IVF -ICSI and 2WW and Symptoms :)
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jennie07 - August 15

Hey everyone, im going though my first ivf icsi cycle, Ive started my nose spray on the 22 of july and then start my injection on 25th of july i did one every morning till the 4th August and that same night i then took the trigger injection and on the monday 35 hour after the trigger injection i had egg pick up, went in at 10am and the number of eggs was writen on my hand.... I had 7 so i was so happy...after that they injecting the sperm.....A on the 7th august at a 11am i had to ring in and see how many fertilized and i had 5 fertilized embryo they frozen 3 and coculture 2.....on the 8th i had to ring in and see how the 2 embryo were doing one was 6 cells and one was 7 cell yay... so my transfer was then made for the 9th august at 9.30 am and i was out by 10.30 am and i was pregnant as they say....and the 2ww starts.....after that the second egg they cocultured to sat so i had to ring in on the 11th but it had stop growing :'( .....but im on my way so that ok.....I am 7 days into my 2ww....That take you to here i have had a few worrying thing like cramping and light headness and feeling of faint and score bbs and a little sick but im putting it down to worrying........i hope to hear from you all and where you are in your ivf cycle.....
keep postive looking forward to talking[color=Yellow][/color][


Hopeful4aBlessing - August 26

hi jennie, i see that this was posted a while back. I was reading your situation and feel like we can relate. Today is day 10 past retrieval for me. For about 3 days now I have had cramps, feels just like my period is about to come, also sore breasts, the other day a migraine....These are all symptoms of AF approaching for me....I told the Dr. they said it could be a good thing, but I am so worried....Did you get your results yet? I wish you lots of luck!


waiting2BAMOM - December 19

Hi Jennie and Hopeful,

This is my second attempt with ICSI.My previous ICSI failed due to hyperstimulation and prior to that I had an ectopic pregnancy through IUI. Today is my 7 day post ET.Till about yesterday I had cramps in my abdomen and was hopeful that probably the embies are trying to attach to mama.But today, since the time I woke up, no pains.I am having no symptoms as such, yes peeing a lot but thats because I am drinking a lot of water to avoid hyperstimulation,no headaches, heartaches,strong smell,etc.No AF symptoms either.But from what I have read in various forums its good to have AF symptoms(so hopeful you are lucky)...I am confused with zero symptoms!



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