have to weigh myself every morning, measure my abdomen, monitor how much i'm urinating. I'm just so uncomfortable. My dh is doing everything, and I feel so bad!!!
I hope to hear from ya soon!!!
Hugs to you!!!!!


MSL - June 16

I'm new to this site but I need support from others who are going through the same type of procedures. Tuesday the 13th I had IVF - 2 embroys (eight cells each). Doctor seem to be really positive. I have to wait till Thursday - six more days.........it's driving me nuts. ??? I have symptoms of my period is about to start. My husband gives me 1cc of progestrone each night. I had 5 IUI before this.
Just needed to talk with others who have this in common with me. My friends & family members never had to go through this.
Thanks to all................



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