Im going crazy!
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SherriCola - November 21

I didnt think it would be a big deal, but this 2ww is driving me nuts! I have all kinds of pregnancy signs but I know its just the medication. I keep taking home pregnancy test even though I know its to early to take them... and they are negative by the way. I had a 5day transfer on my 1st IVF on11/13 and Im supposed to take a pregnancy test at my doctors office on 11/24. The first week after transfer I was pretty calm but the closer I get to taking the test the more spastic I seem to get. Im starting to convince myself that Im not pregnant so I wont be devastated when the nurse calls me.


JaneX - November 22

I am also waiting to test after a FET. I don't get to test until Nov 30th - well that is my beta but I will probably test earlier at home. I have had 2 fresh rounds of IVF. The first one produced a delightful baby boy. The 2nd one didn't take and these are the frozen ones left over from the 2nd one. I have my fingers crossed but am not too hopeful. My embryos were perfect EXCEPT they are slow growing. So not as many cells as the RE would have likes.



SherriCola - November 22


I know Im insane but I took another pregnancy test last night and I had a faint positive. Then I took another this morning and it was a definte positive. I dont know if this is a good thing or a bad thing because if the test is wrong and I go to the doctor on Friday and they tell me .... so sorry youre not pregnant, Im going to be truly devastated. I think these pregnancy test had opened a lot of emotional ups and downs. Im going to go to the movies tonight and try and take my mind off of all this before I have a nervous breakdown.

Jane, Youve been here before so you probably arent going to fall down the slippery slope of insanity like I am. In restrospect it may have been better to just wait for the doctors appointment. I wish you success with this IVF!


cantwait4baby - November 22

I am also in my 2ww and I'm going crazy...

I just had my first IUI (after Follistem shots) on 11/10 and 11/11 and they gave me an HCG shot on 11/16 and said that I can't do a hpt for 10 days after the shot.

That day to test is this Sunday and I've already taken four hpt. I knew they'd be positive because of the HCG, but I wanted to see what a positive test looked like and then I wanted to see if the line got darker or lighter each day. My DH thinks I've lost it and I'm starting to agree. This morning when I took the hpt the second line was so faint that I'm scared the shot is getting out of my system and I really am not pregnant.

Can anyone provide any relief?


alison29 - November 22

Hi Can't wait for baby,

I completely understand what you are going through DUH! I guess that is a given on this site. If you don't feel PMS yet that is a good sign i can always tell at least 7 before af that i am not pg. I am not in tww yet that will start next week. Sometimes i feel like telling my husband to crank up the hot tub i give up can't take another disappointment but then i read about people having success after ttc for way longer then me and it provides hope. Sometimes i hear "young" mothers complaining about their children or pregnant women smoking and it makes me cry (that is when dh thinks i am nutso) because it doesn't seem fair. I just try to read fluff novels romance or other girly types to keep my mind sane when i start obsessing generally try to stay busy. I really don't think you should give up on this cycle though you have to let that little emby get implanted before it starts making the hcg hormome that takes a while...Stay positive and eat lots of turkey!


cantwait4baby - November 22

Hi Alison29!

I actually started spotting earlier today so, I called my RE and she said it wouldn't surprise her if it's implantation bleeding, but it also wouldn't surprise her if my period started soon. I would be within 12 days after ovulation so I guess it could be implantation bleeding, but this is driving me crazy...I just wish AF would hurry up and get here if she's coming. I need to know!

Have a wonderful thanksgiving and thanks again!


mamanr - November 24

I totally understand what you're going through! I just had my 3rd IUI today after 5 days of Clomid 100mg and three days of Repronex injections. I was good the first time and waited for the hcg blood test. Last time, I used an HPT the night before the blood test. I have a test left and will debate whether or not to use it the night before my test 12/8. The 2ww is nerve-wracking enough but add to that the stress of the holidays. Dh and I are just hoping that the 3rd time is the charm and we'll have a bfp for Christmas! :)


GINAMARIE - November 25

Hello everyone,

I am also in my 2wk wait and I'm an emotional mess. I don't feel pg at all, and I'm really crampy. I took a hpt test today & it came back negative. Did anyone ever take a hpt & get negative then get a positvie pg test back?I had my transfer on 11/20/06. I go to the doctors on 12/1 for the pg test.

