just started ivf
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lucky - November 10

??? and hope for the best
hie there every on the same track as me, my name is lucky and am on the second day of me nose spray i was told unexplained infertility I have been trying to get pregnant for 8 years with ne success so decided to go for ivf i hope all the best and if some one can tell me whats coming next or share there feelings and if there on the stage of ivf as me



Brianandjena - November 10

Nose spray? what is that I have never heard of that before. although I am unfamiliar with ivf I am on on a cycle of clomid and trigger shot and iui. I am on my 2ww. I never heard of nose spray. Feel like explaining it. never know I might be having to do that next if this iui didnt work.. *crossing fingers that it does*


mjforney - November 11

I did IVF...but never heard of the nose spray... I think I would rather have done that than the shots! hehe! What is the nose spray/ What else are you doing as far as medications?


lyly14 - November 11

Hi everyone- I am about to start my first ivf cycle with ICSI. I have a ton of meds that were just delivered to my house in a huge box the other day, but no nose spray either!

Jena-Good luck with your IUI. I did 4 cycles of clomid. I hated the way it made me feel. We didn't do IUI just old fashioned intercourse I responded well the first time with 2 follies on the lowest dose, then each time after only one follie, even after the increase the 3rd time. It also made my lining thin. We moved on to gonal-f for one cycle and found out we had male factor problems after that failed. The RE said we could try IUI, but I didn't want to waste any more time so we moved right on to IVF with ICSI.

Michelle-congratulations on your twins!! How exciting. Was that your first IVF? I feel so overwhelmed with all the meds. Did you use an estrogen patch? They ordered me vivelledot, but I don't have all the directions yet. I start lupron on 11/16. They told me to put all the meds away and don't stress about it now and they would give me the directions as it gets closer, but I like to have all the info up front. No surprises! What meds did you use? Hope you don't mind all the questions. Would love to chat with someone who has been through it!!


lucky - November 11

hie every one i have noticed no one has seemed to be using nose sprays to stimulate overies for additional mature eggs, well to common ways r used in the start of ivf one maibe u all r familliar with witch is a drug called GnRHa witch is started 7 to 10 days before periods u can use this drug in 2 formes either with daily or mounthly shots or with nasal spray u can get more information from a pocket book witch i found very usefull found in a locall chemist or drug shop
The brittish medical association peter wardle and david cahill family docter series good luck lyly


bdantonio - November 11

i have gone through fertility for 5 years never heard of nose spray either.


mjforney - November 12

Hi Lyly... Thanks for the message. :)

The box of meds is sooooooo overwhelming. Dont be afraid. I was so frightened of all the shots but after the first time it was not that bad, you'll become a pro. I actually tried numbing by legs with ice (30 minutes) before the shot was inserted and that helped. The belly was fine, I did not feel anythng at all and your nurse will be showing you how to hold your "fat" up so it goes in w/ease. One tip I have is tell your hubby to pretend the shots are darts and go STRAIGHT IN... You'll be fine. My girlfriend who went through it gave me some numbing cream that her Dr gave her and that was awesome especially when I started to bruise.
Before my IVF retrieval my belly and my thighs were soooooo brusied and I went for a massage. My massage therapist told me that if I came in as a nomal patient looking like I did with all those bruises she would have talked to me about any abuse. I laughed....but no worries, the bruising does not hurt, if you do bruise. It just looks crazy...

This was my 1st IVF (I tried 9 failed IUI's on chlomid).
I put in two 3 day embries and they both took! I am so scared! :)

I am happy to share my experience, to me it is such a blessing to have the opportunity to go through IVF.... Keep me posted on your journey, I will be thinking of you. :)

Where are you located?



lucky - November 12

Lupron® and Zoladex® are injections given below the skin and Synarel® is a nasal spray. These medications are used to enable the body to produce a higher ...

hie i hope this can help understand am trying my best to provide all i can and to help people in the same run as me


lyly14 - November 12

I have heard of synarel, but I didn't know it was a nasal spray. That is interesting to know.

