Help with Progesterone levels and hormone levels
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paulandcathy - August 22

Hey. I am so glad that I found this site. I am the DH, I am scientific minded and all of this just fascinates me. I am a pharmaceutical rep. My lovely wife just wants me to tell her what she needs to take and when to take it. The doctors office called about her labwork today. We go in 4 days for our pg test. This is our first ivf. We are optimisticly hopeful ;D

She could not remember exactly what numbers went with what, but she said they were 199 and 34. I am assuming the 199 in progesterone and 34 was estradiol.

Any help on these and what they might mean. I would look online a little bit more, but I have to get supper ready. I will check back here later.

I was crying the other night just from all of the stories. I think giving all of these injections are making me emotional too ;)

I hope you all have a great night.


ivfrn - August 23

Most likely the 199 was the estradiol level and the 34 was the progesterone.

What type of fertility treatment did you go through? IVF?


paulandcathy - August 23

Yes, this is our first round of IVF. We had 3 failed attempts at IUI. We found out today that you were correct on the numbers. They said that it all looked good and "normal", but does anyone else have any information on our "chances"?


liz - August 23

Hi Paul and Cathy -

I just wanted to wish you both the best of luck. I know all to well how hard these days can be leading up to testing day. The only advice I have in order to keep yourself sane is keep busy. I know that may sound easier said then done but I know from my own experience the more I thought about the issue at hand the more crazy I became.

My re had told me that at 23 dpo they want to see your Estrodiol over 100 and your progesterone over 10. Your wifes numbers look good.

Best of luck to you!


paulandcathy - August 27

I just wanted to thank everyone for their prayers. We went for our pg test on Friday. After a VERY VERY long 2ww, we got a positive test. I couldn't go to sleep the night before and once I got to sleep, I couldn't stay asleep. Just soooo nervous and anxious.

Still on 2 weeks of progesterone @ 1cc, go for ultrasound in 2 weeks.


liz - August 27

Paul and Cathy -

Congratulations! I am so happy to hear you got a BFP!
Best of luck to you.

I am on progesterone supp. and was told that I would need to stay on them for the first trimester. I think it depends on the re's beliefs but believe it or not I think you do get used to the progesterone.



paulandcathy - August 27

Thanks! We are soooo happy to have gotten a BFP! I am still giving 1cc of progersterone every night. We go tomorrow for more bloodwork and an ultrasound in 2 weeks. They said after 2 more weeks they would start to taper us to 1/2 cc at night....working our way to the suppositories. Her nurse told her that many say the suppositories are worse than the shots, but said they were messier. Is that the only reason why they are worse? What makes the suppositories bad?


liz - August 27

You are very welcome! This is such an exciting time for you, I am very happy for you.

The suppositories are a great deal messer. You tend to have leakage so wearing a liner is a definate must for them. I have been on them twice a day morning and bedtime since 1 dpo, I am now 6 weeks preg. and have another 6 to go. Some women say they get discomfort from the supp. however I do not. The only problem I have is the leakage and really it is not that bad. Wearing a panty liner becomes a 24/7 deal. A small price to pay for our little bundles of joy.

When is the 2 week u/s?

Good luck


fortune - December 1


My dr does 2 tests of progest a estro in my 2ww but does anybody know if in the second the numbers drop alittle? my dr say it normal and to be expected but maybe he is just saying that?


liz - December 1

Hi Cookie,

I went back and looked at my journel to see what my progesterone did the month I conceived. On day 17 (4dpo) my progesterone was 24.7. At day 25 (12dpo) my progesterone was 52.9. That is very high but I was also pregnant with twins, so please keep in mind that everything was double. 2 days later I tested again progesterone in the 30's. So for me my progesterone did peak but then dropped down again. around 14 dpo. I know from previous cycles that your progesterone does drop real low right before af's arrival.

I hope this helps.
Best of luck to you



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