icsi 2 week wait
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wannabemom - July 22

I can't stand the wait to find out what the result of my icsi will be....been postive before to find out that it was a chemical pregnancy. Has anyone else gone through that? Keep paitent is an under statement.


Frisbee Girl - July 23

I totally hear you. This is our third IVF, all were ICSI (male factor). Also, I'm of "advanced maternal age" being a sage old woman at 43. :) So, we did ICSI and Assisted Hatching. First one was low HcG to start and rose to about 1800 but there was an empty sac on week 5. They called it chemical. Second was much higher HcG at first beta, but it didn't grow, slowly declined to nothing. Also chemical. This last one, I just got my results today: HcG = 409! We transfered 2 Grade AA blasts (as we did each time), but these were apparently good eggs! So, ICSI works!!


wannabemom - July 24

It is very confusing to have a "chemical" pregnancy...never enven heard of such a thing until I started going through this. It is crazy. Good luck to you and keep me posted on whats going on.!


jennie07 - August 13

hey there to everyone my name is jennie...i am new and this is the first time i have gone though icsi i have done the spray and injection the trigger and ec, and the transfer so scary but worth it......im now on my 5 day of my two week wait so hard and get funny feeling like light headed and feel of sick and a little shakey feeling i dont know if its me worrying or something bad can anyone tell me if they feel anything the same is it good or bad????please help


wannabemom - August 13

I got positive results on after waiting the 2 weeks. I feel good about it, but I still have the ultrasound to go through. This Wednesday 8/15 is the big day. I just pray that there is a baby inside. I don't know if I can handle another chemical pregnancy. I feel preg...but I did the last time, too. I am worried, but I am going to keep my hope up. I just know that ICSI works, so why can't I be one of the ones that works?!? AUGH! 2 more days of waiting.


Red - August 14

wannabemom~I read your recent post and wondered how far along you were before your unfortunate news of a chemical pregnancy came up? I, too, had a chemical my 1st cycle and now had a BFP but they aren't doubling. I also don't want that news again and worry. I realize I can't change God's plan, but I still worry that it's chemical or something else negative. Thanks and I pray your u/s goes positive! Good luck!


wannabemom - August 15

They did an ultrasound at 6 weeks, told me they thought it may have been a little early come back the following week. When I went back at 7 weeks, they told me that there was nothing there, other than a sac..no baby. Talking devastation! I think that's why I am so nervous about tomorrow's ultrasound. Good luck to everyone.



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