Halfway to Date of Ptest
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lisa13 - October 15

Hey michelle; w
when is your next bt


doglover - October 15

Hi all-

Uggh-now I think I am getting a chest cold. I am never sick so this is irritating...

Lisa, thanks for asking about my mom. All is as well as could be expected. She is only 62 and received a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease so it has been hard for my sister and I to accept this. It is a very sad disease. I live in Philadelphia but went to school in St. Louis, MO and spent a summer living in Chicago. I grew up in Missouri.
Your bloodtest is soon!!

Hope everyone is well-Lindsay


lisa13 - October 15

Dear Lindsay;

That is very sad about your mom. Its sounds like she has 2 wonderful daughters to watch out for her. That is a blessing; remember that. yea my bt is wednesday;

have a good day;


wolffie - October 15

Hi Ladies -

How is everyone doing today?

Lindsay - So sorry to hear about your mom. What a difficult disease. I'll keep you in my thoughts.

I am one week away from my blood test. I woke up today feeling horribly nauseous. It lasted until early afternoon and so tired! Did anyone else experience nausea this early after transfer (I am 5 days post transfer)?

Hope everyone had a good day.



doglover - October 15

Lisa, just wanted to wish you the best of luck tomorrow-I think you will get good news. I will be thinking of you!!

Daniella-those signs sound wonderful. I am quite envious. Even with a progesterone level of 120, I have no signs (no sore boobs, no cramps, no fatigue). I resumed all my normal activities since I do not suspect a positive pregnancy. I also feel relieved because I bought a plane ticket home to visit my mom as well.

Good luck girls!!


lisa13 - October 16

thanx linds;
you stay positive girl!!!!!!! i am praying for you.


mjforney - October 16

Hey ladies:
Sorry I have been MIA! I have been so busy at work and on the road!

Lisa... Lisa...Lisa... I am so excited. Have you done any more hpt's? I researched on line and you rarely, rarely, rarely get false positives.... I can't wait until your beta!
How is work going? I read the side effects you are having and the funny thing is that I had lower back ache at the same time!
I have not had any symtoms all week! I wish I had some, at least morning sickness...ha! I had my 2nd Beta on Friday and my hcg numbers more than doubled, they were at 553. I went shopping at old navy yesterday and bought a bunch of maternity type shirts for $1.97...it was fun...I know I am only 5 weeks but the excitment takes over! I can not wait to your blood beta...have I said that yet??? I just cant wait!!!

So what are everyone's exact 1st BETA's? I am getting lost with all these postings.... I have to send all the baby dust your way andI am going to put them on my pregnancy calendar for good luck!

Lisa... yours is only in 2 more days...right?
Lindsay...what is your date?
Daniella....what is your date??
Anjabelle...when is yours??

Hope you are all feeling well also...

I am thinking of you all!
I hope we all move over to the pregnancy forum together! In fact I am not moving over there without you ladies....so I am just waiting... It's like the 2ww all over again for me. :)

Best, Bestest and all the BESTEST wishes to you all.

Thinking of you,


mjforney - October 16


I just wanted to write a seperate note for you. I am sorry to hear about your mom. Please stay strong. I know it is hard. My dad is in the process of Dr.'s appts for Dimensia...

I did see a program this morning on Alzheimers. They are close to a "cure" or a "prevention". It was on the San Francisco news channel 2. Maybe if you go on line you can find the topic. I will look for you as well.. It may provide you some positive food for thought.

Hang in there and don't forget to take care of yourself...

I will be thinking of you. :)


lisa13 - October 16

Hey Mich-:)

you are so funny!!!!!! I knew I liked you I am obsessed with oldnavy. 1.97 sounds like a pretty good deal. I did 2 hpt. first heavy line; 2nd reaaaaaaaal faint line-- I kind of freaked and dh was mad i even got involved in the hpt. I called my office today. they said come tommorrow(tuesday at 830 and then straight to work. to think about it until i get the call. How are you feeling? do u know your due date.? I am glad you posted; i thought you forgot about me:( ha.
my nerves are frayed and dh is sleeping. I am going watch the bachelor and try to sleep ugh.


mjforney - October 16

Hey Lisa:
I was watching the bachelor as well... I like Jenny...I really do, why is all the other girls so against her? jealousy?? Obviousley...I don;t like McCarten though!

So.. you are going in tomorrow? Oh my goodness!!! I thought your test was Wednesday .. I am working all day on the road.... can you text me?? 707-481-8887...I will be thinking of you all day.

Ley me know....k??? I have NOT forgotten you... silly girl!!



doglover - October 16

Good morning girls!
I watched Bachelor last night-I think Jenny is great. My husband says he hates the show, but I catch him looking from under his book. He also snatches my US magazines all the time, supposedly for toilet reading.

Michelle, thanks for letting me know about the segment on Alzheimer's-I will have to look online. My best friend from childhood went and visited my mom yesterday (she is visiting from Jordan where she lives with her husband). My mom was very open with her, and I was grateful for that. She tries to shield me from what is truly going on, because I become upset.
Also, CONGRATS on the beta-you must be so happy!!!!

So I started to resume all my normal activities as I feel this cycle is doomed. Okay Lisa, you will appreciate this...and I decided to do a hpt to be safe. Keep in mind today is Tues am, and I do not test until Fri am (on Friday it will be 10 days past my 3 day transfer). If I really squint, I can see the faintest second line on the test. I am convinced it is from my hcg shot. What do you guys think? I took Ovidrel only 12 days ago...

So now I am paranoid about continuing with all the activity I have been doing the past few days under the assumption my test was negative. And I still have NO SIGNS-no cramping, sore boobs, etc. I only have the gas I predictably get every week before my period.



wolffie - October 16

Lisa -
Good luck today! I'm sending you lots of positive thought. Can't wait to hear!

Stay positive!

My beta is on the 22nd...still a week away...ugh

- daniella


mjforney - October 16


Stay positive dear! It is important to tell yourself that you are keeping the faith. In my lst 8 IUI's that did not work I was so negative everytime. I would get inseminated and I would immediatley say.."Well, that was a waste! and it didn;t work!"...and sure enough I gave myself negative results!!

Keep the faith and tell yourself that this IS going to work andif it does now...well, it WILL next time!!

They say that hcg/ovidril shots stay in our system for 10-14 days from the day of the shot.....everything I read on line has the minimum day as 10 and the max as 14... If you want to retake the hpt take it on Wed or Thurs.... Don't be discouraged with a faint line either...Even if you are only producing 20mg of hcg hormone there is a chance it can pick up a line and my hormone level was at 258 on day 14!!! SO...... keep the faith and hope!!

If you have a girl you have to name her either FAITH Or HOPE...I have decided.... Or you can name her Michelle....HA!!!!

Have a great day ladies...I am still praying for you and by the way...I am glad McCarten is off the show...she did not have a personality at all... Blah....



wolffie - October 17

Lisa -

Any news? Dying to hear!



lisa13 - October 17

thanks everyone for alllllllll your support it means so much to me; Just waiting for daniella,anjabell, meg, lindsay,lrc and wantaboy to come aboard!!!!!!

happy, happy baby thoughts...

i am nervous about my 7.5 projesterone; anyone know anything about this?
my best


doglover - October 17

Hey Lisa
I used to have problems with low progesterone. They always wanted mine to be above 20, but I am not sure how low is too low. My first miscarriage was suspected to be due to low progesterone so I am always worried about it. What supplement are you on?




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