Baby dust to all.


SherriCola - November 25

Hi Ginamarie,

I had 2 5day transfers (IVF) on 11/13 and I took a hpt on 11/19 and it came back negative. I had to wait three more days and took another one and it was positive. You are defintely testing too early. wait at least a week after 5 day transfer and more for a 2 day transfer... more for IUI.


JaneX - November 25

Ginamarie, I am with SherriCola on this one - you are testing way too early! I had a FET the day before you and I still have not had the nerve to test. I will try and wait until Monday. Although I had an injection 3 days after the transfer to try and help them burrow in so I need to check to see if that will interfer with the HPT.



GINAMARIE - November 25

Hello, Sherricola, & Janex

Thank you both for responding. I know I tested to early, my DH was so mad at me. I just don't feel pg, I have bad cramps, but no boob soreness. The last two days all I've done is cry. AF is due on tuesday, so I'm really nervous & I hope that she doesn't show up.

Sherricola, Congratulations!!! How are you feeling?

Jane, When do you get your results back? What is that injection you had called? I never heard of that, sounds interesting.

Lots of baby dust!!!!


Davida - November 25


I am too going insane. I see my doctor on Thursday for my pregnancy test. I do not have breast soreness. However, I am cramping on and off. Also, I noticed some dark brown spots but it is on and off. My body says that I should be pregnant but my mind tells me to be cautious. This is my 3rd IVF and I dont know if I will be able to handle it if this round does not work either.
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DH-34, TTC 4 yrs. Unknown infertility. On 3rd round of IVF. 1st 2 were unsucces


SherriCola - November 26

Hi Ginamarie,

Im nervous, I have another pregnancy test on monday so they can compare hcg levels to see if the fetus is developing. Actually Im a little numb, and a bit surprised it was my first IVF and before I went in I had just prepared myselft mentally that I may have to undergoe the procedure several times. So now im a skeptic... I think I will be able to accept everything If everything goes well with the second pg test.

For some of us the drama doesnt end at the end of the 2ww. We have been working towards a BFP that when it comes, Im almost asking the doctor to "Prove it to me". I have to reprogrogram myself. I was ready for a long fight to get a BFP and this seems to easy.

I know, I know I should be grateful and happy and I am. But I almost feel like if I accpet this right now and get toooo emotionally attached and something happens I wont be emotionally capable of starting this all over again.


badutility - November 27

Hello All,

Just wanted some insight on the 2 week wait.. Symptoms are foods tasting odd, a spike in my temperature on and off, but having cramps in lower abs. Menstrual should be here around 12/6. Could ovulex be causing pregnant like symptoms? Any advice or suggestions would be great it's been 12 years since I've given


GINAMARIE - November 27

Sherricola, I know exactly how your feeling. We get ourselves so excited to get at BFP but there is so much more that has to be tested. This is my second try, the first IVF was a BFP but I m/c. So I know that I'm gonna be a nervous wreck, for a while if I get a BFP. All I can say is to be positive. Things are gonna be okay, and our miracles will come in time!!!!! I will be praying for you, let me know how the beta test went.



Maxsmommy - November 27

I am new to this site and love it already! I have had such an education the last nine days on this 2ww, but I have to say that your site and members really talk about the stuff that noone in the outside world really understands :(

Anyhow, I am a mommy of a four year old, met my husband much later than I would have liked, and we have tried for at least 2 1/2 years for #2. On November 17th, I had a 3 -8 cell, embryo transfer and I test on the 28th.

I have also struggled with HPT, it is amazing how much alike many of us are in this arena. Luckily, my husband just plain supports me.

My symptoms have been super sore breasts, lower ab fullness, and higher temp...100.4 and no spotting. I do am/pm progesterone and 2 times per week Estrodial @ 1cc. Does any of this sound familar? My son was conceived naturally and only 4 months into my relationship with my DH (not even close to being married at that point!)...he was my little blessing and a test of faith for me.

Well, that is my situation! Thanks for all your info and experience, it does help :)


JaneX - November 27

I have started spotting and am guessing it is my period. My Beta is not meant to be until the 30th. I am going to call my RE in the morning and ask if we can start a fresh cycle this cycle as I had a frozen cycle last time. I hope I can.




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