Michelle- Thanks for your support. I live in NY. I am not really worried about giving the injections. I have used the gonal-f and ovidrel before, it is just nerve wracking with the amount of shots. I have no problem giving myself the injections, dh is very squimish so there is no way he would be able to do them. I am a little worried about how I will do the progesterone shots myself. The thought of twins is exciting and scary. Try not to worry too much. You will be just fine with two new beautiful babies! We are scheduled to put in 2 day 3 embies too if all goes as planned. I see you already have one dd. How old is Hannah? I too have one dd, she is 9 from a previous relationship. I had no problems conceiving her, but it has been rough with my new dh. We have had 3 failed pregnancies over the past 3 and 1/2 years. First one ended at 5 weeks, next one was a chemical pregnancy, and the last miscarriage was in March of 06. I was 11 weeks pregnant. We haven't been able to get pregnant since. I give you a lot of credit. I don't know how you used clomid for 9 cycles , that stuff made me crazy. I liked the gonal-f much better. What meds did you use for your IVF cycle? And how did you feel on them?


Brianandjena - November 12

Thank you for responding to my message. I have only done one cycle of clomid so far. and of course thr iui and the trigger shot. I cant stand this 2ww.


bdantonio - November 12

The cream that you can ask the re for is alma cream works wonders put it on 20 minutes beofre and its a lidacain it numbs it great.


lucky - November 12

hie mijforney
have u only done one ivf and what was ur experience i will be strating shots in the last few weeks along with synarela nose spray so i was wondering what side effects did u feel it will be a help to hear from u my iui was very easy 2 weeks in treatment and 2 weeks waiting thats all but am worried aboat takking those eggs out how did u do what was the way they used is it painfull


mjforney - November 14

Hi Lucky:

My experience with IVF was actually a lot better than I expected. It was my first IVF after all my unsuccessful IUI's.
The shots were given to me by my dh and some of his friends when he was away on business. Non of my friends could handle it. They were not that bad, I felt like an old pro after the first week. In fact my 6 yr old daughter helped out with the Folistem pen and she wiped my spots before and after with the alcohol swabs...It was a family affair! HA!

I was very nervous about my transfer, only because I do not like being under anesthesia. After the retrieval I had a couple rough nights (everyone is differenc). It hurt to go to the bathroom (pressure), which I did oftem because of the swelling and I looked 3 motnhs prego. The third night was probably the worst for some reason.

I had my transfer of 2 eggs on day three. I went home and I literally stayed IN BED and only got up to go potty for 3 days. I even took it easy for the 4th day and did not go to work. I did not lift anything over 5 poumds for a week....I really took it easy.

I found out I was prego on my 14th day. And I am prego with twins, so they both took.

Don't be scared. Its such a positive jouney...keep us posted!

xoxoxoxoxo Best of luck and baby dust to you!


lucky - November 14

Hie mijforni thanks for ur reply
that was a great help i hope i can be as positive as u am just scared thet they have not found any problem with me or my hub so maibe my ivf will not succeed because they will not be treating any problems in any way if i make sense my periods r regular i ovalate on time then i dont understand i hope this works its my 1 ivf but another ? ratrievint the eggs i was told that u get only anesthsia in side the vigina but u r in ur sense its chaneged i think its not the all way where u have a day surgery? am not sure do lett me know if i can improve any thing before thanks very much, keep me updated with ur journey

take care lucky


lyly14 - November 15

I just found out they pushed back my start date by one day due to the office being closed the friday after Thanksgiving. I was supposed to start the lupron tomorrow and go in for a scan that next friday, but since they are going to be closed, they want me to start the lupron this Sat instead and my first scan will be the following sat.

Michelle, Just out of couriosty, how did you manage to stay in bed for 3 days with a 6 yr old and husband to take care of? I am worried about this with me. I know resting after the transfer is important, but I don't know how I am going to manage with my dd who is 9 and dh. They are both big babies and demand a lot of attention!



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