Having a baby!!
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Applebottom2 - November 6

Just wanted to thank all of you who sent me wonderful wishes and congrads. I did go to the doctor on Friday 11/3/06 and I am pregnant. My due date is June 16th. I will have two months before I go back to school and this will give me plently of time to get my self back in shape and fine a good day care hopefully one on one. To all of you keep the faith and God will work it out in your favor. I will keep my prayers coming your way and continue to keep me in your prayers because these cramps are killing me and I am always hungry. Take care and Baby Dust to all.

Applebottom2 ::)


cantwait4baby - November 14

Congrats! How exciting for you and your family...
I was just wondering what pregnancy symptoms you were having during your 2ww (if any)? I just had my first IUI on 11/10 and 11/11 and I can't stand the waiting...

Congrats again:)


Applebottom2 - November 14

Hi and thank you for the wonderful thoughts. As for me I had really bad cramping and I had to go to the bathroom a lot. I thought I was getting my AF, but it never came. I did test early and I got a negative and I thought that was it for me, but I joined this site and I started reading some of the topics and learn a lot about how the medications might make you think you are not. I eventually wait the full two weeks and I checked about the 14th day and I got a positive. Went to the doctor and it was right. I still have cramps and I still continue to use the bathroom. Stay encourage and good luck to you. Plently of Baby Dust your way.



cantwait4baby - November 16


How early did you take the first hpt? I just got an HCG shot today and they checked my progesterone levels. They said I could take a hpt in 10 days...



Applebottom2 - November 20


I took the first hpt about 5 days after I had the IUI. It was negative and I thought it was all over for me, but I begin reading and I joined this group and I learned a lot of things and that is when I realized I needed to wait longer because of all the medications that I was on and it could give a false reading. Waited about 10 more days and got a positive reading. I am going on my 9th week. I am excited. Keep thinking good thoughts and wait like they say, give yourself a extra day or two and then test (14) days. Take care and keep me posted. Much Baby Dust your way!!!!



Applebottom2 - November 20


Sorry I spelled your name wrong.




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