i'm so nervous
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1more... - October 13

Hey Jules,

I am sorry to hear that you might not be pregnant but hey continue to be optimistic until the actual flow. I know what you mean about the frustration of keeping going or stopping but reality is that the only one that can make that decision is you. Talk it over with hubby and see what he tells you if to keep going, to get this battle over or to wait until March....I would keep going...I will have my HPT on Sunday I get really disappointed and discourged when I see the post of people who didn't get pregnant but I am trying to be optimistic. I had two iui one 09/29/06 and the other 09/30/06 1 st time. With my son it happened the 1st time too but not iui only clomid 50 mg so there is hope...You can write to me any time you want to vent I will hear you because I know what you are going through...But yet I still have not tested...Good Luck and keep me posted


1more... - October 13

Hi Wannabemom,

This is my first IUI and yes it can work the 1st time so don't get discouraged. I can understand the mixed emotions of symptoms because I have had them on and off. However, with my son the first time I did not have any symptoms. My test will be HPT not blood work however I want to go in the doctor's office for a blood test. I am so afraid of taking HPT and it being negative I am very hopeful and I know that it can happened so please stay positive and keep me posted....


mamanr - October 14


I can understand your turmoil over what to do. I, too, am a teacher and can relate to timing of pregnancy. My hope is that within the next 2 months it will happen. The timing would not have been great if my first IUI had worked - June is a busy time for me with two state tests to give. My principal (a woman) has been very supportive and understanding and our secretary has been great at getting me a sub for half-days so I can go to the RE, especially when they were doing u/s around ovulation last month - I was out 3 times that week alone. You're in my thoughts.



1more... - October 15

Hi Guys...

I wanted to let you know that the test came back positive so please stay positive and Good Luck to all of you and you will be in my prayers.....


wannabemom - October 15

Great news for you! Hope all goes well. I find out on Tuesday my blood results. I hope to send happy messages along to everyone. Keep in touch.


hopefulinla - October 16

Congratulations 1 more...!!! That is such great news. Best of luck to all of you thru this journey. It's definitely can be challenging to stay positive, but keep it up and wonderful things will happen. All my thoughts, amy



Congrats 1more:

Great news!! best of luck to you..
I have been here in the 2ww 5 times with 5 failed IUIs
now today we had our 1st IVF transfer. Trying to stay positive the 2ww is the worst.. Going to try and stay busy doing some fun stuff i enjoy.. time seems to fly by until your in the 2ww at times it feels like time is standing still.:) would like to join all of you with a bfp!!


mamanr - October 23

I'm back in the 2 ww again. I had my second IUI today - not as bad as the first one, no cramping or spotting yet. I go exactly 2 wks from today for hcg blood test to find out if it worked this time. I've learned a lot since the first IUI in September and feel I'm better prepared this time around. Keep your fingers crossed for dh and me and please pray for us.



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