Halfway to Date of Ptest
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lisa13 - October 21

my stomach has been quite large since retrieval as well.
I have been thinking about daniella and meg; wishing you both well tommorrow
happy thoughts.

michelle were did you get that cute ticker did you have to pay for it


JENNY22074 - October 21

Hey Lindsay - I live in Hanover PA. Yes it feels good to be this far along but it has not come without worries. I started "leaking" in the middle of this week and was very concerned. Went to labor and delivery and cometo find out increased vaginal discharge. See you all will have an advantage because I will tell you what and around when I felt this or that. Also after my 1st trimester screening at 12 weeks a few days later I was grocery shopping with the DH and got a severe charlie horse type cramp in the middle of my uterus. Came home and put my feet up and tried to lay on this side and that side no luck. Went to labor and delivery just a little mixture of over exertion and not enough fluid intake that day.

Take it easy on the major housework during the first trimester. My hubby would not let me do any of the vaccuming or a lot of bending over. If housework can wait let it wait or kindly ask hubby to help you out. Just take it really easy on your body. It is going through a lot of changes right now. Also, make sure you talk with your OB or RE before boarding the airplane. Should not be any issues just let them know ahead of time. Swollen bellies...normal side effect from HCG hormone, the injections from the IVF treatments, pretty much everything. My RE told me that it will go away after the baby is born. Most of it is fluid retention from everything that your body has been through to get pregnant. NOw that you are pregnant you will continue to "feel"/"look" swollen.

Michelle - honey no worries. I thought something was wrong also because all I had was sore boobs, frequent urination, and tired. I felt crampy when I missed my first AF and when I missed my 2nd AF. More on the first then on the second. If you read my frequent posts from the beginning of my journey you will see how paranoid I was without symptoms. Okay ladies I will close for now since I darn near wrote a book. Talk to you all later.


mjforney - October 21

Hi Lisa... I got my ticker on baby-gaga.com. I will message you how to do it. It's a lot like we do on myspace so that you can have a head start on learning how to set up myspace! HA!

Thanks to Jenn she taught me how to do it on here... :)


Meggemd - October 21

Daniella -

I am glad that your three pg tests were positive. I hope Mondays will be as well.

My weekend was very nice - we went camping in upstate NY. We have a RV so I was not in a tent! It was very relaxing and the leaves were beautiful.

Baby dust to you tomorrow - I am scared myself.



doglover - October 21

I just wanted to wish you girls good luck tomorrow-I will be thinking of you!!!!

I am nervous about my bw tomorrow as well-I would rather not be pregnant at all than to go through the whole mc thing again...

Lisa-I was really sick with a cold and could not take any meds. It sucked. Hope you feel better. I finally stopped blowing my nose a few days ago. I have heard multiple people comment on getting flu like symptoms when they get pregnant.

Take care,


wolffie - October 21

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Meg - your weekend sounded very relaxing. Did it help to take your mind off tomorrow? I go in for blood at 6:30am, how about you?

Michelle - I'm glad you made the decision to go to Italy! You will have such a fantastic time.

Lindsay - How is your mom doing? Have you shared the news with your family yet?

Lisa - So sorry to hear about your cold. How many more times will your doc have you go back in for more b/w?



Meggemd - October 21

Daniella -

I go in at 7am but I have to get there about 1/2 hour earlier so I can make it to work on time.

I decided to go to work to keep my mind off the results but I think I am going to leave my phone in the car. I dont want the news either way while I am at work. I will wait til I am home to take the message and/or return the call to my dr.

My boobs are killing me today and I my stomach is bothering me - I am sure it is just nerves. Hope we all can sleep tonight! I have been so tired so I hope that overrides my nerves.

Take care, Meg


mjforney - October 21

Daniella, Linds and Meg:

BABY DUST TO YOU THREE! I know you will all find out that you are pregnant all on the same day which means TRIPLETS since all three of you are on the same schedule! hehe!!!

I am starting another posting forum with your names non it under the 2ww for tomorrow so we can all look and keep up for your results, OK???

Lots of xoxoxoxox's to you three..

With all of these great results, you three, Jen, Lisa and I will all have to have a reunion when the babies arrive next summer... Our due dates will all be in perfect timing for the summer!!


lisa13 - October 22

Hey Daniella-
every time i sneez i thing i am dislodging my baby= isn't that ridiculous; but seriously i have been spotting which does not make me happy. i go tommorrow for blood work. my spotting is brwnish pink. I think everything is fine-womens intuition.

Ill be think of you and meg all day tommorrow=happy thoughts
good luck you don't need it.


wolffie - October 22

Lisa -

I hope everything goes well for you tomorrow. I'm sure it will be fine.
Have you told many people about your news? If we get a positive my hubby and I aren't sure when to tell friends and family.



lisa13 - October 22

Yea I told all my friends and the people i work with; I think it is kind of hard not to because they kind go through the whole process. on the other hand my dh told know one.. that is the difference between men and women.

if you can text me with your results. ill be on pins and needles all day 8474361216

happy happy thoughts
swt drms


wolffie - October 22

Jen -

I did acupuncture through my IVF cycle. I loved it! Realy did not hurt and I swear it works wonders. Make sure you go to someone who specializes in fertility acupuncture. I live in the Chicago land area and there is a center here called Pulling Down The Moon. The specialize in holistic treatments for infertilitya dn work with clinics. I also did yoga for fertiity. If it didn't do anything medically it sure did help with me stress level! I can't say it had anything to do with the acupuncture but i did get a positive result from my IVF today!




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