Halfway to Date of Ptest
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mjforney - October 19




doglover - October 19

Hi girls
Thank you for thinking of me today! I am so excited to say that I am PREGNANT!!!! My beta was 172!! I go back on Monday to see if they are doubling. I cannot write much now, but I definitely want to keep in touch with you guys so we can continue this together!!

Take care,


Meggemd - October 19

Lindsay - Great news and best of luck to you. Meg


lisa13 - October 19

I am sooooooooo happy
I knew it
enjoy the news.
i have my 3rd blood test on monday so will both have more news
all my love and happiness to you and your family


wolffie - October 19

Lindsay -

CONGRATS!!!!!!! So happy to hear the great news!



wolffie - October 19

Lisa - How have you been feeling?

Meg - How are you holding up?

Well ladies...I have a confession to makes. I too caved and took a hpt...or three! I took one Wed, Thurs, and Fri...all were positive. I'm hoping that means good news! My hubby was not very happy that I caved and is being apprehensive. I go in Monday for blood.



JENNY22074 - October 20

Congratulations Lindsay.

Wolfie it sounds like congrats are in order for you as well. We will certainly see come Monday.

Talk to you all later.


lisa13 - October 20

Dear Daniella-
yeaa Daniella that makes me so happy. we have a good crew going . We all just have to keep positive thoughts with you and meg for monday. I am exhaaausted.
little crampy today. It might be from the xtra progesterone- mored testing on monday. the next 2 day are horrible. try to keep busy. 3 positive test great sign.


wolffie - October 20

Lisa -

Any new news on the progesterone? When will you have your ultrasound?



lisa13 - October 20

Hey Daniella;
my projesterone almost double to 13.8 so that is great; hope is doubles again on monday.
swt drmsxoxox:D hang in there this weekend
how are you feeling?


wolffie - October 20

Lisa -

I've been feeling fine. I had a little cramping on wed. and thurs. and back ache yesterday. I'm looking forward to getting monday over so we have a definite answer! I plan on being very busy this weekend.

How is you hubby doing with your great news?



doglover - October 20

Daniella-that is SOOOO exciting-I cannot wait for Monday!! We are a lucky group!

Meg-How is your weekend? How are you feeling?

Lisa-I am glad your progesterone is higher. I am always scared about my level bc of my prior mc. They told me my level was >160 yesterday. I did an in vitro drug study, and we are only using crinone gel vaginally once a day. I have never had to do the scary progesterone shots...

Jenny-thanks for all your support. You must be happy to be as far along as you are! Do you live in PA? I live in Philly...

I have a question for you girls. My house is an absolute disaster from the past 2 weeks. Do you think I can safely vacuum, clean the floors, etc? I have been picking up the past 2 hours, and I am crampy.

One other question-I am flying home to see my family Nov. 1-is that okay?



mjforney - October 20

Great news Linds.. I was thinking about you all day yesterday!!! YIPPEE!!

We are on a roll ladies... we have had NO BFN's yet...Lets keep the momentum going. YIPPY!!

Linds- I am sure it is ok for you to fly on Nov. 1... I am flying to Milan, Italy on November 14th!! I just will not be able to drink any of that wonderful wine there! Oh well, I live in the Napa Valley anyway!!

I am so happy for you.. ONLY 2 MORE LADIES TO GO... :D ;D :D ;D :D ;D 8)


doglover - October 20

Thanks Michelle! I am so jealous you are going to Italy. My husband and I got married in Tuscany and returned for our one year anniversary in May. We love it there!! How are you feeling? I am a bit crampy and have lower back pain today. Worst of all, I am really constipated. I look like I am 4 months pregnant...


mjforney - October 20

My tummy finally started to settle down from my retrieval just this week and my retrieval date was 9/25.

I feel good...just tired and have to go to the bathroom more than normal. I am wanting more side effects of pregnancy for reassuring, but I should be careful what I wish for! Lol~

My ultrasound is on the 29th.... 10 more long days to wait~~

I am excited to go to Italy (Milan and Venice) we will only be gone for 6 days! Its a business trip for my hubby but I will make the best of it at the purse & shoe shops! HA!

Have a great pregnant weekend! HA! :)


lisa13 - October 21

my stomach has been quite large since retrieval as well.
I have been thinking about daniella and meg; wishing you both well tommorrow
happy thoughts.

michelle were did you get that cute ticker did you have to pay for it



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