Frozen Blastocysts Transfer
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karystos - May 16

Hi Everyone!
Is there anyone out there that has been through this? I would love feedback!
I just did FET #1 with 2 frozen blastocysts. I was happy they both thawed. The embryologist however told me that one was graded fair and the other a little better than fair. My heart sank. ALthough I've remained positive so far, it's only a 20%. I have had one failed ivf/isci that resulted in ohss.
Good luck to all that are on the quest to become a mommy!


Red - May 17

I guess I would be curious too as we had a blastocyst transfer with an "A" and an "A-" quality embryos and, unfortunately, it was a chemical pregnancy. It always amazes me that when you hear them say it is a near perfect transfer, that you could have anything other than a bfp! We have a follow up appt. w/ our Dr. next Thursday so we can hopefully have some of our questions answered. I pray it is in God's will soon for us to have children and for all of the women on the path to mommyhood!


LeahBusani - July 23

hey How are you? i researched about the frozen blastocysts transfer on IVF.COM and this is what its says

Frozen Blastocyst Cycles!!!!!!!

Blastocysts tend to have a very good survival rate after cryopreservation (freezing). Menezo and his colleagues have reported that "the recovery after thawing is equivalent, if not superior to, that of thawing of earlier embryonic stages."

Because blastocysts are superior to earlier stage embryos in terms of development, they are easier to freeze, store, and thaw. Additionally, because blastocysts have higher implantation rates, it is possible for a couple to go through IVF once and have enough blastocysts for the current cycle as well as any future cycles.

I hope this helps you and good luck!!!!


dani - August 4


How soon after a failed IVF can I start a frozen cycle?

I just can't wait any other month to try again....



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