Here we go again...
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Nix - July 24

Hi all,
As I'm sure u have all read by now, I got a BFN on my HPT on Sunday, I went to the doctor yesterday and they did the beta - just to make sure and BFN - big surprize (not!). So I will be starting my Clomid 50mg again this Thursday and have my second IUI sometime in early August. I really hope this one works! I was under the impression that my chances of getting a BFP would get better with each IUI that I did - but I found out yesterday that they don't get better, they just get worse after the 3rd attempt. I am trying not to get dispondent, but it's difficult! I'll be back on my 2ww soon - so see you all there!
Oh and Frisbee Girl - Congratulations on your BFP!!!! I am so happy for you!!!


Frisbee Girl - July 24

Thank you! We did 3 IUIs first, and then Doctor said "Move to IVF." Don't keep doing IUIs... altho Trababy is the exception to the rule. On her fifth IUI she conceived. But I think if it's age or male related, don't keep doing IUIs.

Good luck to you this cycle! Let's hope/pray this is your month! :)


Nix - August 2

Hi all
Had my mid-cycle u/s today and I have 6 follices (last month I had 4), the biggest one is 1.6cm so it looks like we will be doing the IUI on Sunday or Monday. I am a lot less excited this time, after getting a BFN last time. I really don't want to get my hopes up again, but I am still hoping and praying!
So, I'll be on the 2ww again from Monday! URGH! Let's hope this time it doesn't feel as long as last time - although I'm sure it will feel like FOREVER!


mjforney - October 17

Hi Nix:

How did your last IUI go? I was reading your posts. My hubby and I did 8 IUI's and none took. we went to IVF and got BFP after the 1st attempt. How is your body taking the chlomid? I gained so much weight on chlomid and boy was I emotional.

Let us know if you go through IVF there is a lot of support here.



Nix - October 17

Hi Michelle,
Thanks for the msg. Unfortunately, that IUI did not work! I am about to go for my 5th in a couple of weeks. This will be my last attempt at IUI, if it is BFN again, we are going to move onto IVF. We have decided to go to South Africa to have the IVF done as we are both from South Africa and the IVF is a quarter of what it would cost here (it's about $3 500 over there).
I do not have much hope that this IUI will work, but my husband really wants to try one last time, so here I go - back on that awful Clomid!
This time I am taking 100mg, as opposed to the last few times with 50mgs. Hope it makes a difference - but I doubt it. Clomid is the WORST!!! I gained almost 10 lbs, and I am a NIGHTMARE to live with - my poor husband!!
If you don't mind me asking, do you have male or female fertility issues? My hasband has a low-ish sperm count and poor motility, which is why I think that the IUI isn't working. I have no fertility problems.

Chat soon


bdantonio - October 17

nix is he on meds?


Nix - October 17

Hi Beth,
No he isn't on any meds. I didn't know there was anything he could take!?
He has varicocele, and has decided not to have the operation to correct it, as the doc says that there is only a small chance that by having the operation it will improve his fertility.



bdantonio - October 17

i read online that men can take clomid also to help with sperm count ask re


mjforney - October 18

Hi Nixx:

Our problem was my hubby...he had NO sperm due to cancer treatments. We had to go with Donor sperm which was volume at 50million. I had to be on chlomid though to increase my chances...hated it! I also have gained 10 more lbs being on all these drugs for IVF..but it will be worth it in the end,,,,, I will just have to try and get on an episode of The biggest loser" when this is all over! HA~

When I got prego with my daughter 6 years ago I was only 100 lbs and than I was at 132 at birth and have not been able to drop any less than 125 for 6 years... so I am nervous about this one.

Take care and good luck with the IUI....


mjforney - October 19

My hubby is on chlomid... and is to build testosterone. Your hubby will have to be tested first before he goes on it and you would have to take him to a urologist or reproductive urologist for it. Many family physicians look down at men being on it. They will first have to test his testosterone levels. If his tstosterone levels get to high it would kill sperm.

My husband's levels were at 132 and after being on chlomid (1/2 pill a day) for 2 weeks it went to 675! But you do not want it much past 800 according to our Dr.

My husband is treated by a very well respected Dr, who is AMAZING!! You can find him on line and read about some of his amazing finds in fertility. Dr. Paul Turek...UCSF San Francisco.

Due to my hubby becoming very aggressive and his personality changing while on chlomid (he though he was superman) he was cut back to 1/4 pill every 3 days!!



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