How faint is faint?
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JamieP - March 4

We are on our 2ww. We had 1 FET (a 4 day old one) 8 days ago so I am not sure if we are on day 11 or 12 of the 2 ww. When do you start counting - the day of the transfer or the day after? We did a HPT this morning using clear blue and after about 90 seconds it gave a faint + and then by 15 minutes later it was gone and just the - line left. When I say faint it was really very faint but it was definitely there.

Any advice?



bdantonio - March 4

most hpt tests will show a negative fter about 15 minutes. I have kept both my daughters tests in their keepsakes and they look negative now


JamieP - March 4

Thanks. Lets hope it was a positive. My DH would have me testing every 5 minutes! but I will try and wait another day or so before I try again.



Marina - March 4

I know, that normaly second line gets darker with time,but not disapear...Test tomorrow anyway.
Jamie,can you please tell me your expirience with FET?Obviosly,you failed fresh cycle.How many did you transfer?What quiality?Did you have to do Lupron or it was natural cycle?
We just lost our baby at 16 weeks after 1st fresh IVF and I'm trying to figure out what to do next...


JamieP - March 5

Marina, this FET was actually left over from a fresh cycle that was successful. FET is much less stressful and less time consuming than a fresh cycle. I did it without Lupron - basically just a natural cycle although I was given estrogen and progesterone of course. I only transfered one as I do not want a twin pregnancy. It was of very good quality.

I did another test this morning and it was positive again and darker this time and it did not fade.



Marina - March 5

Jamie,thanks for the reply!It's a very good news,you are PG!Gives me a hope.Good luck!


JamieP - March 9

I just got the results of my Beta and at 12 days past a 4 day transfer my number is 170. The nurse said it was a good strong number.




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